It can be quite difficult to choose a perfect place for a first date. Some places will contribute to the next date, while others may be the reason for the premature ending of the first romantic meeting of people. To avoid this, learn about the best option for a first date. According to statistics, this should be a place where you can drink coffee. A coffee date is the best beginning of a relationship, especially if you want to get to know a person better, but at the same time, you can’t go beyond the set boundaries. You can easily hide anxiety and feelings, as well as easily get out of the situation if the date goes wrong or is too boring. So, if you choose such kind of date, then take a look at these first coffee date tips and learn how to do everything right.

what to do on a coffee date

Is Getting Coffee a Date?

Is coffee a good first date? Actually, yes, it is. Such a date is like a statement, “I like you.” An invitation to drink a cup of coffee looks like an offer to a non-binding friendly meeting. It is easier to get consent from a woman inviting her to drink coffee. Although we all understand that this is a date, it can be unsuccessful, and nobody will feel the awkwardness. In the worst case, you will get another friend with whom nothing works out for now, but you can try once again later or just relax and hang out together. And a cup of excellent coffee will improve any relationship.

1. Such a date is kind of preparation for a more serious one

We all know how it can be embarrassing when we first meet with a person and even have a date. It is much easier to do this over a cup of coffee in the afternoon. If you understand that everything is going well, and there is a spark between you, then you can continue the acquaintance elsewhere. This is almost foreplay for lovers. After a cup of a delicious hot drink, you can go to the movies or nightclub, go to the skating rink or walk in the park. Why not?

2. Caffeine improves attention

It is not the best option to drink alcohol on a date, and it is better to order your favorite cup of coffee. Doctors say that caffeine, unlike alcohol, makes people be attentive! Careful attention contributes to a constructive conversation, gives strength and additional energy.

3. Coffee gives you a buffer if sex doesn’t occur

There is nothing wrong with taking your time. But if there is no sex on the first or second or even third date, you may feel confused. But if you meet just for a cup of coffee, then this doesn’t mean that it’s about sex. However, who knows, maybe this date will ignite passion between you.

4. This is like an interview

It’s terrible to sit in a bar where there is a lot of people and loud music and try to get to know a person better. But if you meet on Saturday morning somewhere in a quiet and cozy place, then this is your chance. You can ask all the questions that interest you, and no one will disturb you. Having a coffee date conversation, you can talk about everything.

5. Coffee excites

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant. It promotes adrenaline rush, accelerates blood circulation, and excites. All this a person experiences when in love. Therefore, if your cheeks are reddened, your heart began to beat faster, let your girlfriend think that it is she who causes this tide of feelings.

6. You won’t lose anything

If the date didn’t work, then, at least, you understand that you spent an hour and a half of your life on it, instead of the whole evening.

7. This is romantic

Agree that beer and crisp are not romantic. But it’s another matter to take a cup of coffee in the evening and walk through the streets of the city.

What to Do on a Coffee Date?

coffee date conversation

So, you have chosen a cozy place for the first date to talk there over a cup of coffee. Of course, some excitement doesn’t leave you. And you are afraid to do something wrong. The good news is that there are only a few recommendations for a coffee date. They are easy to follow and keep in mind. If you do everything right, then there is a very high probability that your date will not be the last.

1. Don’t go to chain cafes

So, you invited a girl from the Internet, and she agreed. Now the most difficult part – you need to decide where to go. Here is one important tip for you: don’t go to chain cafes. Most likely, you will not get pleasure from a date there. Usually, chain cafes can boast of delicious food and drinks.

2. Have a great time

Of course, such a meeting can’t be called the most extraordinary idea. But for the first time, eccentricity is often not the main requirement. In fact, when you are quite nervous on a first date, a cozy cafe can be the perfect option. Maybe this is the reason why almost 85% of research participants marked coffee dates as their ideal ones.

3. Concentrate on what you want to order

When you first meet someone, it is easy to agree on many unnecessary things – after all, having something in common is a fast way to build a connection, isn’t it? But actually, a few people want to hear, “I want to order the same.” Of course, it is possible that you two may want the same coffee because according to the survey, the most popular coffee is flat white, cappuccino, and latte. But still, try to be original and order something different.

4. Don’t try to constantly say the “right things”

Of course, you want to be a pleasant and interesting companion this time. But this doesn’t mean that you need to attract attention, saying only what a woman can agree with. Even if you don’t consider your date as something serious, you shouldn’t tell lies about your hobbies and interests just to please your interlocutor.

