Everyone has heard that love knows no bounds, and it’s true, you can fall in love as a little kid even when you are approaching your 100th birthday. But some people still find it to be somewhat of a taboo topic to even speak of love after 50 or 60, they believe that “the love days are over,” they say that a body becomes less attractive, more fragile, yet they are very wrong in such an approach.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about dating after 60, the best dating sites for seniors, the obstacles in front of love after 60, and how to overcome them. The first and the most important thing we should find out about 60-year-old men and relationships is whether or not it is possible in the first place. Is falling in love after 60 possible?

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Finding Love After 60 – Is It Possible?

Is it worth it?

Before you start looking for the perfect person to create a family, first date tips, and choosing the wedding rings, you should sincerely answer the following question, "What is the purpose?" While love knows no bounds and all that, but still, engagement is a serious step on which the fate of at least two people depends. Young girls get engaged for love. When the age approaches thirty and older, young but lonely people begin to seriously panic about procreation, and some even get engaged just to not be left alone at an old age. So, what are the most common reasons people over 60 are looking for a partner? Most often, the answers of women (and men too) contain the following words: understanding, support, trust, protection, the ability to share emotions and thoughts.

Your chances of finding love at 60 depend on yourself and how you perceive your future. Are you willing to fight for your own happiness or are you going to fall under the pressure of some made-up obstacles? Here are the main obstacles of over 60 dating.

Obstacles That Make It Harder to Find a Partner

Previous relationships

If the previous experiences were not very successful, a person may be disappointed in the representatives of the opposite sex, and love after 60 may seem too risky for a person. And vice versa, a widow, who had deep feelings for their deceased partner and idealized them, does not believe that they will again be able to experience this for someone else. Finding love after 60 can be quite tricky if you are not open to it.

Most often, a person subconsciously compares potential partners for relationships with their former spouses or lovers, and a relationship ends with the slightest discrepancy (or vice versa). You should understand yourself, and it is important to understand that there are no people identical in character and appearance, each of them has their shortcomings and advantages, and your task is to consider them more closely not from the point of view of your ex, but the "present and future" partner.


Single people often have complexes regarding their age. Those who consider starting a romantic relationship after 60 an excessively extravagant act remain lonely for the rest of their lives, while others are open to relationships and have every chance of reaching old age with a worthy person by their side.

Health problems

Of course, when an illness torments your body, the last things you think about are love and romance. An illness is exhausting, it spoils the mood. Do not postpone a visit to the doctor if something bothers you. You will always have time to make new acquaintances, relationships, but health should always be the most important thing you have in life, above everything else, even love. 60 year old men and relationshipsDo not forget that your mindset and your emotions affect your physical condition, set your thoughts to positive, even if it seems that everything is bad around you, and a bad knee will always prevent you from enjoying your life. Turn this activity (positive thinking) into a daily exercise, and you will notice how your health improves with time, and you can be your own best doctor by being your own best friend.

Reluctance to change habits

This reason can also be deep in the subconscious of a person who has long been living alone.

To begin with: the Best Places to Find a Partner at 60

Now that we know that love after 60 is possible, let’s talk about some of the best places where you can find a partner at this age. In theory, there is no wrong place to find a partner, if you want to meet someone close to you in spirit and habits – you may just stumble across them in your daily life.

Also, don’t forget about the fact that there are lots of senior dating sites over 60 on the Internet, and finding single women online is very easy nowadays, so don’t waste your time and meet older women online right now.

Local parks and public spots

Older people love to enjoy the outdoors and just hang out with their children and grandchildren. And yet, old age doesn’t always come with a person we love by our side. And you are not the only one that is single in this world, so it is quite likely that some of the people you are going to encounter in parks and other public spots can be single, and most of them are quite open to a decent conversation about the weather or life in general.


If you like reading and you want to meet a like-minded person that loves literature – then there is simply no reason not to visit a library. There are certain situations when it is better not to approach a person with a conversation, especially if you have romantic intentions, but at a library, people are always calm and relaxed, and thus, it is a perfect place for dating over 60.


