Every woman is unique and should always remain so in the eyes of a man who truly loves her. The boundaries between man’s and woman’s own lives, and their life together are very blurred, but this is not an excuse for bad manners, lack of romance and attention signs. Despite popular belief, gallantry has not left this world. The gallant century and romantic gestures will exist as long as you follow the rules of those times when men sang serenades and wrote love letters to their beloved ones, or were ready to give their lives for a woman.

romantic gestures for your girlfriend

Every modern girl will appreciate your efforts in attempts to win her heart. But actually, true love does not need expensive gifts or dangerous heroic acts. For real relationships, even small romantic gestures are much more valuable.

It doesn't matter if you started dating recently or are engaged for two years, the following romantic gestures ideas can be used any time and by anyone. They will suit those who would prefer to please the lady of the heart, rather than spending time on watching football matches and sitting on the sofa all day long.

Can romantic gestures save a relationship?

It is said that some men, by their nature, are not capable of romantic acts. They do not know how to do a romantic gesture, and most importantly, why. Romance and romantic acts are an important brick in the construction of the skyscraper of your relationship, and often couples break up precisely because the girl lacks this building material.

Male sex usually does not understand that girls need a special attention to be paid, candies, flowers, small gifts to be given for no reason. All this can help a man create a romantic mood, both for himself and his beloved. A girl should feel that she is loved, taken care of, and just desired.

Women like to be surprised, understood, and supported. It is romance that should remind the fair sex that a woman is like a flower as she is gentle, weak, vulnerable and touching. So can romantic gestures give a second breath to your relationship or save it? Definitely yes! You cannot fix or build any relationship without romance. It is the romance that introduces a variety, interest, a lot of impressions and emotions into human life. Try to pleasantly surprise your loved one, kiss or hug her, speak gentle words. Be open and honest with your soulmate. And the second breath is sure to come, it will be easier to live and believe in miracles.

Romantic gestures to win her back

When relationships break down, it is always an equally painful process for both partners. Many believe that the females are experiencing it much harder. However, this opinion is erroneous. It just happened that the women have the right to freely express their own emotional reactions. Everyone expects that after a break women will suffer, violently showing emotions. A completely different reaction is expected from the males. As a result, men are considered to be thick-skinned, incapable of strong feelings, indifferent. But this is completely untrue.romantic gesture

Talking about returning a beloved girl, psychology argues that it is important not only to return her to the family’s womb, but also to strengthen relationships, make them durable, trustworthy. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to call a partner for a frank conversation and carefully listen to her requests and complaints, find out what concerns her. It is necessary to pay attention to your own words, because the words of a man are very important for the second half, no less than his actions. One must always remember one axiom and not forget to put it into practice. And the axiom is as follows: ladies love with their ears, besides, they initially fall in love not with the man himself, but with his attitude towards them. Therefore, you need to care for your loved ones and make, as often as possible, sincere and diverse, compliments to them.

Try these romantic gestures for her:

  • Hug her unexpectedly in public.
  • One day, for no reason, call for work and get sick leave. Ask her to do the same. You can spend the day together, watching movies, ordering food at home, or just walking.
  • Protect her, but not control. For example, if rain is predicted, make sure she takes an umbrella with her when she goes out.
  • Surprise her by stopping a minor argument with a kiss. However, do not use this method too often, otherwise the attractiveness of it will disappear.
  • Support her always, even if you know that she is wrong. And be cool even in the most disturbing situation.
  • Write a note and put it in your loved one's pocket with the words "I love you." You can lightly apply your personal eau de toilette to it so that this note smells of you and reminds of you.
  • Order flowers with a postcard or just meet her with flowers for no reason at the front door, at her/your apartment’s door.
  • Look into your beloved's eyes and say: “I love you”, do not be ridiculous or trite, convey the meaning of these particular words, say it slowly and confidently.

