Very often, women are skeptical about men, arguing that they have only sex on their minds all the time. Anyway, sex allows men to know how much they want to be with a particular woman. Harmonious sex allows men to find true love, while most women begin to experience a strong sexual attraction to a particular partner only after they know him "closer", having imbued with his inner world. Only after that, they feel that it is "their man."

kinky stuff to try in bed

It often happens that a man wants sex at a certain moment, but a woman is not yet ready for it and here the man simply does not understand why he is rejected: he starts looking for reasons everywhere, but not in the psychology of the woman. Of course, a man can feel that he is loved simply through the appropriate behavior of a woman, through her attitude towards him. But the real feeling of being loved comes to a man only through wonderful, harmonious sex with his girlfriend. However, not everything is so simple with women. For them, harmonious sex allows to know the "other side of the coin" in love, to look at a man from a slightly different angle. Often, the love hunger in her soul finds its saturation through the realization of how passionately her chosen one wants her, and how tender he is with her in the moments of intimacy. In fact, sex is the very thing that distinguishes the romantic friendship between a man and a woman from marital and love relationships. After all, in order for sexual relations to be harmonious and warm, it is not enough to follow the sexual instincts that are laid down in us by mother nature.

We have prepared a special plan for 2019, according to which you will be able to discover novelties in the field of intimate life.

New things to try in bed for couples

Good sex is important for both sexes. For a man, it is important to feel that for his woman sex with him is no less pleasant than for himself. Men often develop apathy and a languid mood when they see that their partners are indifferent enough to have sex with them. For women, in fact, good sex is no less important than for men, but a strong need for it arises among them when emotional experiences arise, when platonic love has already come.

If sex has become a routine, and you do not have fresh ideas on how to diversify it, try the following:

1. A Game with a Penis

Place the penis between the breasts, apply a little grease on this place. Squeeze the boobs or let the partner do it so that the tits come into contact with the penis during the movement. When the ejaculation time is right, spout the seed around your partner's neck.

2. The Sex Carnival

If you like dress up games, you can try the following. Instead of changing clothes, try using masks. Masks give the sensations of sexual emancipation and can make sex unforgettable. You can vary the foreplay by doing a striptease for each other. You can buy special clothes, shoes and even install a special pole in the bedroom.

3. Oral Sex with the Male Testicles

During oral sex, they often forget about the male testicles, so you can arrange oral sex where testicles are a key area. For this, partner must lie down, and you kneel next to her placing the testicles in her mouth. She can use the tongue to perform the same actions with them as with the penis. Oral sex or penetration sex can be supplemented with stimulation of the anus of both the partners. And for this, you can use a variety of sexual devices.

Finally, you can spank a partner on the buttocks. Do not forget only that the blows should not be painful but alternated with stroking.

Kinky sex ideas to try in bed

4. Hot Ice

One of the most innocuous experiments, which, moreover, will not cost you a penny. Freeze mineral water in ice trays. Ice cubes are driven through the body of a partner with preliminary caresses. The breast can be considered the most erogenous zone, and the nipples in particular.

This concerns not only the beautiful half of humanity. The male nipples are no less sensitive than the female ones. Drive ice cubes around the nipples of your partner, in the solar plexus area and on the inner surface of the thighs. Draw patterns of ice on one's back and stomach.

new things to try in the bedroom

The main thing is not to touch your partner’s genitals (and, of course, your own) with ice. This is fraught with inflammations of the reproductive system. Moreover, do not allow your partner to put an ice cube in your vagina - this, of course, somewhat exacerbates sensations, but short-term sexual happiness may end up in a hospital bed.

5. Shift Pose

Of course, the advice is rather trivial, but it doesn’t lose its relevance. There are many different sexual positions to try in bed. Of course, you can use the Kama Sutra or watch a disc with porn videos, but can you perform the acrobatic exercises that they offer? Most of them can only be performed by sports partners. By the way, many couples are afraid to try new positions for fear of looking clumsy in the eyes of a partner or appear to be a heller. For example, the missionary position may be the starting point for many interesting experimental positions. In the usual position, “partner from above,” bend your knees, and then get one of them behind your partner’s back. Then you can try to stand up, leaning on your elbows, or gently turn over on the side.

6. On the Waves of Orgasm

The most elementary thing is to buy a hammock or just a water mattress can be advised for those who are not going to change anything radically. For more brave people, we can advise a sex swing.

If we talk about the water mattress, then this is a fairly simple solution, opening up new chapters for the intimate life of your couple. Therefore, even the most familiar positions will be quite unusual and will bring you a gamut of new sensations.

7. Exciting Charades

As everyone knows, when a man`s dick "works", the brain refuses to think. And this is a great opportunity to experiment. For example, in the midst of sexual pleasures, offer your partner to play where he must name the city.

The meaning of this idea is to push back the peak moment of pleasure. Agree at the moment of thinking about the next word to “freeze”, but in the following order: when a man thinks, he should stop frictions (you can and should continue moving), and when it's your turn, squeeze the muscles of the vagina (the man must continue to perform frictions). We assure you that the enjoyment will be fantastic. You can increase the duration of sexual intercourse. Alternating the activity of partners will enhance the pleasant sensations, and forced brain activity will also make your memory improved!

