Every Russian woman is dreaming about a wedding from the very childhood. Even at that age, when one doesn’t actually know what a domestic life is, they dress their dolls in wedding dresses. Then, at the age of reason, they are dreaming about a fancy wedding, prince charming... Why is it so important for them?

Wedding for a Russian Bride

  1. One of the most important reasons for a Russian woman is that she will be treated like a queen for several days. She doesn’t care that the money, being spent for a wedding, is enough to become a real queen in any third world country. The bride is a number one person at the wedding. Moreover, she enjoys various aesthetic executions, such as sugar wrap, manicure-pedicure, waxing, injections and other pleasures, she may never afford in future. She appreciates the moment: everyone treats her like a goddess. She endures anything, in order to get hundreds of fabulous pictures, because looks perfect on her wedding day.
  2. She is convinced that wedding is an essential condition for long and happy life. It doesn’t matter that the wedding cannot guarantee a happy life.
  3. She is afraid it may never happen. A Russian woman believes, she is just another one in the list and her man does not take her seriously, if he doesn’t want to marry her. Most Russian women think that way, especially those, whose girlfriends are already married.
  4. It will be the best party of the year. There will be lots of delicious food, beautiful balloons, various alcohol, entertainment … She will have a gorgeous wedding cake. Besides, she’ll go for a honeymoon with her husband after the party.
  5. She will have a bridal shower. It is a great opportunity for a Russian woman to prove her girlfriends that she is the best. She can do something she would never do in her everyday life. For example, to enjoy a male pole dance with her friends. Besides, this night is a symbol of significant long-lasting changes.
  6. The wedding symbolizes a new stage in her life. Russian women believe that the life after the wedding is completely different. There is no place for mindlessness. She will be treated as a wife now.
  7. The wedding is a symbol of her man’s love and credence. Although a man may marry a woman not because he loves her, but because she seems… comfortable. The children are fed, the soup is ready, the wife, able to endure everything, is at home – everything is perfect.
  8. It is also significant for a Russian woman to get the approval from her parents. Not to mention other relatives, who will stop worrying about her so much after the wedding. Besides, Russian society often disapproves those couples, who decided to live without marriage.

Of course, these reasons are individual for every woman. However, the vast majority believes that the wedding is essential for a couple, decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Even the process of marriage registration itself brings a great pleasure to Russian women, as they feel a kind of triumph at that moment. A woman is convinced that the man is officially hers now. The same is about the process of preparation for the wedding, which is an unalloyed pleasure for most Russian women. The thing is that the wedding for a Russian woman is a tradition, symbolizing a new life and a new status.

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