A man is born to conquer. First, he conquers his place in elementary school, then in college, then at university, and then at work. In addition to these basic "conquests", a man every day must win the respect of others. The man's way is the way of the warrior. Of course, you can develop in other directions. That sequence of life stages, which we described at the beginning of this paragraph, is not obligatory for everyone. You may well not finish the university or win a place in some cool corporation. You can be a freelancer or a free artist, anyone - but you will still conquer the world around you.

dating multiple people at once

For any man, it is very important to be in the process of conquering someone or something. Otherwise, he begins to feel weak and depressed. The conquest of a woman's heart is the favorite entertainment of all men. And even if he already has a better half, he may want to rush into battle again and surprise some new beauty. Such is the masculine nature.

But dating multiple women has another side. All that we wrote above is not the absolute truth or universal explanation. Do you want to know why you are into dating multiple women and what it can lead to? Read the article!

Why do Guys Date More Than One Woman?

Before we begin to respond to the question about dating multiple people at once, it is necessary to clarify one important detail: your desire to have more than one sexual partner is called polygamy. Maybe you will not like this word, but it is. And we will consider this phenomenon from a scientific and pragmatic point of view. If it seems to you that the desire to maintain a relationship with two or more women (it is also true when a girl is dating two guys at once) stems from the depths of your refined and rebellious soul, you are very mistaken. This is a psychological and physiological mechanism caused by evolution. In some men, it manifests itself more strongly, in some weaker. However, dating multiple girls is absolutely natural. At some point.

So, let's begin. In our society, it is considered that polygamy (dating two women) has long been inherent in men. With any family scandals or premarital quarrels due to the infidelity of men, most women tend to agree with the statement that the opposite sex is inherent in having romantic connections with more than one woman. For many men, the definition of polygamy gives confidence, a certain authority. In fact, this is a woman's desire to justify the misdeeds of her man in the eyes of relatives and friends around her. Do not go on about the ancient claims of polygamy.

And if you still think that your polygamy is something special, know that it is not. The notion of male polygamy in society is a string of entangled myths and a lack of knowledge about the origin of the word itself. Evidence and explicit examples from psychology and science about the animal world will put everything in its place. Dating two women won’t be the same for you. The most common theory about polygamous men is comparing them with males in the animal world. It is about the instinct, inherent in the nature of male animals, who seek to take possession of many partners of the opposite sex.

dating two women at once

But they do not pursue the goal of getting pleasure from copulation. The instinct of males for mating is awakening at the moment when the females are in estrus and the age of having offspring comes. A strong, leading male in the pack has the right to mate with any female, in order to transmit all the important and necessary genes for the survival of the future generation. The female, in turn, mates with most males of its kind, giving the opportunity to be the father of their children to the one whose spermatozoon win the "battle" for the egg. Proceeding from this, animals tend to extend their genus, giving birth to a stronger and more suitable descendant of their kind. Also, mating with several males, the female counts on their support, protection, and gratitude from the outside.

There are monogamous animals whose fidelity can be admired: wolves (one male “owns” a single female, they live in pairs for many years and part only when one of the partners dies), wild antelopes are also monogamous animals (the male mates with its only female and the adult offspring expels from their territory).

In the world of people, a woman does not know the exact days of her ovulation, and this period is not the moment to prepare her for sexual intercourse. A woman, like a man, engages in sexual intercourse by mutual desire at any time convenient for them. The male sex does not need to strive to find another woman who has ovulation to extend his clan. Touching the moment of conception, as is known only one spermatozoon, the strongest and persistent is able to reach the ovum and fertilize it. After that, none of them can no longer count on doing this with an ovum. Hence the conclusion that the human system itself and all the processes taking place in it indicate that the man and woman are monogamous.

You can learn a lot about your polygamous nature if you try yourself for strength in a real "fight." We mean dating two women at once. Only in this way it becomes clear to you what is behind your aspiration - the desire to seem cool, the uncertainty about the correctness of the choice, or the thirst for sex with more than one partner. We are ready to help you implement this experience. After all, many men manage to maintain relationships with several partners for a very long time.

Dating two women at once: what you need to be ready for

Once you begin dating more than one person at once, you risk finding yourself developing a habit of playing the field. If you deliberately avoid commitment instead of trying to build a solid relationship with one person, soon you’ll notice that your date life resembles a loop of one-night stands or dates that last no longer than a couple of weeks. 

The other problem of dating multiple women is that you’ll start confusing names and details, which will make your relationships nearly impossible to maintain. Besides, guys dating two or more women at the same time are often frowned upon. Be ready for others to call you player and a commitment-phobe, and this will also leave a mark. Besides, there’s always a risk of dating fatigue, where you become tired of the whole process. Sooner or later, you’ll probably have to take a break, but if your main goal is to build a lasting relationship, you’ll need to put an end to your lifestyle anyway. So your dating spree won’t last long.

