What Kind of Men's Appearance Modern Girls Prefer - an Honest Insight

Modern girls prefer different kinds of man. In our day and age, everything is about diversity and originality. Progressive women don’t like to stick to clichés and date bodybuilders or super rich guys. Same goes for tall guys. Yes, in many ways they have what it takes to attract women instantly. Still, it doesn’t mean they have enough not to disappoint their women after some time. Even though being tall can attract women, it doesn’t mean that women like tall guys by default. In reality women expect to see confidence, strength, and attractive appearance in men. You can be confident, strong, and attractive disregarding your height.

what do girls like

Be Original

If you want to achieve success with women, start with being original. Typically, men think that it’s enough to have either muscles or money (or both) to attract a woman. This may be so with a schoolgirl but you’d never succeed with a grown-up woman or be able to form long-term relationship thinking like that. Modern women nowadays are going crazy about creative and original men. Being original means avoiding clichés and showing creativity. If you’re asking What do girls like in a guy, then the answer is something interesting.

Girls are always looking for something interesting. Being tall is not interesting at all without some important supplementing features. You can only hope for success if you’re able to amaze the girl you like. Being astonished by you hooks her and attracts her to you. Remember that creativity and originality are the features which express your individuality. Women like men with identities and adore strong personalities that have a creative personal vision. Therefore, be creative and original in your approach to women.

What do Girls Like Physically

Being original and creative can transform you into an interesting partner.

Before that, though, you need to attract a woman with your appearance. Generally, women prefer men who can balance between traditional masculine appearance and more modern intelligent approach. For example, you can grow a beard, but don’t expect a woman to like you just for your muscles. A lot of men even in modern times try to approach women using traditional patriarchic attitude. Being just masculine won’t get you far nowadays. Men and women are equal now, at least in the western hemisphere.

what girls like

Being Between a Hipster and a Bum

One of the recent studies implies that women like men who neither pay too much attention to their looks, nor show absolute neglect. Therefore, your task is to find a golden mean and balance between being a hipster and a sloven. Be tidy but show some disregard as well. Choose your wardrobe wisely and have style but don’t overdo it. Men who pay too much attention to their looks usually make women feel awkward. Same goes for people who show total negligence regarding what they wear and how they look. Therefore, be in the middle and balance between these two extremes. Even though you need to express originality and creativity, don’t do it excessively. Always stay moderate.

Comfortable and Good-looking Clothes

Modern girls like men who dress casually. It means that classic suits are not popular anymore. The most important thing for you is to buy clothes you’re comfortable wearing (if you’re comfortable in a suit, then okay). Unless you wear something you’re comfortable in, you can’t be yourself entirely. Moreover, you need to wear something that looks good on you. Each and every man decides it for himself. It is simply impossible to give you some precise guides here. Better ask your friends or relatives to know what suits you best.

Being in Shape and Staying Fit

One of the recent polls on what girls like in guys showed that being in a good shape is critical. You should look as good as you can. Take fitness lessons and visit gym regularly. Stop after 6 months of intensive training. This is, most probably, your best shape. Unless you overeat or sit all the time, try maintaining it. The important thing for you is to get in shape and then continue being in shape. Most men don’t even know how awesome they can look until they start working out. Seeing the results will boost your confidence and make you proud of yourself. Girls don’t just like men who work out for their muscles. Readiness to work out, time spent on it, and efforts you make show that you are strong, motivated, and successful. It’s not at all about muscles. Working out is not as much about being strong and healthy as it is about admiring the difficulties you come through to be in shape and stay fit.

What Girls Like in Bed

All women like passionate men. Your first and main objective during sexual intercourse is to be passionate. You’re probably asking yourself, what it is, being passionate? And how can you do it? Start by choosing your partner wisely. Unless you’re Don Juan, you simply can’t be equally passionate with all women you meet. It depends on them just as well as it depends on you. Admire the girl you meet and make her feel special. Show care, interest, respect, and express positive emotions. Always stay relaxed and don’t get nervous. Remember that your aim during sexual intercourse is, essentially, to feel pleasure and give pleasure. In other words, your goal is to spend time with satisfaction.

