Unfortunately, cheating is a part of our lives. This is a very painful and doubtful process, and no one wants to deal with its consequences. This explains why most people are convinced that in any relationship, trust is crucial. Well, jealousy and suspicions of infidelity completely deny all the principles of trust. But sometimes, we can’t avoid cheating because it is also a very natural thing, such as love, or desire to cheat on your partner for one reason or another. This is why so many men search for sites to find women.

Therefore, many guys doubt whether it is necessary to check the girl for treason at all. These doubts are quite understandable because if for no reason, you begin to doubt the fidelity of your girlfriend, this can negatively affect your relationship. These doubts are fully justified because if a girl finds out that the guy does not trust her and checks her for loyalty, this can greatly offend the lady. That’s why girls don’t like jealous guys who don’t trust them.

woman cheating on husband

Honest Reasons Why Women Cheat

Why do women cheat?
This is influenced by many factors, but the main ones are lack of attention, dissatisfaction in sexual life, boredom, and revenge for your infidelity.

But you have found this article because you have googled something like, “Is my girlfriend cheating on me,” and you did that because you want to know how to tell if a woman is cheating. First of all, you need to know the reasons why do women cheat on their partners. Then you will be able to compare those reasons with the situation in your own life. Thus, you won’t have to ask again, “Is she cheating on me?” because the answer will be pretty clear. But hurry to tell her that you suspect her in cheating if she has too many reasons to cheat on you. There are still things that you can do to save your relationship.

Lack of your attention in general

Women enjoy when their men pay them attention. You can’t expect that she would stay at home alone all her life, while you do something else. How long would you date someone if he or she were not paying attention to you at all? If you behave in your relationships like automatic robots in car factories, then your partner is unquestionably cheating on you. Remember, no one can live without attention from lovers. People start sublimating it with something. For example, a man will start working harder, while a woman will simply find another lover.

Unfulfilled sexual fantasies

We all are very different, and we used to have a different childhood, education, and life in general. How can we possibly have the same sexual fantasies? Right you are, we can’t! This is why it is important to have a dialogue in your relationships. It is not okay when a person can’t confess his or her sexual fantasies to his or her lover. You may think that everything is okay, and she enjoys the sexual life with you. But in reality, she fakes and can’t confess to you that she wants to have something else. This doesn’t mean that she will start directly searching on some man and woman dating site for a person who will satisfy all her needs. If there is an opportunity for her to fulfill her fantasies with someone else, she will definitely do.

Your infidelity

Have you ever cheated on her? If the answer is “Yes,” then what have you expected? Women are very discerning creatures. She probably found out that you had cheated on her, and she decided to have an act of small revenge. If you still love her, then there is a way to fix your relationships and maybe make them even stronger. First of all, you have to confess that you made a mistake and did that only because of some physical factors (but don’t blame her), and you are very sorry that you did it. If she forgives you, then she won’t cheat on you again (you shouldn’t do that too, of course). But if your conversation will turn into a scandal, then it is better to break up.

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Yep, it is as simple as it is. She has just got bored and decided to cheat just because she wants to feel something new in her life. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you anymore. Of course, she does, this is why she did it behind your back, instead of breaking up with you at all. Remember, boredom is the worst enemy of healthy relationships, but it is also the most easily beatable one. Since all you need to do is to run away together with your girlfriend from your daily routine and fill your life with new experiences and emotions.

Her sex drive is higher than yours

Normally, people want to have sex with each other. It also normal that we have different sex drives, but it is not normal if you haven’t discussed this problem. Humans have a hard time dealing with their desires. Thus, it is very important to be sexually satisfied in a couple. The same principle as what we have discussed in “Unfulfilled sexual fantasies” you should use here. It is crucial to be able to have a conversation about every topic. Otherwise, your relationships won’t last long.

Types of Cheating

Now when you know why women cheat on their husbands, it is the best time to answer the question, "What is cheating?" In simple words, cheating is a betrayal. A man or a woman has promised to their partner to be with him or her, not only physically but also emotionally. And when one partner cheats on the other one, he or she can betray his or her partner physically, emotionally, or both at the same time. There are three types of cheating, and here you will learn more about them.