Museums are, in many respects, quite similar to libraries when it comes to talking to other people and trying to achieve their interests. However, it is a bit problematic to approach a person while they are reading and start a conversation because you are basically denying them the pleasure of enjoying a book they wanted to read. This is not the case for museums.

Events for the elders

Depending on a city you live in, there can be a large variety of different events for elders that will be a great opportunity for you to meet other people and start a conversation with a person you like.

Public transport

Public transport is certainly not the most comfortable way to talk to people, everyone seems to be in a rush, and everyone is busy with their thoughts. But still, there are lots of elderly people to find, and some of them may be heading to a place of interest.

Health care and social institutions

Once again, there is an argument to be made, that these are not the best places to meet other people, as they have a certain negative aura about them, people are either sick or busy with all the bureaucracy. But still, there are lots of elderly people to find, and they will, most likely, have lots of time for a discussion.

Dating over 60: do's and don’ts

Now that we know that love after 60 is possible, and we know where to find your person, let’s figure out some don’ts and do’s of romantic relationships over 60.

Main Don'ts of Finding Love at 60

1. Forget about the development of relationships

Now the moment has come when the desired person is yours, and everything seems to be fine, but ... If you are not making efforts to maintain relationships, then you can’t count on long-lasting happiness. The honeymoon stage, of course, eventually passes, but who said that you need to forget to please your soul mate with small surprises?

2. Cheat

Before you commit what will eventually cause problems, distrust, and a breakup, think about what will happen if they cheat on you? Would you want to go through pain like that? Do your momentary needs and sexual desires worth all the pain and backlash?

3. Forget about your friends

Yes, you will make common friends in a relationship, but this does not mean that you must forget the old ones. At least sometimes remember your friends, because they will be the first people to whom you will run in case of problems.

meet older women4. Compare your partner to other men or women

Internally, all people are different, even if they are similar in appearance, so stop comparing your partner to the people you know. And if you are trying to see the passion that you once felt for another person in your partner, then leave. This is not a person for you, and they do not suit you.

5. Control your loved one

Everyone at least once read the correspondence of a loved one, this is normal, but there should be limits to such behavior. If you don’t trust your beloved and constantly control them, then soon they will feel as if they are in a prison, and this is unlikely to make them happy.

Dating After 60: Main Do's

1. Talk about your problems

Misunderstanding will not go away if you are silent. If you do not like it - say so, you will solve the problem, and this may even save your relationship altogether. This means that relations will be stronger.

2. Do the things you like in this life

Each person changes their style, interests, and behavior. This is normal, and this happens everywhere, but this does not mean that it is worth betraying your interests. You are a person, an individual that has their interests and ambitions.

3. Forget the mistakes of the past

If you can forgive your partner for the things that happened in your life – do so. And if you do – don’t ever remind them of the things you swore to forget, that would be simply dishonest and cruel.

4. Support your partner

Perhaps your loved one does not do what you would like, but this does not mean that you do not need to support them, because your loved one expects you to understand them.

5. Know the limits in criticism and jokes

Do not think that constant jokes and irony will help you improve your relationship. Such "jokes" show that you are selfish, and think primarily about yourself. Learn to support and show respect in your relationships with your partner.

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to get engaged after 60 is unambiguously positive. There are a lot of lonely people, and the reasons for loneliness are different for everyone. Only if you have decided that you need a life partner nearby, try to honestly state the reasons for your desire to get engaged, and then go straight to the action, don't wait for things to just happen to you.

There are many examples when a person easily finds a worthy partner and goes down the aisle with them, regardless of their age. These people are self-sufficient, they have no fears and prejudices when it comes to their happiness and love. In the case when it is problematic to establish a new relationship, it is worth digging into yourself and finding what the obstacle is, it is pointless to blame it on bad luck or external data. Allow yourself to be happy and loved, but first, love yourself.

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