The most important decision in the life of every man is the choice of a companion for life. As soon as you make this choice, the time comes to offer this girl to spend the rest of your life together. How to propose to a girl? We will try to find the answer to this question. It is important to consider many aspects: preferences of the soulmate, place, and atmosphere, the right words and the most beautiful ring. You should be confident that you know what women look for in a man and that you correspond to your beloved’s perfect vision of a future husband. And after you prepare yourself mentally, it is time to take action and arrange a real holiday secretly from your future spouse.

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Do Girls Dream About Perfect Marriage Proposals?

The day of a proposal is important, and women pay a lot of attention to it. For a girl, this event will be remembered for a lifetime. That is why it is worth choosing marriage proposal ideas seriously. Even if you decide to make the proposal at home during breakfast, make this morning special. For example, get up early and bring food to bed or cook fried eggs in the shape of hearts and set the table in a special way.

There are no universal tips on how to propose marriage. The only thing that can be said for sure is that all girls dream that this event will be beautiful and unforgettable. The fair sex is distinguished by sensitivity and sentimentality. Any girl, without exception, will cherish memories about a proposal. And most importantly remember how exactly you did it.

By the way, according to statistics, more than 85% of girls said that the proposals made to them could be more romantic. And this is not surprising. The proposal to get married is one of the most important rituals present in the life of every young lady. Hundreds of children's fairy tales with brave princes performing feats in the name of their beloved were preparing your chosen one for the fabulous, extraordinary and insanely romantic, or simply put ideal proposal. So, it will not be easy to surpass the picture that has long been established in her head. Proof of this is the repeated cases in which girls rejected marriage proposals because they were simply not satisfied with the way they were made.

Things to Consider Before Proposing to a Woman

When you meet real women, you should be ready that someday you will fall in love with one special girl and want to give her the magic atmosphere of a fairytale and make her feel like a princess as you propose. Here are a few moments you should think over to know whether you are ready for such an important step.

How long have you been together? Sociologists at Emory Private Georgia State University interviewed 3.000 married and divorced Americans. They asked them questions about various aspects of marriage, engagement, and dating. Although the goal was to study the family values of society, the factors affecting the likelihood of the family's breakdown in the future were also touched upon.

  • For those who had been dating for about 2 years before the wedding - the likelihood of divorce for such couples was less than 20%.
  • For those couples who had known each other before the wedding for 3 years or more, the chance to divorce decreased even more - by 50%.

As you can see, getting married after you have known each other for less than a year is not always a good idea. But each case is individual, and you should decide everything, based on your own feelings.

Are you both ready for it? Before you search for ideas on how to propose, you should make sure not only that you love each other, but also understand how similar your ideas about further life together are. Because if it turns out in a few months that you want absolutely different things in some fundamental moments, then a breakup will become the most likely ending to your story. It is very important that your opinions coincide on issues such as:

  • how to propose to a girlplace of your further residence (city or village, apartment or house),
  • the time the children appear in your family and their number,
  • budget planning and expenses (who will be responsible for this, how you will make decisions about large purchases),
  • how much money do you need for happiness and who will earn it,
  • how much time will you give to work, and how much to the family.

How does she see a proposal? To completely please the chosen one, the proposal should not be just beautiful and original but also suit the girl. If your sweetheart is very sensitive and romantic, then she will like the poetic confession made during a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant. An extreme sports lover will appreciate the proposal made during a joint parachute jump or after conquering another mountain peak.

Coming up with proposal ideas for her is not easy but possible. By the way, the girl can give you tips. You should listen to what she says about the proposals made to her friends, what actions she admires and the key to answering the question of how to correctly make an offer to her is almost in your hands.

Is she a romantic person? Decide how you will propose to her because even simple proposal ideas can turn out to be the best. When it is decided where and when this will happen, it will remain to think over some innermost moments about how to do this. You can use the traditional way and present the ring, however, probably, you would like to add something special so that it will forever enter into her memory. After all, she will tell all her friends, relatives and your future children about this day, therefore, it is better to make sure that everything is arranged in the best way.

Think about whether your lover will like the proposal made in public, or she will like one in a private atmosphere. In films, the proposal is often made in public, but in reality, most engagements are made in solitude. This may seem like a great idea - a proposal made during a break at a sporting event or a party of close friends, but it may not feel well from the abundance of attention. If something goes wrong, you will feel even worse because you will be dishonored in front of a group of people. How not to propose? Never choose a public event or a noisy place that you are not quite sure about.

How to Propose to a Girl

If you are thinking about making your girlfriend a marriage proposal, then you definitely need to plan everything. To help you in this difficult task, we have compiled the 5 most important things that you should think about before asking her to tie her life together with yours for the rest of your days.

Make sure that she is the "one"

Surely you have thought it over repeatedly. The main thing is to know that you really love her and consider her your “one and only.” You should make a list or just think overall the reasons that prompt you to marry her. This is extremely important for expressing love for the chosen one during the proposal, and it will leave you without any doubts that this decision is correct. Each time you look at your girlfriend, you should have a feeling that you want to share the rest of your life with her and that right now it's time to tell her about it.

