The sexuality of men depends on the male hormone, testosterone. It is produced by the testes, and only a small fraction of this hormone is produced by the adrenal glands. The female hormone estrogen is also produced in a male body, but its quantity is very small for most men. Thanks to testosterone, a man has a more decisive, masculine character, a better-pronounced aggressiveness, muscle strength exceeding female – such traits attract women.

what do women look for in men

Seeing a man for the first time, a woman subconsciously evaluates him not only as a future sexual partner but more often, as the father of her children. She scans how healthy this man is, how strong his muscles are. It has been so historically that a woman chooses a healthy man, who has wide shoulders, big eyes, strong teeth, healthy skin color and sparkle in his eyes. So, we are not talking about financial wealth and a luxurious car as an incentive to a woman's sexual interest.

Of course, which women do not dream of the ideal man, in which all the best qualities and advantages would be embodied? Not a one. But what do women look for in men in general and how to be successful in the eyes of the female sex?

Things Women Find Physically Attractive in Men

In their youth, girls love beautiful boys. Such guys are popular in school, and their female classmates fall after them. A popular type of guys is the one who has a good appearance, know how to lead an interesting conversation, and a certain amount of charisma or sociability should be present. Surveys on dating sites confirm the trend. Girls at the age from 18 to 24 pay attention to appearance, physical strength and the ability to impress and maintain a conversation.

In addition to speaking skills, it is important to find a topic for conversation. The awareness of cinema trends, music, and rare books is welcomed. The conclusion is simple: the guy shouldn't be boring, and he should look great.

Now we are going to talk in more details about what "looking good" actually implies. So, what do women look for in men physically?

Smile. Glad-looking people generally arise more interest, and we automatically want to approach them. What is interesting, American sociologists have conducted an unusual experiment involving more than 800 volunteers. Sociologists from the United States found that people like a rather "modest" smile than the wide-open mouth that looks quite insincere. Studying the reaction of volunteers, scientists noticed that people generally preferred rather modest and "average" smiles, when the mouth was open narrow enough, and the corners of the lips were not too low. Also, the symmetry of a smile and the teeth seen are appreciated. That is why it is a good idea to upload a picture of you smiling at your dating profile if you plan to meet a girl online. According to scientists, surgeons and cosmetologists can use all these features when working with people who want to improve their appearance and make themselves more attractive.

A beard or light unshaven face is now in trend too. It gives men a certain charm, what is more, a beard is an attribute of wisdom and solidity.

Jawline. Scientists have long concluded that the overall attractiveness of men is evaluated by women through the perception of the entire face and especially the eyes, while sexuality is read from the lower part of the face, lips, and chin. At the sexual level, a woman is not driven by established beauty criteria, but by an instinct that tells which partner is the most powerful and fertile because developed facial bones indicate a high level of testosterone, a guarantor of a man’s reproductive health.

It is interesting that fascinated by the "testosterone" face, women cannot often even really explain why they found certain men attractive because aesthetically such a type may not interest them at all.

what attracts women to menTattoos. There is an opinion that "good girls like bad guys." There is some truth in this because even our distant ancestors of the female sex chose the largest and most aggressive man since only under such a condition he acted as a guarantor of family protection. The stronger and more enduring a man was, the more attractive he was for the women.

Times have changed, but women still prefer alpha males. Tattoos can be just a manifestation of creativity in a person, but the "bad guys" are still popular. A tattoo is considered a sign of a strong and confident guy.

Eyes. They are the mirrors to the soul, even looking into the eyes of a person, you can as if read their personality and determine whether you can be happy in relationships together. What is fascinating, Czech scientists claim that the color of the eyes is of great importance for women when choosing a partner. It turns out that people with a certain eye color are preferred more than others.