Lying in bed with your loved one, you can even laugh, because nothing brings you together like a smile in return

Crazy things to try in bed

8. Tattoo taboo

Make tattoos (at least temporary) on the most intimate places. On the inside of the thigh or on the left side of her butt, for example. A small ink image would look good.

9. A Curve Track

Blindfold her eyes and say that there will be a surprise. Then put her in the car and drive circling around the city. After that, stop at her favorite restaurant, where a romantic dinner for two has already been ordered. Do not take off the patch until she sits at the table. Then you can go home for making love. Suspense, as a rule, intrigues, attracts, and excites.

10. Pink Dream

What to do?

different things to try in bed

This event will require some material costs and creative efforts. It is necessary to make your bedroom / bath / kitchen pink as soon as possible. Buy pink sheets, tie-up pink bows, buy pink napkins and disposable pink plates. Buy pink champagne, boil shrimps / squids, find pink caramel, pink grapes and pour a bath with a pink foam. Ask your object of passion to come for a cup of coffee.

How does it work?

We assure you: she likes the pink color. She is crazy about champagne (after the third glass she becomes completely crazy), caramel, and shrimps. And you are crazy about her pink skin and pink lips, which are sweet from pink caramel.

Fun new things to try in bed with your girlfriend

As a bonus, we want to offer you some funny ideas that will add variety to your sex life.

  • Have sex in front of a webcam. For conspiracy you can put on a mask. Get double excitement right away.
  • Have sex in a taxi. At the very least, check the disctance you will be able to walk until the driver drops you off.
  • How many times have you read about how wonderful it is to have sex on a washing machine that works in spin mode? So why haven't you done it yet?
  • Bite her. Not that hard, but pretty tangible. The best places for biting are butt and scruff.

Wherever you usually put one finger in, try entering two, three or four. In the presence of high-quality lubricants you can put a whole fist.

This type of sexual activity is called fisting, and there are many women who really like it.

Some enthusiasts turn their penis into a high-tech manufacturer, stitching metal balls, silicone rings, and gold chains into it. Although, the same effect can be achieved by putting a few beads into the condom.

Offer your partner during sex to insert a finger into your hole. At least, you will be convinced that you really cannot stand this, and sexologists lie through the teeth, claiming that there, inside, is the male equivalent of the female G point, the stimulation of which causes absolutely fantastic sensations during orgasm.

New things to try in bed for her

Gastronomic pleasure

Having laid out the strawberry pattern on the body of your beloved, you, eating each one, gently kiss him. And then you became a dessert - your partner, caressing, licks vanilla ice cream from you. Such foreplay not only excites greatly but also helps to get enough before bed games.

And now you see what new things to try in the bedroom.

Non-child toys

After visiting the sex shop, your love arsenal was replenished with pink fluffy handcuffs, leather underwear, and velvet blindfold. It's time to diversify your erotic life!

Our hands are not for boredom

He came home from work tired and does not want to hear anything about sex. You shrug and sit on the sofa to watch TV. And then, as if playing, you begin to caress yourself. The husband, forgetting about his fatigue, enthusiastically observes and then joins you.

Even the most delicious regale is boring. And sex is no exception. You are fed up with the same positions, and the rhythmic movements in the backseat of the car which have lost their urgency. Do not rush to assert that there is nothing new in the intimate relationships for you. When all the basics are passed, it's time to go to another level. Only then sex becomes passionate, refined, and sophisticated. Search and try! In the process of searching, you will be able to experience a variety of erotic shades. After all, there are still so many fascinating and unexplored routes! In the end, imagination and diversity have not been canceled!


What are the best new moves to try in bed?
1. Using toys. 
2. Trying new places out of home. 
3. Filming or taking pictures of yourself. 
4. Roleplay games.
What is the main rule of the inclusion of new things to your intimate life?
 Listen to your partner's desires. Good communication is always a ground for successful sexual experience and happy relationships in general.
Are there any benefits/harms in sex toys?
People have used sex toys since ancient times. There is no scientific evidence that would confirm or deny the positive effect of sex toys specifically on human health. However, you can harm yourself if you use toys made of low-quality materials that contain toxic substances. And, of course, you should be careful with BDSM toys. In general, sex toys can diversify your intimate relationships and make them more passionate.
How can I explain my sexual preferences to my partner so that he/she does not judge me?
It's a matter of trust between you. Dissatisfaction with sex life grows with time and affects your relationship. Therefore, you need to learn how to discuss such issues and trust each other. Each person has some intimate desires. You can start by talking about your partner's preferences so that they can feel safe with you. When your beloved begins to boldly express their wants, you will be able to speak about your desires in the same way. So, just start talking to each other!
My partner imposes heavy restrictions on our sex life. What to do?
Sexual issues are very important for harmonious relationships. Invite your partner to go to a specialist together and try to talk more about your sex. But if all attempts are ineffectual, you should make a decision – whether you agree to live within such restrictions, whether it brings you pleasure, and whether you feel happy in such a relationship.
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