It is important to make a proposal precisely because you want this sincerely, and not because your beloved has hinted at getting married a thousand times, and you just do not want to disappoint her, or because you think that you have been together for quite long time and it's time to decide, or simply because everyone is getting engaged, or because friends, as well as the relatives, are putting pressure on you.

Be as sure as possible that your lover will say yes

It is impossible to predict one hundred percent, but you must firmly feel that the girl loves you and really wants to spend the rest of her life with you. You should think about whether she hinted somehow that she wants to marry you, wants to live with you, have children with you and create a family. If she has never mentioned such a thing, you can try to start a conversation about this, trying to see the direction of her thoughts; if she feels somehow awkward and takes the conversation to another topic, then she is clearly not ready for the wedding.

If the relationship does not last very long, you should make sure that she is really ready for a long "path" together. In general, quite a few happy couples get engaged in just a couple of months of relationships, but it's better to spend more time with your sweetheart to make sure that you are truly made for each other. In this case, she is more likely to say yes. You may be nervous trying to find out the direction of her thoughts, but this can save you from an awkward situation at the time of the proposal itself if it turns out that she is not ready.

Ask her parents

Now it looks old-fashioned to ask the father of the future bride for permission, but such an act can be useful and regarded as a gesture of your respect for the bride's family, showing that you will always be attentive and considerate with her family. Since this is a sign of courtesy, her family is unlikely to object. However, it still depends heavily on the particular girl and the situation in the family, so you should first carefully prepare.

It is necessary to put her in the first place, having considered everything that is important now for the beloved one and her family. Is there anything that can annoy her? Perhaps she does not live with her family. It is necessary to catch her signals, starting from the knowledge of her situation and her personal preferences. By the time of the proposal, you should already know her very well.

how to propose marriageDecide on the time of the proposal

It is important to determine the time because this is the only thing that you can determine at all. You can’t definitely name the best time for the proposal, it is important to choose the moment when you will not be in a hurry, being calm and put-together. The moment when you have planned everything in detail will be perfect. But there are issues that must always be kept under control:

  • Is there any day special for both of you, for example, the anniversary of your first date or life together?
  • Time is sometimes chosen by itself, especially if you live in different cities, then meeting together is only possible on holidays.

Decide on a place

The place and atmosphere will be remembered until the end of life. The main thing here is to remember that you are the main creator of this atmosphere. The proposal can be made in absolutely any place, however, it must be significant for both of you because you should feel comfortable and natural. Consider what her favorite places are. Perhaps she likes beaches or skyscrapers, or sunsets, or cityscapes, or bridges, or nature. Maybe she would prefer a secluded place in the nearest movie theater? Then they will make the best proposal ideas.

Be moderately practical. The more you try to create a special atmosphere, the higher the likelihood that something goes wrong. Because sometimes it’s easier to focus on what exactly works and will be appreciated by both of you. Think of romantic places like a botanical garden, a beach, a restaurant with a beautiful view, a covered bridge.

Best Proposal Ideas

A marriage proposal is a moment that both of you will remember for a lifetime. And most likely, you will have to tell this story to relatives and friends, and your future children. At this moment you need to invest all your feelings and do everything as romantic as possible.

Here are a couple of engagement proposal ideas if you want to have a base to work with. You should always upgrade any initial idea and add special details that only your girl would like. But to start from having at least something to stick to, you can use the next concepts.

  1. Choose one of your favorite places: a park, a fountain, the roof of a house where you liked watching the sunsets or a place with a beautiful view of the city - and start from here. It is important that your couple is related to this place so that it means something to you. And ask your friends to be there in advance, hide and take a series of photos, or even record a whole video, at time X, when you get on one knee.
  2. Order a choir, orchestra or just a musical group and make a marriage proposal in public, for example, in a busy park. Ask them to play and sing your bride’s favorite song, which is dedicated to love. For greater touching, the name of the beloved one can be inserted into the words of the song.
  3. Organize an unexpected offer with the help of a street artist! As if nothing has happened, ask him to draw your portrait and a cloud box with the words "will you marry me?" And "yes."
  4. Ask the divers in a large aquarium to arrange a short show with a wedding proposal, for example, swim out with the signs "Will you marry me?" Something similar can be done in the dolphinarium.
  5. A very simple, but at the same time, exciting and intriguing way: send your lover in search of treasure (and accompany her, of course). Draw a map, think up tasks, hide notes on several streets or in your significant places indicating the following locations. And as you remember, at the end of this journey, a treasured velvet box should wait for a girl. You can transform this one into proposal ideas at home by switching the area of a quest to your accommodation and limiting it to your house. It will feel even more tender and private.

Coming up with proposal ideas is only a part of a deal. When the day comes, do not give yourself away by constantly checking the ring in your pocket or saying silly phrases. If you are leading her to a place where she has never been before, or to a romantic place, and you feel that it is only half a minute before she guesses the purpose of the meeting, try to make the proposal as soon as possible so that the spontaneity of the surprise does not disappear. You need to be prepared for tears, shock, cries. However, this is a normal standard reaction, your girl has been waiting for this for the whole life so she cannot believe it.

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