When two people decide to connect their lives by marriage, they always begin to see everything differently right after getting married. Some matters don't seem to be important anymore, while other things may suddenly become game-changers for freshly married people. But, generally, the whole world for a young married couple would seem to be much more colorful than it was before the marriage. This happens because they have just entered the honeymoon period in a relationship.

when does honeymoon period end

What Will Happen on a Honeymoon?

First of all, during your honeymoon, you will understand that your time of hunting single women has come to an end because you have already found the one significant other, and you don't want to see anyone apart from her in bed with you. Secondly, during the honeymoon period, you will be enjoying every single moment that you spend with your partner. His or her flaws and shortcomings won't matter, and you will completely forget about every problem that you have. You need to know that it is pretty normal if you and your girlfriend don't feel as happy as you were during your honeymoon period. But does it mean that your life will be terrible, and it is better to break up as soon as this phase ends? Of course not! You have only made one small step into the whole new life of happiness and possibilities, so why stop now?

What Is the Honeymoon Period?

One of the most interesting and laconic honeymoon period meaning is that this is a time in your relationship when you live with perfect and flawless significant other. As we have said before, during this period, it seems that your partner is perfect, and you both feel like the happiest people on Earth.

How long does the honeymoon period last?

Before anything else, you should know that the honeymoon begins right after the marriage and may last up to eight months. Sometimes, you don't even need to get married to endure the honeymoon period. In this case, of course, getting married will bring you back to these emotions, but not for long.

Even though in simple words, we can characterize a honeymoon period as time since when the best website to meet girls becomes useless, there is no magic behind it. So it is the honeymoon period, but what does it mean? Socially speaking, this is the time when you and your partner create another healthy and happy cell of society. Emotionally speaking, this is the most pleasant time of your relationships. And, finally, biologically speaking, this is the time when your body turns into a huge factory that produces dopamine.

How long does the honeymoon period last in a relationship? Unfortunately, there is no direct answer because there are too many things that can affect the duration of the honeymoon period. Earlier, we have mentioned that it can last up to 8 months, but this is about the most successful cases. Statistically speaking, in general (assuming that everything is fine between the partners), it lasts approximately six months. But no one will be able to tell you the precise numbers how long it will last in your case.

So, now, when you know the answer to the question, “How long is the honeymoon phase in dating?” you may want to know what happens after the end of it. We have already stated that the honeymoon phase probably will be the happiest period of your life, but it doesn't mean that you will never be happy anymore. This fact only means that different aspects will be making you happy after the end of your honeymoon phase. For example, during this phase, you never notice some shortcomings of your partner, and you are happy because your partner seems to be perfect, but after the end of this phase, you will know that your partner has his or her flaws, but you still will be happy to be with him or her because of other aspects. In other words, during the honeymoon period, your love grows older and becomes mature.

Main Signs of a Honeymoon Period

How can you possibly know, "What is a honeymoon period?" if you don't know the main honeymoon period signs? Right you are, you can't! So, in the next part of this article, you will see the top 5 the most important signs of the honeymoon period. Also, by knowing those sings, you will be able to know for sure if you are still in the honeymoon period with your beloved partner.

the honeymoon period in a relationship1. Your desire has increased

During your honeymoon period, you will notice how your desire and sexual reactions have changed. You will see how your body will react even when your partners enter the room or give you interesting looks. Also, you will see how unintentionally you look at them, admiring certain aspects of him or her. The reason behind this increase in body activities lies not only in your hormone production but also in the emotional connection between you and your partner. He or she will also feel the same towards you, and this plays a crucial role in your happiness during this period.

2. There is no you, without your partner

A very close emotional connection also causes both of you to think that you can't live alone. You can't imagine living or even being without your partner. Both you and your partner will want to have physical contact as often as it is only possible. Here we are talking not only about sexual attraction but also about hugs, holding hands, and just being together. Another interesting aspect of this emotional connection is that you will have a real abstinence syndrome if you have to spend more than ten hours without your partner.

3. You are very energetic

During their honeymoon period, people often feel literarily unstoppable. They feel and believe that they can do anything for their partners. Even the most boring work or the job won't bother them if they know that it will please their partners. The reason behind this significant increase in emotional and physical energy is the production of a famous hormone called adrenaline. If what we have said seems very familiar, then you know that you and your partner are going through the honeymoon period. Also, don't forget to use this energy boost to make your romantic partner happy. Thus, you will strengthen your relationship.

4. You never stop smiling

As you may know, American is one of the most smiling nations in the world. We smile twice as much as other countries, but here we are talking about different kinds of smiles. Two people never smile at each other without a good reason. So, if you and your partner can't look at each other without having a smile on your faces, it means that you are very happy to be together. You will notice how, after the honeymoon phase, you will smile less often. Of course, no way it means that your love has vanished. It only indicates that it has become mature. But before this, make sure that you have fully enjoyed being playful and smiling.

