A large number of Russian women are now raising children in Los Angeles, New York, Kansas City, Oklahoma, Denver, London, Brussels, and Warsaw. So, let’s consider the reasons of that. Why Russian women prefer foreigners?

Russian women are beautiful and adorable. It’s not a secret. Besides, the majority of them have a range of unique personal skills (you can barely find among women in Europe or the US), such as domesticity and easy disposition. That is why they are extremely interesting for men all over the world. But why would a Russian woman loose her interest for Russian man and start looking for a happy life with a foreigner?

Why Russian Women Prefer Foreign Man

The very first reason is that there is a significant difference in the behavior of a Russian man and a foreigner. For foreigners, any relationships are about partnership, while the majority of Russian men are chauvinists. The ability to take care, to say sweet things, to dress with care, to drink no alcohol, to talk to a woman, instead of beating her, to treat her with dignity, to take parenting seriously, to earn money for the family – this is what attracts Russian women.

Another important thing here is money. Both Russian men and foreigners blame Russian women for chasing money. But, let’s be honest, everyone wants a better life for themselves and their children. It is natural for women to want a man, who makes more money. This matter, actually, has been significant since ancient times. Women preferred to start a family with a man, who hunted more game. It sounds more like a reasonable and natural demand than a whim.

Considering the specific features of modern life in Russia, the reasons of why women want to marry a foreigner become even more obvious. The relationship between Russian man and woman are disrespected for no reasons. Let me explain. There are cultures, where women are less educated than men, they depend on men both financially and mentally, and on the other hand, there are cultures, where women are well-educated and have equal rights with men. The point is that in the first case women are treated any way the man wants, while the second case is an example of the society where women demand to be treated with respect. Russian women are mostly well-educated, have careers, although are treated like silly ones and not capable of dealing with their lives alone. Even the housework is shared with no respect for women.

Finally, it is difficult to find a “high-quality” husband in Russia, as many of them are addicted to drugs, computer games or heavy drinkers. And the economic situation is not an excuse for them. A woman would marry a poor guy without any doubts, the thing is he has to show his potential. You must admit that it is not reasonable to marry a man, assuming the fact that both of you will stay poor forever, even if you love him!

At the end, it comes to parenting. Raising children with a Russian man is often difficult. A woman always has a desire to defend her beloved children, while men often beat their children like a rented mule. So the home violence prevails in Russian families. Moreover, Russian women often ignore such things and in some cases have no idea, that they are treated in a wrong way. Some of them just do not now that it can be different.

All in all, the main reason why Russian women prefer foreign men is that they want to be happy and treated with respect. That’s it. Everything is simple.

What do Russian women lack?

Although Russian women seem to get a lot of attention from men, they actually lack the following things:


In fact, many Russian girls don’t consider themselves attractive. They are too critical of their appearance. Trying Russian dating, a man can make it clear to his chosen one that she is beautiful, attractive, and desirable. This can be shown both in words and in deeds.

Feeling of safety

A woman needs a feeling of security next to her man to feel confident in the future. A Russian woman wants to be sure that her chosen one will settle everything, solve all problems whatever happens, and take her under his protection. 


If a woman lacks attention from a man, then she ceases to feel her importance in his life. When a Russian lady feels that she is receiving enough attention, her self-esteem increases. She becomes calmer, more confident, and happier.


Many men believe that their monosyllabic answers to a woman’s questions are enough. But such a conversation makes a Russian woman believe that her man doesn’t value her as a person. If a man tells his beloved about the details of his life, and shares not only dry facts but also feelings, sincerely shows his desire to communicate, then this strengthens their relationship.

Spiritual closeness

Every Russian woman dreams of feeling spiritual closeness with her man. After all, this is a feeling of close connection, a manifestation of love between a man and a woman. Closeness must also be physical. This aspect of the relationship is also very important.

Inner harmony 

To achieve it, Russian women go in for sports, to the cinema, buy cosmetics, and do expensive makeup, learn languages, ​​and travel. But to feel the fullness of life, they need a man. For happiness, Russian girls need a feeling of spiritual harmony with their boyfriends.

Material well-being

Men often speak negatively about ladies who are looking for wealthy men. But they don’t understand the essence: when a Russian girl wants to build a serious relationship with a guy, she will always look to the future and assess a man’s material wealth.


