How to ask a girl out on a date? This question is very popular among men since this issue remains unresolved until today. And the problem is that not everyone knows and understands how to ask a girl out. Therefore, we will try to deal with this problem and give you some advice. So you will be able to ask any girl on a date.

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How to ask a girl out over text

If you receive a message from a Russian girl with the text: “What are you doing?” – interpret this as a sign of attention. Your task is not to miss such a chance and do everything to meet with the girl, otherwise, the next time she may no longer agree, referring to the lack of time.

1) Make a good impression of yourself on your page. Publish positive information, don’t use obscene language, and don’t upload vulgar pictures, even if they seem funny to you.

2) Carefully study the interests of the girl. Try to find something in common between you. React to the information she shares. And if you see that the girl is worried about something, offer your help. With such a gentleman, she will not refuse to meet in real life. The first date has to be interesting. Otherwise, after the words “I want to meet again,” a refusal will certainly follow. Therefore, before a possibly fateful meeting, you need to carefully prepare. Find out the preferences of a pretty Russian lady and her interests.

3) Talk to her for a while. How to ask a girl out over text? You have to find out what the Russian girl is interested in, where she goes, and what she does. Make the Russian girl understand that she communicates with an interesting person.

4) Be polite. In general, in any situation and with any girl, be polite – this is an indicator of your good upbringing and respect for the opposite sex.

5) Think of how to ask her out. Be original. Come up with cute ways to ask a girl out over text. Of course, if a Russian girl likes you, she will agree to any of your offers. But all girls love surprises and attention – take advantage of this.

6) Compliment a girl. If you are afraid to ask her out, tell her that you’d really like to see her beauty with your own eyes, and watch her reaction.

7) Arouse her interest. You can intrigue her and say that you want to ask her to watch a new movie that no one has seen yet. 

8) Don’t call it a “date”. Some girls think that they will owe a guy something after the date. So, let it be just a friendly meeting. 

9) Find a reason to meet. Of course, if there is no reason, it can be easily created. If you find out that she is going to the main square of the city tomorrow, then offer to meet there just like that. And for this, take her phone number.

10)  Date invitation must be original. You shouldn’t start a conversation with boring standard phrases. It is better to say: “Does such a beautiful girl want to meet tomorrow?”

11)  Don’t be afraid to ask for her phone number. If you talk on the phone, she will think you are more serious and your chances of getting “Yes” will increase dramatically.

12) Don’t insist. So, how to ask a girl out on a date? The last important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be offended if she didn’t agree or asked for time to think. Girls are very wary of unfamiliar guys.

how to ask a girl out

When is the right time to ask a girl out

How do you ask a girl out? Well, you should learn to determine whether a woman you like reciprocates and if she wants to get closer. What behavioral features show it?

1. Body language. A Russian woman in love may not call, write, even speak often with a man she likes out of shyness, fear of intrusion. But her body will show everything. Signs that the woman likes you: 

  • she looks at you, but, being noticed, abruptly looks away
  • slightly blushes, stutters or smiles inappropriately
  • periodically, as if by chance, she lightly touches you
  • starts behaving awkwardly when you approach her
  • unconsciously “mirrors” movements, phrases, facial expressions, 
  • she is experiencing rapid heartbeat (it can be seen by the pulsating vein on the left side of the neck), the pupils dilate.

2. Attempts to strengthen communication. 

  • she wants to get closer
  • there are attempts to exchange phone numbers
  • she adds you to friends on social networks, messengers
  • she offers you to spend time together
  • a woman takes joint photographs, audio or video recordings
  • she wants to introduce you to her friends
  • gives gifts as a means of reminding yourself.

From the outside, it looks as if she wants to surround you with her attention. She is looking for all possible ways for this.

3. Drawing attention to herself. The evidence of the reciprocity of feelings can be a clear desire to awaken interest, to remind about herself. Such aspirations are expressed through:

  • likes on social networks, post commenting
  • she tries to look better 
  • frequent requests or, conversely, offers of help 
  • active participation in the conversation

The number of these reminders depends on her nature (whether a woman sociable, persistent, or shy). 

4. Compliments. It is important to learn to distinguish them. After all, their “goals” may not be the same. The problem is that the line between these varieties is not always obvious. A distinctive feature of romantic compliments is their frequency.