1. Physical cheating

In simple words, physical cheating is having sex with someone who is not your partner. When you cheat physically, you don’t feel any emotional connection with a person with whom you are cheating on your partner. The best example of this type of cheating is when you go on a business trip and have a one-night stand there with some random person. This type of cheating doesn’t mean that your relationships are over since you can still save them. To do that, you need to know why your partner cheated on you, and then you both should fix this problem.

2. Emotional cheating

Emotional cheating is way more dangerous because it doesn't only mean that your partner had sex with someone else, but that they have some emotional ties with this person. Usually, emotional cheating develops slowly. Thus, it can begin as a good friendship. For example, your girlfriend may be able to talk about some matters with someone else. This type of cheating can easily destroy relationships. Because the reason for physical cheating may be a desire to fulfill some sexual fantasies, while emotional cheating means that your partner is emotionally connected to someone else.

3. Cyber Cheating

The more popular the Internet becomes, the more often we hear about cyber cheating. This type of cheating can have different types and forms. When people say "cyber cheating," they usually mean pornography, online dating, and other romantic or sexual connections on the Internet. Usually, cyber cheating is the beginning, sooner or later, infidel partner will cheat physically or emotionally unless you will fix those problems. Want to know how to tell if someone is lying about cheating, especially cyber cheating? Sadly, it is next to impossible if you don’t have access to her phone or computer.

Main Signs She Is Cheating on You

How do I know that a girl has a lover?
She is very secretive, hides the phone from you, tries to look perfect, doesn’t want to have sex with you, is not interested in your life.

Now, when you know about types of cheating, the time has come to know certain characteristics of a cheating woman. Thus, you will also understand how to catch a cheating woman. Any type of abovementioned cheating, of course, spoils the relationship, but it can be prevented if you pay attention to the behavior of your partner. Girls who are ready to cheat or have already found someone else behave differently. Your girlfriend may have become more hidden and suspicious.

1. She hides things from you

The last thing that a cheating girlfriend wants is to revile the truth to you. So, she begins to hide correspondence, doesn’t allow you to use her phone or computer. She is nervous if you use her gadgets unexpectedly and without serious reason. Most likely, she will change passwords to exclude access to personal information. It is important to understand that everyone has a different concept of personal space, and not every girlfriend will be happy if her boyfriend is going to flip through her correspondence and monitor social networks from the first day of relationships. But if she has nothing to hide, then she won’t react too sharp, but if you face scandals every time you try to use her laptop or phone, then she is undeniably hiding something.

2. She started to pay more attention to her appearance

A cheating girl begins to take care of herself, changes her looks, starting from hairstyle and makeup to clothes. She had been used to doing this for you, but over time, feelings and emotions were dulled, and she stopped paying so much attention to her looks. And now, this happens again: your girlfriend spends hours in front of the mirror, working on her hair, and instead of the usual sneakers, puts on heels, carefully applies makeup, and uses a new perfume. Such a sign indicates that she wants to impress someone, and this is clearly not you.

3. She started to spend more time with her friends

A cheating girlfriend begins to spend more time in the company of friends but doesn’t invite you to those meetings and events. She may come home late in a good mood, and she never gives you a clear answer to your question of how did she spend this time. It is possible that after such walks, she will lock herself in the bathroom with the phone chatting with her new boyfriend. Remember, girls like to share stories about their girlfriends with their partners. If she says that she has found new friends, but you have never heard a single story about them, then you certainly have some problems in relationships.

is my girlfriend cheating on me

4. You don’t have sex

Even kisses have become rare, and when you go outside, she doesn’t want to hold your hand. Don’t worry, her sexual health and life are completely fine, just not with you. This behavior may indicate that her attitude towards you is changing. It is not you whom she wants to see next to her. She doesn’t want to have sex or even kiss you because this feels unpleasant for her. It may not mean that she is cheating on you, but it, clearly, means that soon you will break up.