A Russian woman needs self-realization because it is considered the most powerful source of strength. Ladies who were able to start their business and successfully develop it don’t suffer from panic attacks, depression, overprotection, or excessive jealousy.


When a Russian woman gets enough romance from her man, she wants to be better for him. Romance in a relationship involves a kind of exchange of energies. 

10 Facts on Russian women western men should know

Starting a relationship with hot Russian girls, you should learn some facts about them:

  1. Russian girls prefer to get married until 30. Russian women are more focused on raising children and building families. They tend to become wives and mothers at 20, not 40.
  2. Dating a Russian girl enriches your worldview. You will get acquainted with a new kind of perception of the world and people. 
  3. Russian girls like online communication. The number of Russian brides on the Internet is growing. Most women look for foreigners because Russian men don’t appreciate them. 
  4. They mostly need serious relationships. Since the family is so important to Russian girls, you won’t have too many one-day meetings in Russia. Local women are interested in long-term relationships that have the potential to develop into a happy marriage.
  5. Girls from Russia are attractive like no one else. You will recognize Russian ladies by their stylish outfits and makeup, which is not typical for Western ladies. By wearing bright clothes, a Russian woman makes a man take an interest in her.
  6.  Russian ladies are great at decorating and cooking. They have many household skills that they learn from their older female relatives. But this doesn’t mean that the ladies from Russia will agree to become your obedient housekeepers as they also want to achieve self-realization as well.
  7. Dating a Russian woman takes time. For a Russian lady, dating is not something she can take irresponsibly. She is looking for a good man to build a serious bond with.
  8. Her parents will treat you like their own child. In Russian families, all members are usually close to each other. Don’t be surprised if her parents treat you like their son!
  9. Your family will be strong.  Divorce is a tragedy for a Russian woman, so she does everything possible to keep her family happy. In Russia, they believe that true love happens only once in a lifetime. 
  10. Russian women are the best wives. And that is one of the greatest things about them. You will never get tired of a Russian mail order bride as her range of interests is impressively wide. She will happily support you in all your endeavors. Likewise, she will teach you many new things.
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01.12.2020 05:55
Frankly, I have never met Russian girls in real life, but I chat with two Russian girls on the Internet. It seems to me that these are women who have a huge impact on the lives of men. I would say, they are fatal women who change destinies. They have a strong character and ambition to go to the very end, despite the obstacles.
01.12.2020 05:55
There are many stereotypes about Russian women. They are tall, beautiful girls. You can meet them at a marriage agency and take one of them out of Russia as a bride. I had a relationship with a Russian girl - a tall, slender blonde. To be honest, all the Russians attract me in some kind of charm.
01.12.2020 05:56
My ex-wife is from St. Petersburg. Russian wives are wonderful housewives, they cook well and tasty. But we, choosing a wife, are not looking for a housekeeper, and differences in mentality are an obstacle to the relationship. But still, these women are very feminine, passionate, very beautiful, very vulnerable…
01.12.2020 05:56
Communication with Russian women left only a positive impression on me. They are some of the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met. They always amaze me with their sensitivity and responsiveness! I find Russian women sweet and energetic in terms of communication. And I have never seen so many beauties in my life as in Russia!
01.12.2020 06:10
My ex-woman was excellent and caring. She gave me the opportunity to see a different perspective on many different issues. I mean, older women think differently on some issues and they have more experience. Yes, definitely, she helped me grow. She made me realize how important it is for me to make someone happy.
01.12.2020 06:11
I was 21, my woman was 39. We lived together for two years. Our relationship was based not only on an amazing friendship but also extraordinary sex life. After our relationship ended, I tried to date girls who were in their early twenties. But I understand that I like mature Russian women and I can do nothing about it.
01.12.2020 06:11
My first relationship with a Russian woman (I was 20 and she was 36) lasted two and a half years. My second relationship (I was 28 and she was 41) lasted three years, and we lived together for one year. The main thing that attracted me was the complete calmness in the relationship.
01.12.2020 06:11
I prefer women starting about 10 years older than me and up. It’s an adventure for both of us because it’s a completely new and exciting relationship. Young women just don’t let me grow the way older women do. I had a relationship with a mature Russian woman. I will never forget this experience. It was wonderful.

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