You might already be an expert in how to date Russian women and how to impress them. However, there is still something many guys are uncertain about: marriage. You should know open relationships or multiple affairs are almost never the dating goal of Russian ladies. As a rule, these girls come to online dating sites with a definite purpose. They search for men capable of becoming decent husbands. Okay, but long-term relationships don’t necessary imply wedding, you may say. Well, you are right. On the other hand, the fact of being wedded is pretty essential for a typical Russian woman. And we stated the very reasons for it below.

Why Wedding Is so Important for a Russian Bride

Traditions matter a lot to her

Russian society is quite traditionalistic. In contrast to more progressive (if it’s possible to say so) Western civilisation, this culture seems to be a little old-fashioned. Here, gender roles are still clearly divided. Men are supposed to be earners, leaders, and protectors whilst women are expected to make good wives and mothers. Contemporary young Russians become more and more influenced by the idea of emancipation so ladies are focused on their careers too. However, this doesn’t mean they abandon their traditional attitude to a family.

Wedding is one of her most precious dreams

Simple and obvious as it may seem. Russian girls are known around the world for their feminine mindset. In fact, this is one of the features that attract foreigners whose fellow countrywomen get overly independent. Since early childhood, a regular Russian girl makes grandiose plans for her wedding. She tries to imagine how this all will go and thinks about every single detail. Even if she hasn’t met her Mr Right yet, she already knows what dress to wear, how many guests to invite, and what cake to order. So when this dream comes true, a Russian lady feels like she’s the happiest person in the universe.

This is supposed to strengthen your mutual commitment

Some guys perceive marriage as something that merely puts one more stamp in their passports. They say it changes nothing. In our view, it changes everything – not only in terms of your material state but, first of all, in your mind. Being in a serious relationship has numerous perks. Yet you’ll never discover the real essence of love until you get married. Any Russian lady believes true love happens just once in a human life. And when she feels she’s found her one and only man, a marriage seems to her like the most logical continuation of this romance.

Your bond is guaranteed to grow

Marriage certainly reveals new facets of your connection. At the dating stage, many aspects of living are different. You can make decisions and define the course of your life on your own. But once you’re wedded, you have to learn how to reach compromises and resolve possible conflicts. And this was never easy. Simultaneously, nothing brings two lovers closer than marriage. You both grow and develop and so do your feelings. All in all, married couples become true soulmates, which is barely possible if you two just live together.

This is the way to prove you really love her

They say true love doesn’t require any pieces of evidence. But we’d rather say love arises thanks to certain conditions and when those conditions change, feelings transform as well. Russian ladies are extremely fond of their significant others and do everything to make their men happy. Yet they also want to be treated as jewels. When you confess to your beloved and ask for her hand in marriage, she realises how much you love her. As Russian girls are convinced, wedding signals that your relationship is destined to eternal success.

Marriage is what a family starts with

We suppose you’re aware of the importance of a family in Russian culture. So this is absolutely natural that Russian girls perceive this event as the initial step to a family life. Once you become a husband of such a lady, she becomes secure about her future and can make further plans for your joint living. And, of course, about your children as she definitely wants to have them.

We hope that now, you understand what wedding means to Russian brides. Think carefully of it and don’t make too fast decisions!

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