Phrases That Can Be Used

Asking a Russian girl out, it is important to choose an appropriate phrase so that it doesn’t seem ridiculous. At first, you can just ask what time it is or ask whether she knows where some place is situated. If you don’t have enough determination to ask a girl on a date, just get her phone number or e-mail address. This will give you an excellent opportunity for further communication and continuing acquaintance. But if you are self-confident, then try these phrases:

1. “May I invite you to a restaurant?”

Men use this phrase very often. Although it makes it clear that this will be a date, it is not perfect. It's much better to say “Let's go to a restaurant this week?” And if a girl answers “I don’t mind”, then you can immediately ask “What day is good for you?” But if a girl says “Okay” and can’t tell what day is perfect for her but says “I'll call you”, then, most likely, nothing will work.

If you want to invite a girl to a restaurant, then this means she will have to choose an evening dress, prepare makeup and so on. It is quite stressful for every girl, so she may refuse. Therefore, this variant is not very appropriate for the first date with an unknown girl.

2. “May we go out somewhere for coffee?”

We think that this is the best way to ask a Russian girl out. This phrase is perfect if you don’t know a girl very good. It is possible that you are completely different people and a short meeting with a cup of coffee will help you get to know each other better. And the likelihood that she may agree is much higher than if you invite her to a restaurant.

3. “Maybe we will go to the cinema?”

Add something like: “I wanted to go with a friend, but he has other plans.” However, a date in the cinema is not the best variant. But it will be easier for you to invite a girl to a more intimate place after spending time at the cinema. This phrase can be slightly changed, depending on the situation: “Don’t you want to go to the concert? My friend is sick, but I can’t miss such an event and I need a company,” and so on.

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

So, when you may use these phrases?

In personal conversations. Live communication cannot be replaced by any calls and SMS. However, if you are shy, you may not have enough courage to invite a girlfriend. Then you may try the methods written below, but it will be better to work on yourself and become more confident.

  • In phone conversations. This option is also quite good. You will not see your interlocutor and therefore it will be more comfortable to talk with her. Don’t call early in the morning and late at night. Remember that any girl has work, classes or anything else, so don’t beat about the bush for too long. Ask how her day was, ask her what she's doing to know for sure that you don’t distract her from important things, and ask her out.
  • In SMS. This is one of the best ways to ask a girl out. But it is better to use this method when the girl writes you first. After all, she can ignore your SMS. Let’s think you get a message with such text: “What are you doing?” or “How are you?” You can write in response, but the message should be with a hint on a date. You may answer, for example, something like this: “When was your last time you went to the cinema?” She quickly answers you: “I don’t even remember :(” or “Last month” or something else. This means that you can safely ask her out on a date.

So, asking a girl out, the main thing is not to be annoying and invite a girl on a date at the right time when she is not busy with something important. And, of course, be confident in yourself, don’t mumble and don’t pause in a conversation. Then you will have a serious relationship. And if you like an unfamiliar girl, then approach her confidently, say that she is very beautiful and you want to ask her on a date, but, of course, you understand that she might have a boyfriend or even a husband. This phrase will bring a positive effect because it will be a kind of compliment for her. And if she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she might not mind continuing communication with you.

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Israel Daniel
11.03.2018 23:38
01.12.2020 06:55
Actually, there is no one-size-fits-all tip. Women are different, and what will please one girl, it will leave the other at least indifferent. The only common thing is politeness and self-confidence, as girls instinctively feel the insecurity of a partner and will never spend their free time with such men.
01.12.2020 06:55
I always ask women to have dinner together. Girls don’t always agree to go to the cinema, but they gladly have dinner with me. And there you can already find common topics for conversation and something to talk about, get to know each other better. But with Russian girls, it can be more difficult. They rarely go on dates with strangers.
01.12.2020 06:56
When I was shy, nothing worked. But as soon as I began to believe in myself and my strength, the girls began to see a man in me and they agreed to go on dates with me. I realized that there really is no need to rush things. When you feel confident on a date, everything goes well.
01.12.2020 06:56
Men, be polite to Russian women. I know a lot of guys who sent intimate photos of themselves or asked girls to do it during the correspondence. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this, but you can’t build a relationship like this. If you really like a Russian girl, talk to her politely. Most of us don’t want to look at intimate photos.

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