Today, no one is surprised by relations with several partners at the same time. In times of general frivolity and blurring of the boundaries between moral and immoral, one can see weirder things. Well, those are the realities of this century. How to treat them is only your business, we are not going to lecture and philosophize for you. Our task is to help you deal with your problem and give you advice, not a moral assessment of your actions. Therefore, you can count on the fact that our guide works and you will find in it only useful and effective advice, the effectiveness of which is verified by personal experience.

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Dating Multiple Women: How People Approach It

Surely you are interested in how native people around you (friends, family) regard dating multiple people. We want to say right away - do not expect universal approval of your actions. Despite the freedom of morals and the general tolerance that supposedly reigns in society, the casually dating multiple people are still considered something unacceptable. And this is quite understandable - how can someone be pleased that he or she is being deceived? Does anyone want to share a loved one? Of course not. So our advice to you - keep dating multiple women a secret. The only person you can let in is your best friend. But this is in extreme cases when you feel the need to share a secret with someone to ease the pangs of your conscience.

However, today polygamous relations and casual dating are becoming more popular. Partners do not swear allegiance to each other and quietly start romances on the side. Can such a relationship suggest strong and “true” feelings?

Steve and Jessica were dating for three months when he once said that he could not come to his beloved, since he had a date...with another girl. Ouch.

"Of course, for me it was a shock," the girl says. "I grew up in a traditional family where the spouses love and respect each other, and I never thought that I could face such an extraordinary situation. Do you date multiple girls? Then you are just an amoral human being, but not a man.”

Jessica decided to immediately stop the relationship with the young man, but ... “I remember he met with me, begged me not to leave ... It was then that he first told the coveted three words ... When I asked him to explain his behavior, Steve said that he sees nothing wrong with polygamous relations. Guys who date multiple women is a trend of modern society. He was even sure that I was also dating someone. He repeatedly said that the feelings he has for me are unique, and with other girls it is only sex. For most, this may sound wild, but I decided to give a chance to such a relationship.”

Steve and Jessica have been together for four years. They live in the same apartment, they dream of saving money and about a wedding.

”I could not and cannot think till now about how to cheat Steve, but I learned to calmly perceive his connections with other girls. For me, he is ideal: in both spiritual and intimate terms. I just took this "feature" and now I am absolutely happy! My female friends often ask me: why do men date multiple women? Do you think it`s normal? But I have no answers, we just live like that and we are happy.”

how to date multiple girls

On the part of the relationship, Steve and Jessica seem strange and even shocking. How can you live with a person knowing that he is having sexual intercourse with someone else? Why men date multiple women or, at least, dream of that? For clarification, we turned to a psychologist-sexologist.

— Initially, polygamy means having multiple wives. Such form of relations has been natural in Eastern and African countries for many centuries. But in modern society this term has taken on new forms. More and more people completely deny the possibility of monogamy. In the west, especially in the United States, such relations at the end of the last century became the norm. As for countries such as Russia or Ukraine (we knowingly cited these countries as examples, since Russian and Ukrainian girls are in high demand as wives among the male part of the population of Western countries), statistics show that, despite the strong influence of Western culture, these people are not yet ready to openly recognize polygamy. The answer to the question "why is it not enough for some to be only in one relationship?" actually has rather banal answers. For many it is genetically predisposed - they manifest the so-called "hunter syndrome"; in others, such manifestations mean that a person is not satisfied with everything on everything. According to the third point of view, the desire to have many partners finds the roots in the childhood: they simply take an example from mutual relations of parents.

By the way, the opinion is erroneous that only men are against monogamy. A girl dating multiple guys is not a fiction. Studies show that every year more women prefer polygamous relationships. Among them is, for example, Scarlett Johansson. In one of her interviews, the actress stated that she does not believe in monogamy because she is sure that such relationships are not natural for a person. Is this statement true? There are a lot of answers to this question and everyone will find a point of view that will suit them. Want a scientific opinion? You are welcome, read the research of anthropologists and biologists on this topic. Do you want to know the opinion of one or another religion? It is also no problems, representatives of almost any faith have an opinion on this matter. Do not want to take on religious beliefs of authorities and you have enough of your own reasoning? Well, it's your sacred right.

But still, for most people, monogamy is the norm, or rather, an indisputable axiom. Falling in love, people give themselves over to their feelings and their partner, do not consider the words of love as an empty sound but insert in them the promise of loyalty and responsibility to each other. Consider this if you choose such path.

