To know what Russian women think about the relationships between men and women and their attitude to the family life, you need to figure out the traditional views of Russians on all these aspects of life. This is very useful because woman’s views are shaped in the cultural environment in which she grows up so you should be aware what influenced her understanding of love, marriage, and family.

Dating. Russian women take dating more seriously than Western women for whom going out is a kind of entertainment. In Russia, dating is considered the first stage of a relationship. If you don’t view a Russian girl as your future wife, she deserves to know that. This way you’ll keep her from vain illusions.

Marriage. Russian girls usually get married in their early 20s. A few decades ago if a woman was 30 and she wasn’t married, she was regarded as an old maid. This stereotype dates back to the times of the ancient Rus when it considered appropriate for a girl to get married as soon as possible starting from 15 years. Today the situation has changed and most young people (both men and women) don’t want to rush things. They want to receive a good education first, find a remunerative job that will let them provide for the future family, and fulfill some of their dreams before they tie the knot and have children.

Age difference. The statistics show that the marriages where the bride and groom are of the same age are getting rarer. It’s common for most Russian couples that a man is 3-5 years older than a woman but if the age gap is 10 years and more nobody will frown upon that. Famous Pushkin’s words “Love has its subjects in all ages” mean that people can find their love at any age and deserve to be happy with their beloved ones when they are 18 or when they are 50. When a Russian woman falls in love the age and appearance of a man will be one of the last things she’ll pay attention to.

Civil marriage. Since young Russian women and men are getting rid of some norms dictated by the society, civil marriages have become popular among them. This is a great way to put your relationship to the test and see whether it will survive the burden of daily chores. It is also a good training before a married life: you’ll see whether you are ready to live together and have a shared household.

Family. For Russians family is the top priority. Russian families are close-knit and are not limited only to a wife, husband, and kids. Siblings, grandparents and the close relatives such as cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews are also considered a family. The members of a family always keep in touch and get together for family holidays. Children can always count on parents’ help while parents can be sure that their children will take care of them at an old age. The hardship usually unites family members because only together they can get through it. Russian girls are taught from early years that the breadwinner and the head of the family is a man while the woman’s duty is to keep the house in order and care about children. However, contemporary Russian women manage to be both successful at work and at home.

Russian women’s attitude to the family. Unlike Western women, Russian women are extremely family-oriented. Being a loving wife and caring mother is more important for them than climbing the career ladder. Of course, some of them have career ambitions and would like to achieve success in their field but when they have to choose between family and job, the majority of them will decide in favor of kids and husband. One of the reasons why foreigners look for a Russian wife is that Russian girls have traditional views on the family while many of Western women choose a child-free way of life and focus on pursuing the career success. They often stay single and avoid any commitment until their late 30s. As many Western men are dreaming about a traditional family, they start searching for a better half in Slavic countries where even young women are ready to dedicate their life to their families.

Differences between Russian and Western women

The main difference is the attitude towards marriage. In Russia, it’s like a major milestone, the one al girls should strive for. That’s why some Russian ladies are so desperate when it comes to finding a partner. If a girl’s not married by the age of 30, she’s often frowned upon by her relatives. American women are both calmer and more scrupulous about marriage. Russian women tend to get married early, while American ones prefer to take their time.

American ladies are more egoistic; their comfort is always in the first place. Russian women are more prone to self-sacrifice than their Western counterparts. In Russia, women do their best to provide comfort for their husbands so that they could provide for the family financially. And this often means certain discomfort.

And the last key difference is looks. American girls prefer a more practical and comfortable approach to clothes. You’ll hardly see a Western girl wearing something chic at a Mall.


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22.07.2020 09:43
To me, the biggest difference is about feminism. I mean picture a typical 20-25 year old girl in the US. Think she’ll let her bf become an undisputed leader in a relationship? I doubt it. Russian girls will gladly recognize you as the boss

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