5. She started to notice all your shortcomings

A cheating girlfriend begins to notice the shortcomings of her partner, criticizes his lifestyle, manner of dressing, talking, and even the way how he drinks. If earlier she believed that your habit to go to bed in socks was cute, then now she finds it disgusting. This behavior may indicate that she is cheating on you. Girls do that when they start looking for excuses to break up with their partners. She does it completely unintentionally because her subconscious constantly tells her that she must find someone else.

6. She doesn’t answer your calls and never calls you back

She begins to miss calls, stops responding to messages, and very often says that the phone is down, or she did not hear it ringing. At such moments she may have a meeting with a new boyfriend, and the phone is in silent mode or completely disconnected. Although this is not 100 percent clear indicator that she is cheating on you, you still have to talk to her about that. Maybe you have insulted her in some way, or there can be many other reasons why she can behave like that. This sign should be only applied in a combination with other signs.

7. She is always busy

She has overtime work, new responsibilities, or other matters that prevent her from coming home on time. If this has never happened before, then you should pay closer attention to her behavior. Since, she could be just telling you that she stayed longer in her workplace, while in the real-life she was in a bar with her new boyfriend. Be careful with this sign too because she may really be very busy due to some problems in her work. You can try to call her and tell that you are going to bring her a meal to her job and see what her reaction is going to be.

How to Prevent Cheating by Your Girlfriend

Can female infidelity be prevented?
Yes, you need to pay more attention to her, give her care, affection, satisfy her desires in bed, and help in daily affairs.

So, let’s look at the basic techniques that allow you to both prevent cheating and strengthen relationships:

Praise her 

Do you remember the famous phrase that a woman loves with her ears? It’s true. Tell her how beautiful she is, how her eyes shine, compliment her body, the manner of dressing, or her new perfume – whatever! Give flowers not only on holidays but just like that, for no reason. Go to cafes, restaurants, walk in the evenings. In the morning, bring her breakfast in bed, or arrange a spontaneous candlelit dinner at home. Romance in a relationship – this is exactly what every woman lacks.

Show interest in her hobbies

Another important aspect that strengthens family relationships is common interests. Read books and watch films that delight her – try to emotionally approach her worldview. Be a good conversationalist – any passion passes quickly, and if you have nothing to talk about, then there is no chance of a happy life together.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Get a trendy haircut, add a new note to your style, surprise her with your new look. Experiment with smells – a new perfume will help your wife fall in love with you again.

Help her

A woman is a fragile creature. Help her with children – take them for a walk at least sometimes, pick up from school, etc. Give her a rest.

Support her 

If a girl feels reliable support in a man, and not only in terms of personal safety but also in terms of psychology, then she is unlikely to cheat on him. It is necessary to understand that women are very emotional and the moral aspects of their relationship with men are extremely important for them. Thus, a man, who doesn’t want to listen and, most importantly, doesn’t support his girlfriend at the moments when she shares any of her problems, runs the risk of pushing her to cheating.

What Are Relationships Like After Cheating?

We hope that now you have a better understanding of what is cheating in a relationship. Now, only one question remains: what your relationships will be when you have caught your girlfriend cheating. It is hard to say for sure because there are so many factors that can influence further developments. You definitely should know that if she cheated on you emotionally, then this is better to end your relationships once and for all. In other cases, especially if this was cyber cheating, you may try to fix your relationships.

Remember, each couple can save relationships, but to do this, it is important to work together on your love, and not allow circumstances to separate you. You can avoid trouble and betrayal if you notice in time that your partner’s behavior changes. Usually, cheating is preceded by disagreement in a couple. Plus, your feelings may get cooler with time. If you both are able to deal with those problems in time, then it is even possible to prevent treason.

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31.08.2020 02:12
For a man, female infidelity is a more terrible thing than women can imagine. A woman does it with her heart and head, and if she has cheated on her man, then he has been removed from the pedestal. It hurts. I really do everything for a relationship to prevent my girlfriend from taking such a step.

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