5. Split a sweet treat

Long ago, there was introduced a lunch technique by one famous researcher: people who ate during a date were more open with their companions than those who didn’t eat. How does this relate to coffee dates? Both of you will feel very positive after sharing a piece of cake/cookie with your partner!

Coffee Date Tips

So, how to do everything right when you ask a girl to go out?

1. Don’t be banal when asking a girl to go out

It is advisable not to ask whether a girl wants to drink a cup of coffee with you. It is better to offer something like this, “Yesterday, in the central coffee shop, I drank spiced Caribbean coffee. It had a very unusual savory taste. I also want to try their latte with pumpkin. Let’s meet there at seven o’clock and try it together.”

2. Choose two or three cozy coffee shops

Best of all, if they are close to each other. You can choose one, and the rest will be a fallback in case of lack of seats.

3. Be a gentleman

Attitude to the girl as a friend or mate is not acceptable. She is here as your potential girlfriend, and if you behave politely, she will appreciate it. Good manners show a good upbringing of a man and the fact that you are ready to take care of a woman. It is enough to adhere to the usual norms of coffee date etiquette.

4. Smile and be cheerful

What to do on a coffee date? A coffee date is a joyful event. So, smile. Your girl should see that you are fine and glad to see her. Scientists from University College London and Imperial College London have found out that the brain of a person gives a similar command to someone else’s smile or laughter. As a result, a smile helps establish communication with others.

5. Watch your body gestures and don’t make a mistake on a date

Don’t show your nervousness, boredom, uncertainty and other unflattering features. She shouldn’t read what you don’t want to show with your body language. This is one of the most important coffee date tips that you must remember.

6. Be attentive to a girl

Forget about the phone on a date and don’t look at other girls, no matter how hard it is. Listen to everything she says. The biggest plus of attention is additional information from her. You have the right to use later all that she says.

7. Finish a date a little earlier than she wants

How to end a first coffee date? Thank her for spending time with you, look into her eyes and don’t forget about the smile. A goodbye kiss? It’s up to you. But if you see that the girl doesn’t show her favor, it is better not to worsen the situation.

How to Ask for a Coffee Date?

coffee date etiquette

Respect her time. To do this, think about the time when she can be free (you can ask her friends). Find a few options that suit your darling. Evening on weekdays and weekends are the best options.

  1. Be confident. Watch your body movement, don’t be nervous, look into her eyes, don’t fumble your clothes.
  2. Don’t use the word “date.” This word denotes the seriousness of your actions and intentions. Perhaps it will scare the girl away. Say something like, “Do you have a free evening, let’s drink coffee?”
  3. Establish eye contact. If you talk and look somewhere sideways, she will understand that you are not self-confident and shy. You can look not in the eyes, but at the place between her eyebrows, so it will be easier for you, and a girl will see that you are focused on her.
  4. Choose a moment when there are no people next to her. Surrounding people may prevent you from asking a girl to go out, so avoid crowded places.

What to Wear on a Coffee Date?

For many guys, the issue of style is very serious. When you are going on a date with a girl, you suddenly discover that you don’t know what to wear at all. It seems there are a lot of different clothes, but there is nothing to put on. Look at the tips on what to wear on a coffee date.

1. Remember that women pay attention to the details

So, “What to wear on a coffee date?” – guys ask. First of all, think over every detail. Clothing must fit the place. There is no single super-style, and this is a fact! But this doesn’t mean that there are no rules at all. Nobody says that you should put on ragged jeans and an old sweater which is very comfortable. To go on a coffee date, choose a stylish shirt and jeans or informal-style pants. A man should look neat. It is important to remember that clothes should be clean and smell good. This is the first rule of any serious man.

2. Show your individuality, but don’t go too far

Let the girl see that you are different from your peers, but don’t boast about that. Find a balance in coffee date outfit that will allow you to look nice without overdoing it.

3. Choose the right colors

What to wear on a coffee date and what colors it should be? When dressing on your first coffee date, think about what you would like to say with your appearance. Remember that too much black clothes initially create a slightly uncomfortable distance in communication for both of you. Green color will help a woman see a calm and reliable person in you. But gray or brown tones are the best option.

4. Pay attention to trifles

Such a trifle like clean shoes can say more about you than you can imagine. And if you take an umbrella in bad weather, it can tell your girlfriend that you are caring. A neat haircut, a pleasant perfume, and clean clothes will give you additional charm. So, you should follow these rules of coffee date outfits.

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