Dating Two People at Once: How to Make It Work

Imagine this situation: you are sitting with a girl in a cafe, you like her, she likes you, everything is amazing for you, it's about kissing and sex! You are completely open to each other (this is how the maximum level of trust to each other is evoked) and do not hide anything from each other: all personal things (phones, wallets, keys, documents, etc.) are on the table in front of you ... And suddenly you get a message from another girl on the phone - you take the phone and pretend that nothing has happened... Then another girl calls you to offer to meet ... And you drop her call, pretending that now it's inconvenient to talk...

And at this moment the most terrible thing happens: you lose the trust of the girl! You lose it so much that in the future you do not have to count on sex...

Why do we lose the girl's trust and what to be in this situation? There are two options.

The first option for men dating multiple women is:

From the very beginning of communication, position yourself so that you can communicate with other girls and she is not the only one for you. This is a difficult option, but possible.

The second option for dating two girls at the same time is:

Carefully hide this fact, and if it did not work, then correctly handle all your fails. In this case, you will have a little less confidence (because you cannot openly give the girl access to your phone), but there will be fewer moments that greatly destroy trust!

dating two people at the same time

In general, why did I describe these two ways dating two people at the same time who, at the moment, will not bring you any special benefit? Yes, just so that you understand that having many girls is not so easy!

You'll have to achieve a high level of skill and self-control for dating two girls at once! When you date a girl, when you really like her, then, in any case, it will be difficult for you to completely kill feelings, emotions in relation to her! And imagine, if there are not just two, but, for example, five! With each, there are some feelings, some relations, certain levels of trust and affection ...

Can you get acquainted with several girls, then spend time with them, sincerely and emotionally communicate, then seduce, caress, kiss them, spend the night with each of them, and then just take them and throw them from your heart? Just forget, erase from your memory the girl with whom yesterday you dreamed of meeting, chatting, spending an evening and a night, caressing her and studying the features of her body and soul.

Can you do this day after day, without feeling a burden of responsibility? Very doubtful.

Of course, there are different guys, different approaches, but the truth is one: having many girls is morally difficult enough! And if you think that you can easily change the girls every day without a drop of emotion, then you are mistaken! Remember one more thing: treat your partners with friendly frivolity. If you feel that a stronger feeling is beginning to emerge, you will probably have problems. The best way out of the situation is to openly acknowledge your feelings.

Dating Two Girls at Once: What to Expect?

The first thought that you must think about carefully before starting such a relationship is that it will not last long. In case you hide your partners from each other, your deception will sooner or later be revealed. You will be very lucky if you have a choice with which of the girls to build relationships further. But more often it happens that the man remains with nothing - women rarely forgive a lie, especially when this lie is connected with a rival, about which she did not know anything. Perhaps all these are not very convincing arguments for you - you are only interested in sex, and not the moral side of the issue. In any case, the final is the same - you will have to look for new partners.

Be always ready for this. Do not miss the other girls, make friends with someone. It's never known when you will remain without sex and without a relationship.

The next important nuance is the drive that you will get. Yes, the risks are great, but the feelings of being involved in the “forbidden game” are very strong. If adrenaline is your best friend, be sure to try this relationship, you'll like it. Constant sex with two or more partners (not at the same time, of course, although who knows what's on your mind), balancing on the fine side of truth and lies, double attention - all this significantly improves the man's tone.

Remember that you must be extremely vigilant. You will always have to answer calls and messages on time, otherwise, you will raise suspicions. This gives rise to a number of difficulties: you will be called and written twice as often, which will not be very good for your productivity. If you are a millionaire who can afford not to work, then just ignore this point.

How to start relationships with two girls at once?
To avoid problems, you should start both relationships at one and the same time. Lynn Harris (an American sexologist) proves this bright idea: "If you have a beloved girlfriend and start dating a second one, the first one will definitely feel this." However, if these ladies appeared in your life within a day or two, none of them will notice anything out of line.
What should I do if walking with one girl, I meet another?
Modern life is so constructed that strolling somewhere with one girlfriend, you will definitely come across the second. It’s curious if this fact still shocks someone. First of all, you should take this situation in stride. Introduce the girls to each other and keep going with the one you were spending time with. Later, you will explain to each girl that the other lady is your co-worker or an old friend.
Can a guy love two girls at the same time?
In case you doubt if it is possible at all to experience an equally strong romantic attraction to two people at the same time, then we hasten to assure you: this is not an individual case. In recent times, people are increasingly choosing polyamory – a system of views in which it is quite normal for a person to have several romantic partners at the same time. Moreover, polyamory has a lot of forms: it can be about one “primary” and several “secondary” partners, love for one and sex with many (or vice versa), as well as romantic and intimate relationships within a whole group of people.
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Thanks, that’s pretty much all I wanted to know about parallel dating. I know it can hardly be a lifetime choice but I’d still love to try it at least once and preferably in real life. I dated two Russian girls online at the same time, but it wasn’t as exciting as I imagined

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