An experiment was conducted involving men and women. The second was shown photographs of men with different eye colors. All men were outwardly somewhat similar to each other. To the surprise of sociologists, most women preferred men with brown eyes. Psychologists explained that the owner of the brown eyes are subconsciously perceived as more powerful and courageous than those with the bright eyes

Biceps. According to evolutionary theory, what characteristics do men and women look for in a mate? Not only men try to find in ladies gallery the person resembling themselves and having certain criteria. Strong shoulders and arms are highly appreciated by females mainly because most women want protection and security from their men. They perceive their strong hands as a safe place. A strong upper body, broad shoulders, and a strong grip are what makes men attractive in the eyes of women. At least, according to the results of a new study, conducted by experts at the Australian University of Griffith. According to the researchers, this choice of women is justified evolutionarily: for the most part, strong men have an advantage in the struggle for survival, so women choose "not smart, but strong."

Character Traits Women Look for in a Man

Everyone knows what are universal traits that attract women. Being clever, kind, decent, funny and confident. Right. Who needs a stupid and sad partner? Being smart means, a man knows how to write correctly, speak eloquently, is interested in something, can develop and learn. Not a fool, not a bore, not a chatterbox. Kindness does not mean forgiveness, rather a generosity, the ability to empathize, to help.

A cheerful disposition in a relationship manifests itself as a talent to cheer up, and not make a tragedy out of nothing. You can make a lot of pleasant conclusions about a person having such qualities: the ability to take care of the relatives, politeness, tact, a sense of humor, attention, the desire to earn, accuracy, and ability to protect.

On the other hand, in ancient times, courage was considered the main virtue, along with wisdom, moderation, and justice. Courage is a quality that shows the ability to overcome suffering, both physical and moral. Nowadays, courage is often understood not just as bravery, but a good attitude towards girls, and manners. This understanding of courage came to us from the Middle Ages, when the knights possessed these qualities and it was directly related to honoring. That is why many girls still dream of meeting a prince on a white horse. But what women are looking for in a man in terms of other personal attributes?

Intelligence. Wisdom tells us that the brain is the sexiest part of a man. And there is a grain of truth in this, psychologists say. It is amazing how attractive the male mind is for a woman. Moreover, women do not care about the IQ of a man, not his encyclopedic knowledge, not even a higher education. Rather, it is a passion for knowledge, a male desire to discover new things, to understand the essence of things and events that attract females. The mind, as an instrument of conquering the world, is what excites the female imagination and delights ladies. It is important that the girl is interested in talking to a man, willing to discuss something, and listen to his opinion. If he captivates her with his intellect, sexual desire will not keep itself waiting, this is a working scheme!

Passion. Each girl has a lot of desires, however, for the most part, they are predictable - love, affection, tender words, compliments, gifts, sometimes extreme. If you were wondering what middle-aged women are looking for in a man, those will be still the same qualities. The guy who can foresee these thoughts and even get ahead of them is a seducer. Such men have perfectly developed tactile sensations and skills, this makes them the best lovers. A seducer can drive a girl crazy already at the first date with just a glance, the timbre of his voice, gentle touches, and in bed he has no equals at all, he will notice every little thing, any touch that is pleasant to the girl, what gives her bliss. You can answer the question of what kind of men girls love without thinking - those who will always open the doors in front of them, who will give a hand when girls go down the stairs, and those who flirt can skillfully. Passion attracts girls like a magnet.

Sense of humor. It is difficult for any person to survive through hard times without a sense of humor. However, when it comes to seducing a woman, she will give preference to a guy who knows how to subtly joke and attract with his positive attitude. An easy-going and cute comedian will rather conquer a woman than a dull and boring dork. What is more, only confident people can joke and feel relaxed, this is an indicator of inner power. People who are weak and insecure are most often afraid to seem funny and amusing. What could be more asexual than a man who takes everything literally, who neither smiles nor responds to the jokes of a girl? And a completely different thing is a man who can amaze and amuse a woman. Humor brings people together, removes barriers, makes you friends. Very important here is the coincidence of "cultural codes." If the same things make you laugh, your couple has a big chance for success.