Grand romantic gestures

In addition to love notes, flowers, jewelry and other gifts, sometimes it is worthwhile to trigger the imagination and come up with some grand romantic gestures for your woman. If your fantasy is not vivid enough, take a look at the ideas on the Internet, ask your friends, or her friends. Perhaps since childhood your girlfriend or wife has been dreaming of some particular romantic act she saw in the film, or read about in the book. Some big romantic gestures require efforts or are costly, so be prepared for certain difficulties. Be patient and do not tell your soulmate about your intentions in advance so as not to spoil the surprise. Below is a selection of the most romantic gestures that men have done for their women:

  • Heart of the windows

A student lit a huge heart from the windows of the dorm for his girlfriend. That day the young man, as usual, met his girlfriend after studying. The couple went slowly to the dorm. And the crowd of spectators was already waiting for them. The student sent an SMS to a friend: "Come on!" And on the dark wall of a 9-storey building, one after another, the lights in the windows began to turn on. Gradually, drawing became more distinct. And so, the last window lit up, smoothly ending the line of a huge heart.

“The buddies from the student council of the dorm helped to do this,” says the young man. - At first, we drew the scheme, and then started to think how to implement it. On each floor, the elders walked around the necessary rooms, agreed on who and when had to turn on the light in the room. I was pleased that all the guys agreed to participate in this flashmob. ” According to the student, he organized this flashmob to apologize to the girl in such an extraordinary way.

  • Underwater engagement

A man surprised his darling girl by asking her hand at the 5-meter deep pool. The young man puzzled for a long time how to make a proposal to his beloved. “Once the director of the diving center came to the bank where I work. And the idea of underwater engagement was born, ” he says. Divers installed a balloon track on the bottom of the pool. The guy told his girlfriend that he invited her to learn to dive with an aqualung. When, together with the instructor, she sailed to the right place, she was dumbfounded. The groom was holding a sign with the inscription: "Marry me." He put a wedding ring on the excited girl's finger, they embraced, kissed in love prevented breathing tube.

  • Proposal on the rock

Agreeing to the offer of a friend-extremal to fly on a parallette, a girl did not even suspect that she was in for such a surprise. Flying up tromantic gestures for your girlfriendo the snow-covered rock, the girl saw a big red inscription: “Natalie, marry me!”. The man secured a huge banner of twenty square meters on a mountain ledge. In order to install an incredible poster at a height of 70 meters, the young man made a difficult journey. Having reached the right place, he and his friend left the car and went on skis. At the foot of the mountain they put on mountaineering equipment with which they climbed the cliff to fasten the panel. Needless to say, the girl was in seventh heaven.

  • Chivalrous knight

Jane, like many romantic natures, always dreamed of a brave knight on a white horse who will come after her and ask for her hands, and they will live happily ever after, like in a fairy tale. In August last year, her boyfriend brought the story of the girlfriend to life. Dressed in knightly armor, riding a white horse, he rode up to the amazed Jane. He stood on his knee before the chosen one. In front of hundreds of curious citizens (it was in the park), the knight extended a box with a ring and suggested Jane to become his wife. The dream came true!

The man said that the knight's armor was lent to him by the guys from the historical club. “This is actually a combat gear, they even had dents, so I felt like a real warrior hero,” the groom smiles. The white horse was provided by the local park.

Small romantic gestures

Romantic gestures for your girlfriend are not necessarily synonymous with high financial costs, as someone might think. There are cases when a student manages to beautifully and originally care for a girl. Lovely romantic deeds sometimes do not cost a penny, but remain forever in the memory, causing a kind smile.

For example, simple romantic gestures for her include writing a lot of love words on pieces of colored paper and hiding them all over the house. Places must be chosen in such a way that the girl must have reached them (drawer of a chest with underwear, shelf of the mirror cabinet in the bathroom, compartment with vegetables in the refrigerator, the pillow on the bed, under the iron, on the box with cat food). Particularly diligent can cut hearts out of colored paper - it will turn out very impressive and colorful. The girl will keep such “confetti” no less carefully than photos from her vacation.

Sincere compliments, which are worth nothing to their author, are the simplest romantic gestures for a new relationship. Any girl will melt if the beloved boyfriend will kiss parts of her body, saying at the same time why he likes them. For example, hands - for tenderness, legs - for beauty and slimness, eyes - for depth and brightness, lips - for sweet kisses, hair - for delicate silkiness, etc.

Among small romantic gestures for your wife is creating a video about your relationship. For a guy who is familiar with working on a computer, it is not difficult. All you need is to choose joint photographs, beautiful love poems and romantic ballads as those in the discography of Western artists, for example, Julio Iglesias or Mark Anthony. In this case, you can take into account your wife’s preferences by selecting the songs of her favorite artist.

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