Polygamy, the question that has been speculated for centuries… Although some of the readers might disagree, saying that this word is used as a term for having multiple wives etc. But we will talk about the biological will to change partners often and successfully.

People cannot stop wondering – if having multiple sex partners acceptable in modern society? There are several beliefs that sleeping with different people in a short period of time will steal your sexual vibes. Psychologists, on the contrary, say that a rich sexual experience has a positive impact on both men and women.

sex with multiple people

Various groups of scientists are conducting the study of male polygamy from time to time. Their conclusions are very interesting. Thus, a group of researchers under the supervision of professor Sapphire-Bernstein came to the conclusion that polygamy among men is provoked by the arginine-vasopressin hormone. It is interesting that this hormone is pro-social, that is, it enters the work not in an arbitrary period of time, but when the relations in the couple are close to decay. This is such a harmful hormone: if the relationship is so bad, then it will also come into work.

Scientists studied this question not by chance. Until today, it is unclear to what extent polygamy is beneficial to the "human race". Thus, when analyzing the history of Mormon marriages, it was found that the more wives men have, the fewer children each of them will have. This phenomenon is known in biology under the name of the gradient of Bateman. Therefore, we can say that the justification of polygamy as the best way to save the genetic pool is at least questionable. So why do people sleep with each other frantically, like in Sex and the City? Today we will overview all the benefits and disadvantages of having multiple sex partners.

But first, what is it like to have multiple sex partners?

“Unbelievable” – some might say. Indeed, having sex with multiple partners is a low-commitment affair. It brings you lots of pleasure and relaxation from not thinking about cheating or shaming. You are a free adult person, this is your life and only you can judge your private life, no one else can. We live in a modern society where it is not necessary to get engaged to see “what that mouth do” (sorry for mentioning cringy Internet jokes). Having multiple sex partners means you don’t have to spend time on winning somebody’s heart, deal with their weirdness and “environmental problems”, it’s a mutual wish to hook up and then leave without any reminiscent feelings.

Have you ever tried multiple sex partners in one day? It seems bizarre for more conservative demographic. But some people indeed are comfortable with being on multiple days and ending up sleeping with a bunch of people. It is right as long it is consensual and no one’s feelings are hurt. This is not what only men do. Modern women claim to be free to sleep with as many people throughout the day as they want to. I guess that is just a matter of physical stamina and the presence of contraception.

Rules of having multiple sex partners:

And, believe me, there definitely are some rules, because the most fun things can have the most tragic consequences.

1. Use protection

As a result, at least 50 percent of sexually active men and women will have sexual infections at some point in their lives. Sexual infections, papillomavirus, genital warts lead to cervical cancer and other cancers. In 90 percent of cases, the immune system will fight this disease for two years as it can, doctors say.

having multiple sex partnersRemember that unprotected sex with multiple partners is not an option, as well as the interrupted intercourse. The method of interrupted sexual intercourse is especially dangerous to practice with random sexual relations since there is a high probability of infection with STI.

2. Be objective

No matter where your acquaintance happens - at a holiday party or in a quiet bar - and at what speed mutual attraction grows, find a couple of minutes for a time-out in seclusion. It's like shopping: if getting acquainted with the object did not provoke a wow effect (the desire to feel like an insidious seducer does not count), get distracted, inhale-exhale and honestly answer the question: do you really want it?

3. Order a cocktail for a pleasant beginning of your night

Along with the negative consequences for the body, alcohol promises an unobvious plus - it awakens intuition and a creative view of things. A glass or two will help not only to decide but also to change your mind, which can be much safer in this situation. If you want a hot continuation of the party but lack determination, alcohol is guaranteed to unblock and raise self-esteem. The main thing is not to cross the thin line between inspirational intoxication and the status of "the king of the hill for no reason".

4. Avoid sleeping over at your house

The decision is made; you need to determine the location? Go to her place - get more opportunities in the development of the situation. It is safer to live without reckless actions, but if you prefer adventures, trust your intuition and act depending on circumstances. Of course, before you come over for "a cup of coffee," it's worth making sure that you are invited not by a maniac and a vampire. If you changed your mind, got tired or too drunk - go away at any time without further explanation: a spontaneous decision presupposes a spontaneous cancellation. It makes no sense to extend contact if you understand that it does not meet expectations. If the passion has led a girl to your place, do not be shy to say when it's time for a partner to take a bow and leave. Do not wait for the morning: the joint awakening of spontaneous lovers is a successful episode for comedies, in life this event gives only discomfort. And sex with multiple women has a lot of similar episodes.

Advantages and drawbacks of having multiple sex partners

Sexual relations as a whole play a huge role in the life of every man, because they are the basis of their physical and mental balance. Sex, which was studied for a long time, has a beneficial effect on the male body.

Occasional sex with having multiple sex partners:

  • Improves reproductive function. Regular sexual intimacy improves the quality of spermatozoa, thereby increasing the likelihood of conception.
  • Increases youth. During physical intercourse, testosterone is actively produced in man’s body. The hormone strengthens muscle tissues and bones, improves the functioning of the prostate, and triggers metabolic processes that help slow the aging. Women with multiple sex partners report that occasional intercourses help them fix the menstrual cycle, so the idea of having multiple sex partners works positively for both parties.
  • Prevents prostate disease. In addition, sex is a good prevention of prostate diseases. It also prevents sexual dysfunction.
  • Increases self-esteem. A significant role in this is played by the quality of sexual intimacy. When a man knows that he satisfies a woman, he feels like a male, a winner against the background of others. This not only adds confidence but also increases testosterone levels.
  • Strengthens blood vessels and heart. With lovemaking, the pulse accelerates, the heart works intensively and the heart training improves the level of health.

women having sex with multiple men On assurances of scientists, men who get into sexual contacts 3 times a week, 2 times less suffer from a stroke or a heart attack. So, is having multiple sex partners bad at all? What are the negative effects of multiple sex partners? Occasional sex does not cause harm to men. There is a chance to damage the head of a penis during sexual intercourse, but this can happen with long and violent manifestations of passion and in the absence of natural lubrication in a woman’s vagina. This can happen with a long-term partner as well.

In most cases, random sex can harm a man while neglecting protection. Unprotected sexual intercourse and frequent change of partners is a huge risk of contracting a disease. Some of them are difficult to cure, there are some that cannot be cured, for example, AIDS.

According to some physicians, the decline in sexual activity (especially among men) may occur due to the decrease in the hormone of sexual desire, testosterone.

When women have sex, the testosterone level in their body rises, but among men after frequent orgasms the amount of this substance in the blood significantly decreases. This leads to the fact that immediately after intimacy, the male muscles are heavily handled in their ability to contract, which leads to a sharp decrease in physical activity. In addition, the lack of a libido hormone causes irritability, a feeling of depression or bad mood.

To sum up…

I hate to say this, but the topic of having multiple sexual partner will not bring 100% clarity to your life, as it stays contradictive before and after this article. Such an affair brings joy and eases to mature people who know about contraception and consent. This is an act that will please people who don’t catch feelings and feel generally happy without commitment. Otherwise, the topic should be overthought and shared as there is nothing bad in having multiple partners if you are a wise person.

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