A large number of Russian women are now raising children in Los Angeles, New York, Kansas City, Oklahoma, Denver, London, Brussels, and Warsaw. So, let’s consider the reasons of that. Why Russian women prefer foreigners?

Russian women are beautiful and adorable. It’s not a secret. Besides, the majority of them have a range of unique personal skills (you can barely find among women in Europe or the US), such as domesticity and easy disposition. That is why they are extremely interesting for men all over the world. But why would a Russian woman loose her interest for Russian man and start looking for a happy life with a foreigner?

Why Russian Women Prefer Foreign Man

The very first reason is that there is a significant difference in the behavior of a Russian man and a foreigner. For foreigners, any relationships are about partnership, while the majority of Russian men are chauvinists. The ability to take care, to say sweet things, to dress with care, to drink no alcohol, to talk to a woman, instead of beating her, to treat her with dignity, to take parenting seriously, to earn money for the family – this is what attracts Russian women.

Another important thing here is money. Both Russian men and foreigners blame Russian women for chasing money. But, let’s be honest, everyone wants a better life for themselves and their children. It is natural for women to want a man, who makes more money. This matter, actually, has been significant since ancient times. Women preferred to start a family with a man, who hunted more game. It sounds more like a reasonable and natural demand than a whim.

Considering the specific features of modern life in Russia, the reasons of why women want to marry a foreigner become even more obvious. The relationship between Russian man and woman are disrespected for no reasons. Let me explain. There are cultures, where women are less educated than men, they depend on men both financially and mentally, and on the other hand, there are cultures, where women are well-educated and have equal rights with men. The point is that in the first case women are treated any way the man wants, while the second case is an example of the society where women demand to be treated with respect. Russian women are mostly well-educated, have careers, although are treated like silly ones and not capable of dealing with their lives alone. Even the housework is shared with no respect for women.

Finally, it is difficult to find a “high-quality” husband in Russia, as many of them are addicted to drugs, computer games or heavy drinkers. And the economic situation is not an excuse for them. A woman would marry a poor guy without any doubts, the thing is he has to show his potential. You must admit that it is not reasonable to marry a man, assuming the fact that both of you will stay poor forever, even if you love him!

At the end, it comes to parenting. Raising children with a Russian man is often difficult. A woman always has a desire to defend her beloved children, while men often beat their children like a rented mule. So the home violence prevails in Russian families. Moreover, Russian women often ignore such things and in some cases have no idea, that they are treated in a wrong way. Some of them just do not now that it can be different.

All in all, the main reason why Russian women prefer foreign men is that they want to be happy and treated with respect. That’s it. Everything is simple.

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