Ambition. This is a priority for females aged 25 to 34 years. What are mature women looking for in a man? That's right, the confidence and plans for the future are more important than the simple beauty. By the age of thirty, women sexuality is reaching its peak, and they determine their sexual needs. They need a man who can satisfy them. Think it's that simple? To give pleasure to a woman, a man should be gentle, moderately aggressive, observant, open, trained, capable of dialogue, physically developed, and in general, he should have an interest in this matter. And sexuality is also clearly about success. Ambition means supporting a family, raising children, making a career. What is needed for this? Education, profession, adequate character (can you be a leader?), healthy priorities, realistic thinking, the ability to analyze and take risks (for businessmen), strong nerves, and the ability to breakthrough.

Respectability. Some men prefer to stay in the shadow and do not feel comfortable expressing their thoughts. This picture can be traced to the university or school. The teacher asks something, even if a person knows, a shy boy will remain silent. He prefers to stay in his comfort zone. But girls do not like such men. Of course, others are not afraid to express their opinion, even if it is incorrect. They can be wrong, but at least they spoke their mind and after a minute can correct themselves or learn something new. Such men are not afraid of being laughed at because they do not care what others say - it means they will make anybody respect them. A confident man will not sit politely and quietly if they do not like what is happening, they say what they want and that is why others consider it their opinion. What do you think, what kind of men do women prefer more, the first or the second? We can confidently say that the second. Think about it, maybe you should change something in yourself.

Tips to Make You More Attractive to Women

If you like a woman, then you will want her to notice you. After all, feelings alone are not enough for sympathy. A set of measures is needed to help you show yourself from the best side. Do not know how to do it and what attracts women to men in general? These tips will help you understand the psychology of female attraction more.

what do women look for in men physicallyAppearance and behavior. Psychologists have concluded that even after a short conversation with a man, women can learn many details about the interlocutor such as his appearance, clothing, manners. It turned out that during the conversation the woman does not take her eyes off the man and manages not only to take a lively part in the discussion, but also to notice everything that interests her. According to one survey, 79% of women said that when they saw a man for the first time, they looked at his face in the hope of revealing traits of a strong character, intelligence, decisiveness, sense of humor and sensitivity. Then the lady looks at his hands, thinking about what he will be like in bed because physical contact is impossible without the help of hands. It is believed that a woman subconsciously associates a feeling of security with her hands. So, what condition must a man be in to attract women? You should attend the gym to have strong hands and the upper body, as well as become generally more confident.

Be worth her attention. Having a lot of money, or even vice versa, playing the role of a rich man is never enough to conquer a girl and build stable relationships. Everything must be done wisely. After all, if you pretend to be a fairly wealthy person, and at the same time have cheap clothes or shabby shoes, your lies will be soon revealed. Women are more attentive to details in this regard than you.

A man must want to care for his beloved, show signs of attention, make her laugh to cheer up in hard times, and always give her a shoulder to cry on. A woman should feel protected in his company. Thus, she already subconsciously sees in him a candidate for creating a strong family.

What about style? Give preference not to quantity but quality when buying clothes. Since women are more aware of the trends and labels, you can invite your sister or even mom with you on shopping. Buy some high-quality shirts, trousers and a few pairs of shoes that will appeal to women. If your lifestyle or job requires wearing a suit, do not hesitate to spend a little more on a quality element of the wardrobe that will last you many years. Do not forget about the combination of colors - avoid wearing black trousers with a brown belt and boots.

Each woman is unique. There is no one magical system which makes any woman attracted to you. If one approach does not work for a particular woman, change the approach, not the woman. Because she is not guilty that you do not know how to behave with female sex and treat girls right. Or take a break and determine the type of woman you would like to attract. Then write out the qualities that you think could attract her. And then start working on developing these qualities. The idea is to create your winning combination and then find a place to use it, it should work best for you.

You have to make the impression of an interesting, original and charming person. By the way, if you do not know what attracts your type of women, ASK! That's right, just go up to the woman as soon as you see her and say, “Can I ask you a question? I’m sure that you’re most likely dating someone. But can you tell me something ... I want to know what attracts a woman like you in a man. What are you looking for in men." And you will find out that many women will be happy to answer you. They can even want to go shopping with you, help change the style or give advice. Do yourself a favor. If there are any problems with attracting the opposite sex, get help. Women are surprisingly generous in helping a man become attractive.

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