Let the woman be in control for some time, do what you feel like doing but approach it as if you’re trying whether it is an appropriate thing to do. In other words, it’s better doing it without thinking than following some guides. Reading manuals will only make you overthink everything while the most essential goal is not to think but feel.

Why Girls Like Tall Guys - Psychological and Social Reasons

Evolutionary Perspective

Most girls in the past would rather choose dating a tall guy than a short guy. So, why do girls like tall guys? The answer is: for evolutionary reasons. Psychologists say that women consider taller men to be stronger. From an evolutionary perspective a stronger man is a better provider and a more reliable life partner. When we lived in caves and wandered in woods, physical power, reaction, and skills allowed men to hunt down their prey and provide their families with food. A taller man was seen as a better hunter and a more successful family patriarch.


In the past, women associated height with strength. Logically, a taller man is more likely to be strong. Women think taller men are always stronger than short men. However, more than a third of all men who are taller than 180 cm are thin, statistics say. Therefore, height cannot define real strength, especially today. Moreover, as we no longer live in the woods, women choose their partners basing on a variety of different factors besides strength. Today, you can only be provided better using your brain, and not your muscles. Believe it or not, strength is far from being important.

After all, you have no need of hunting a deer or defending your tribe from the enemy. You can be strong with any height. And keep in mind that you can’t change your height, and women understand it. And, most importantly, not all girls like tall guys. So, be confident and better not think about your height at all.

do girls like tall men

The Opposites Attract

Now, when you know why girls like tall guys, you might wonder Do short girls like tall guys? You probably heard that the opposites attract. Short guys like tall women and are liked by them as well, even though it happens rarely and not as a rule. Still, it’s a fact. Some women feel more confident around shorter men. Same goes for short women who often prefer exclusively tall men. Short girls appreciate being around tall men because short girls feel more independent and appreciated with them.

Psychological Perspective

Girls like tall guys because they feel safe around them. In the 2016 poll published by the University of Ontario 1000 women were questioned about men’s height. As women were asked to provide arguments to prove their preferences, the most widespread reason was that of comfort. Around 57% of questioned women answered that they’d like their men to be tall because they feel more comfortable that way. Nowadays, short guys have more chances to meet ladies than ever. Our world progresses rapidly and women developed their views accordingly. Not everything is based on first impression and being tall simply can’t get you far. One of the studies showed that women consider short men to be better motivated, more ambitious, and organized. Tall men, on the other hand, have a tendency to let things going on their own without paying much effort. Still, the difference in height only slightly affects man’s character and approach to women. The best way to deal with your height is to ignore it because it can’t be changed.

Better Figure

It is true that tall men have a better figure. This is one more reason why girls like tall guys. It doesn’t mean that they are in a better shape either with or without workout. It’s just that tall men have more smooth body forms. They also look more elegant. For example, a tall man looks good without an expensive suit, without working out, and without being strong. A man that is 10cm shorter can wear the best costume, be in a better shape, and stronger. The latter, however, still have chances to lose the competition simply because his constitution is not as demanded as that of a tall man. No matter how fair it is, this is how things are. So, learn the ways to come over it.

Tall men Are More Confident

Another thing what girls like about tall men is their confidence. Tall men think they are stronger just the same as women still think that tall men are stronger. It gives tall men confidence and confidence is very attractive. Tall men feel comfortable most of the time while short men are often insecure. That’s because of the past evolutionary experiences and traditional role of outsiders that short guys usually play.

In reality, any man can be confident. Physical appearance and height are only part of the equation here. Confidence exists in your mind, not your body. If you think being short is hard, then try being blind or handicapped. Therefore, you should disregard your height and do not depend on it because it wouldn’t get you far in long-term perspective.

So, the question “do girls like tall men?” is answered. You are now aware that in the past tall men were seen as better hunters and providers. Being tall was always associated with being strong. However, we now live in modern times and people earn their living using their brains, not muscles. So, short guys have all the possibilities to win the game. What women like in men by far exceeds just height. If you want to be liked, then show some originality, be stylish, forget at all about your height, workout, and be passionate in bed. Never forget to stay confident and comfortable. With the right attitude and correct approach, you will surely go far.

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