5. You feel hyper-focused

Do you still have doubts about being in the honeymoon phase or not? Pay attention to other couples who have just married, and you will see that they are way too much focused on each other. Sometimes they also may not even notice other people around them. And, as always, this is the result of changes in hormones production. But in this case, it is all about estrogen and testosterone. The curious fact is that your emotions control the level of hormone production and, in turn, your hormones affect your emotions.

Do You Need to Extend the Period?

It is a pity to say, but nobody is ready to face problems that may appear in their relationships after the end of the honeymoon phase. Another reason for this is that people are not certain in their feelings, and fear that their relationships will be over with the end of the honeymoon phase. First of all, you need to know that if you are one of those people who fear the end of the honeymoon period because they don't want to lose their partners, this fear indicates that everything is pretty fine between you two.

On the other hand, there are other reasons to try to make this period last longer. After all, we've said that this is probably the happiest stage of your relationship. So, it is pretty normal to have a desire to make pleasant things last longer. Just pay attention that you want to make it longer, sorely because you fear the future. Remember, the desire to be happy is normal, but it is not okay to feel the uncertainty and fear the future.

So, stop asking yourself, "When is the honeymoon phase over in a relationship?" Forget about all your doubts because the end of the honeymoon phase means only the beginning of something new. Like everything else in this world, our relationship can never be completely stable. We either develop or decline. The same happens in our relationships, and you either pay efforts to make them better, or you wait, and try to save the past, but by doing this, you let your relationship decline and perish. Don't be afraid of changes, true love can withstand everything.

Major Reasons Why the Honeymoon Phase Ends

Nevertheless, sometimes it is really important to know the answer to the question, "When does honeymoon period end?" For example, some couples by their own hands and actions reduce the duration of their honeymoon period. Of course, this is extremely undesirable, and you should avoid doing this at any cost. Here, we have collected the top 5 reasons why the honeymoon period may end too fast. We hope that this small list will help you make this period last longer in your relationship.

Boredom and laziness

Remember, boredom is the root of all devil and the biggest enemy of love and happiness! But this is just a tiny part of the whole problem. Usually, when people are bored, they begin to do something about it. For example, they take some trips, buy new things, etc. But if you are too lazy to do anything about your boredom, you are killing your happiness and love.


Emotional ties are very important during your honeymoon. In fact, during this period, you learn each other emotional reactions. As we have said before, people often are overfocused on each other, but if you tend to distract from your partner, your honeymoon period may end much sooner than you expect.

how long is the honeymoon phase in datingToo close acquaintance

Make sure that there are some things to learn about your partner, especially relatively bad things. It is very important to get acquainted with your partner flaws during the middle of the honeymoon period because, in this case, you don't perceive them as big problems.

The lack of surprises

You can open any article about healthy relationships, and there you will find the lines telling about the importance of surprises. Remember, surprises are very useful and help bring something new and fresh in your life.

Feeling for granted

During the honeymoon phase, it is very easy to start taking your partner for granted because he or she does everything for you and wants to satisfy all your needs. But this is a very big mistake that may not only end your honeymoon phase faster than you would like but also may lead to a breakup.

How to Survive the End of the Honeymoon Phase

The end of the honeymoon phase may be a very traumatic experience, especially if you are not ready for this. Here we have collected the top 5 ways how you can help yourself survive the end of the honeymoon phase. Remember, millions of people everyday deal with this, and there is no reason why you will fail, especially if you love each other very much.

1. Pay attention to your emotional connection

Since you are not the only one who is going to deal with the end of your honeymoon, your emotional connection with your partner is crucial during the next stage of your romantic relationship. So, make sure to pay attention to his or her feelings and give your support when necessary.

2. Surprise them and make compliments

The end of your honeymoon phase doesn't mean that you should completely forget about making surprises and complimenting your significant other. These are very important aspects that can help you express love to your partner.

3. Keep bringing something new into your life

Probably during your honeymoon period, you traveled a lot, and there was no shortage of new things in your life. Plus, as you remember, boredom is the worst enemy of love. So, make sure that your life is still full of new and fresh things.

4. Pay attention to your partner

Of course, compliments, gifts, and surprises are very important, but they are not as important as your attention to your partner. A simple ability to attentively listen to your partner can save you a lot of nerves and time that otherwise, you can waste arguing.

5. Be tolerant

As mentioned, during the honeymoon period, you don't see any flaws in your partner, and they seem to you perfect. But with the end of this phase, you will begin to notice those things more and more often. It is crucial to be very tolerant when this happens, or you may insult your partner.

As you can see, the honeymoon period is a very important stage of the relationship. During this stage, you learn how to live together with your partner, how to share and enjoy things with them. Also, you get used to your new role as a spouse. Of course, like any other stage of the relationship, the honeymoon period requires some effort from partners to ensure their future happiness, but those efforts pay off.

Not without a good reason, sometimes people fear the future that will come after the end of the honeymoon phase. Here you should know that the end of this phase indicates that your relationship is developing, and your love becomes more and more mature. So, instead of being afraid of those changes, you must take all the necessary steps to ensure your future happiness with your significant other.

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