Is there a perfect man? Unfortunately, not! There is nothing perfect in this world. The only thing we can do is to try to become better for our women. No matter how well you understand women, there is always room to grow and learn something new. And this article, where you will find 10 tips on how to be a good boyfriend, will help you with it.

how to be the best boyfriend

What Modern Girls Really Look for in Their Men

Everyone knows that women start dreaming of a prince on a white horse from a young age. Of course, in the future, real feelings make their own adjustments, and a loving woman learns to accept both the strengths and weaknesses of a beloved man.

At the same time, it is not entirely correct when the main motive of a man’s self-development is the desire to please a woman and meet her expectations. Women would like men to be guided by their own inner aspirations in their development.

However, it is worth at least knowing the expectations of women, and perceive it as food for thought. There is a list of things to realize if you want to know how to be a romantic boyfriend. And if you think about it: do not men themselves want the same thing?

  • A modern woman wants a man to be as strong, smart, and resolute as she is. Because a man shouldn’t dominate over a woman, a couple of two people in love should consist of two partners with the same dreams, plans, and abilities. A woman today seeks for a man who will adjust to her pace and at the same time, share values and behavior.
  • Modern girls love intelligent guys, as always. So, your brain should be the sexiest part of your body.
  • She needs an emotional understanding on the part of a man and believes in his patient. A woman strives for being with a successful and well-to-do (in a broad sense) man, who is able to control both himself and the situation.
  • Confidence attracts people. Want to learn how to be the best boyfriend? Be reliable and sure about what you do.
  • Prove your love by actions. Modern women do not longer need dozens of declarations in love every day.
  • A woman aspires to an independent, self-sufficient man (he knows what he wants, he does not let anyone manipulate him that means he will be able to protect both of them if necessary).
  • We are all different. Be a personality. Show your real thoughts and be open, women love it.

Do not think that you have read tips on how to be a good boyfriend for dummies, despite some of them are obvious, still many people never think about them! But even easy steps can lead to improvement of your relationship and great results.

how to be the perfect boyfriend

How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 10 Tips for You

It may not be possible to become an ideal man, but you just have to strive for it in order to find a worthy life companion and have a happy relationship. And how to be a better boyfriend? We have identified some tips you should implement into your relationship or changes in your attitude that are easy yet effective.

Tip 1: Be attentive and careful

Your forgetfulness, unpunctuality and unkept promises grieve women. Women like it when a man remembers about her birthday and your wedding anniversary. It is also very important for a woman that you notice her mood and behave accordingly. For example, when she has a headache, you turn off the TV, bring her a headache pill, cook a dinner. And, of course, it is about flowers with and without reasons.

Tip 2: Be polite

Of course, you are close people. But this is not the reason to be unceremonious. When meeting with your beloved girlfriend, you should always welcome her, even if this meeting takes place in the morning in the kitchen. And, by the way, the door in the bathroom is not the hardest to understand invention of mankind, so do not leave it open. Let even your closest person have some small secrets.

Tip 3: Take care of your appearance

Yes. She has already seen you one hundred thousand times. But it would be nice if, looking at you every day, she still sees how handsome you are and how hard you try to impress her. And do not think that regular partners no longer notice all the features of appearance. Moreover, when looking stunning, you will feel more confident, attractive and worthwhile.

Tip 4: Call her by name

"You" is a wonderful word. But the parents of your girlfriend have come up with such a beautiful name for their daughter, so try to say it aloud as often as possible. Or come up with an affectionate nickname, it will improve the relationship in your family and give a good load to your intellectual abilities, which also sometimes require training.

Tip 5: Buy two TVs

You will be surprised at how easily you can avoid so many arguments. Just watch your football, and she will watch what she likes, so everyone will be happy.

Tip 6: Learn to cook

How to be a good boyfriend? Literally, feed your girlfriend. First, let her know that you are in a situation when you cannot always take care of yourself. Maybe this knowledge will make her behave more delicately. And secondly, the way to the heart of a woman is not too complicated. Still, everyone likes to eat. So, breakfast in bed can become a perfect option.

You will live through the day the same way you start it. If you didn’t know earlier how to be an amazing boyfriend, now you should remember that breakfast in bed is always considered one of the most romantic surprises. Do not forget that a beautiful flower will make your gesture much more spectacular. The only problem is to do all this quietly, without waking up your beloved one. So, prepare your base in the evening.