How to Date Multiple Women: Rules and Guidelines

Men and boys often date at once two, three and even more girls. Okay, this is wonderful, but the question is - how to keep dating multiple people secret from each of your passions? The mistake of the guys who do not recognize monogamous relations is that they underestimate the vigilance of their girlfriends. If you are into dating multiple women at the same time, you will not be prevented from learning some rules on how to date multiple girls that will help avoid failure.

Keep the apartment clean. If the meetings with the girls take place on your territory - there should not be any extraneous female objects in the house. Girls are very inventive and can resort to a trick to elementary test your faithfulness - especially to forget in your apartment their things (hair bands, chains, rings and the like). Often clean you place if you date multiple girls.

Take care of reliable rear. How to date multiple women? In such case as the relationship with three girls at once, you may need people who will help you or simply those who can confirm your words at the right moment. And these should not be attractive girlfriends. The best choice will be independent personalities, for example, another couple. It is good to have in your arsenal a couple of distant relatives who are ready to help.

The main enemy is the phone. Your smartphone can become a traitor at any time and reveal the secret of your triangle. Always delete all correspondence and log out. There is no guarantee that one of your girls will not want to look into it and read personal messages. It is due to such trifles most of the cheatings are revealed.

Bites, hickeys, and scratches are the number one evidence. Sufficiently noticeable and self-explanatory footprints on the body. Be sure to control yourself and the girl in a fit of passion, otherwise, it will be difficult to explain to the other girls where these marks come from. How to date multiple women? Learn to control your life.

Do not call your girlfriends by name. You can easily fail, for example, in a dream or just an accidental slip of the tongue. Use affectionate nicknames. Guys who date multiple women should remember it once and forever.

Carefully choose public places of recreation and entertainment, where you invite your girls, especially if the city is small. For pastime, each of them should have its own institution. Holidays and important dates cause a serious risk factor, you must use sources of your imagination. Any girl wants a beloved man to be near her at such important moments. Think of really valid reasons for your absence - an urgent trip to your parents, to help your sister, brother and so on. There is another option, popular among men dating multiple women - to quarrel with a girl on the eve of an important event or holiday, and make up after that.

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Do not brag about your love affairs with your friends. People are not great keepers of secrets, as practice shows. And in case of conflict, as revenge, someone can decide to tell one of your girls or even all three of them about your dishonesty towards them.

Act neatly and the girls will not suspect that each of them is not the only and unique for you. Feel like a real male and the conqueror of women's hearts.

Another situation is possible: you do not want to lie and play a dishonest game. You want to openly tell your girlfriend that you are a supporter of polygamous relationships. Let's say at once - this is a risky undertaking, which in more than 50% of cases is doomed to failure. Why? We already wrote about this above. Today, there are still few people who are ready to accept this type of relationship. But you're a guy ready to take risks and you want to play Sultan with your own harem so much that you are ready to put everything on horseback in the hope of success. Well, let's try to help you:

  • To begin with, you need to wait for a lucky opportunity. Or you can organize it yourself. What does it mean? The environment in which people tell such things should be as comfortable for you as possible. The best option is a quiet and secluded place. But not where you used to indulge in senseless sweet chatter resembling the cooing of pigeons in the mating season and not the one with which your romantic memories are related. This will only aggravate the situation if the girl does not like your words very much.
  • So, you decided on the place. How to start a conversation on such a delicate topic? Our advice to you: do not delay, do not talk about abstract topics, but say everything at once. No abstract reasoning about the new film by Christopher Nolan will help you - nothing can "soften" such a blow.
  • Decided to go undertake it? Be a man till the end. It is not necessary to prove the correctness by shouting and hysteria if the girl categorically does not like your idea. Such advice may seem strange, but we know what we are saying. Frighteningly many men behave in this way, wanting to prove their case.

We cannot say more. No one can - every individual case is too... individual. Everyone needs a special approach and the stakes in each game are different. If you think that your path is a relationship with several girls at once, well, go on till the end. If this is part of your nature - do not suppress it, nothing good will come of it. Your lover did not understand you and refused to continue to have anything in common with you? Quite a logical development of events and you should be ready for it. But do not despair - when the wounds left by the rupture of the relationship will fully heal, you will again go on a quest and this time you will be lucky – there will be more girls who accept polygamy by this point of time. Good luck and have fun!

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