Tip 7: Make her a hot bath

It is another small every day tip on how to be a great boyfriend. Decorate the room with candles and pour her favorite aromatic oil into the water. It's romantic, it's sexy, it's like in a movie. Of course, candles and oils are fine, but that's not all. Take bath together, there is something super special for women in this simple hygienic procedure. Perhaps this is a special symbol of spiritual intimacy for them (like for men not to close the door in the bathroom), perhaps the woman feels like a little girl at this moment.

Tip 8: Trust her your dearest and most important things

Let her drive your car. Тo guts, no glory, of course. But let her see what sacrifices you are ready to make for her. Only men who know how to be the best boyfriend ever use this trick. Because they understand, a girl will appreciate your respect to her and that you trust her something big. It shouldn’t be an expensive materialistic thing, you can ask her advice on your work project, that many things depend on, or leave her your dog. She will melt and feel that you are truly close.

Tip 9: Be optimistic

A cynic, a bore or a pessimist was never called the perfect man. It is easy to love a man who is always in a good mood, who perceives problems as minor trials or new opportunities, and who spreads his humor and intelligence around.

how to be the best boyfriend ever

Tip 10: Offer your assistance

Always offer your help to women, especially your girlfriend or wife. They will appreciate it. Sometimes your attention and desire to help cost more than the help itself.

How to Not Be a Jealous Boyfriend?

Advice on how to not be a jealous boyfriend should start with an obvious remark: do not forget that women are human beings, and they need the same things as you do. Do not be jealous too much. Give her personal time and space. Give her time for meeting with her friends (you are not Siamese twins, in fact), let her get carried away with something interesting for her.

Why does jealousy happen? Everyone knows that our personality has been largely determined by our past, what happened to us before, and how we perceived everything as well as how we reacted to it externally and internally. And even if we do not remember much, every episode of our past forms us today. And in particular, something from your past forms your jealousy and makes you angry now.

Of course, you cannot change the past, but you can limit its influence on your life today. How to be boyfriend material? Take control of your emotions. None girl would like to date a restricting and constantly jealous guy. It's not difficult to combat this feeling, but it will take time and serious attitude from you.

To eliminate the influence of the past, the human subconsciousness is used. It is difficult to say what the subconscious is, but it is there, under our consciousness, that there is information about what is no longer in our memory, every moment of your past. When accessing the subconscious, this information can be obtained and processed in each episode so that it ceases its influence on you. So, if you feel jealous now, try to think why you limit your partner and manipulate her life. Did you experience betrayal?

If you are determined to understand how to be the best boyfriend ever, first of all, remember that no one likes jealousy. This is a destructive feeling that makes everyone suffer: you, your love and the person you suspect her to be cheating on you with. Realize that your partner is not your property. This is a human being with her own desires, thoughts, and norm of propriety. That is if you are not comfortable with how your partner behaves with others, you should talk about it and reach some kind of agreement. If you doubt her loyalty - why do you need such a person in life after all?

The first step towards learning how to be the perfect boyfriend is to accept the fact that jealousy is a consequence of self-doubt. Ask your friends and acquaintances if it’s so defiant and controversial that your partner behaves with others, or only you see it. If you are being jealous of a particular person, sort out your feelings and analyze why you consider them a worthy object of sympathy. Jealousy can be overcome by the analysis of one's thoughts and logic. Like any other unnecessary emotions and feelings.

Remember, that freeing yourself from the influence of the past, you will part with various automatic responses as well as perceptual filters. You will be able to see that you are given not so many reasons for jealousy. If in some situations, your girlfriend behaves incorrectly with you, then you will be able to calmly and adequately deal with her in this situation, without any anger. In the end, you will be able to realize and feel all the implications of your former jealousy, and the phrase “I am a jealous person” will begin to seem truly delusional to you.

To sum up, unfortunately, there are cases when some of the actions of our partner seem really strange, and your suspicions can turn out to be true. But this is a whole another story. What we have focused our attention on today is that it is terrible to limit, abuse and constantly teach your girlfriend lesson as if she is your property or a small child. So, never show jealousy if you want to be a good boyfriend.

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