They say that women are great tricksters and manipulators. In a controversial philosophical work, Arthur Schopenhauer once said that it is pointless to lie to a woman, as females are great manipulators and liars. Although the critique of a German philosophist is rather outdated, we cannot deny that, for some reason, women are better at small tricks. 

Females are very intuitive human beings. A girl always feels a fishy situation in a group of people, senses low-key couples and frenemies. A woman is better at emotional manipulation. They say that men do not understand hints, so female manipulation is very beneficial if one wants to get her way. How to not let a woman manipulate you and how to detect manipulative woman signs? Here is what we got!

female manipulation tricks

The nature of female manipulation

Female manipulation tactics starts with a very childhood. Since boys are denied in showing their emotions, it is difficult to get what they want. Boys apply aggression to get what they want, but girls would rather cry or whine to get their way. The core difference lies in behavior and upbringing. 

Since the previous generations were brought in a sexist environment, women were better at being sneaky, while men were praised for being straightforward or tough. This difference never went away, and most families continue to swear by these postulates. 

Yes, you might not like dating a drama queen, but sometimes it is just her upbringing. Girls are easier to spoil and get bratty. Sometimes brattiness is the synonym of the family’s higher income, so it is considered complementary to insist on “what a girl wants.”

It is not yet proven whether females have a biological predisposition to lying and deceiving. But as completely different human beings, female hormones dictate their behavior. Maternity often influences the way a woman thinks, and “trapping” a man with a baby instills a sense of security in a girl’s mind, making her applying some horrific manipulation tricks. All in all, it is easier for a woman to refer to having a bad period and not carry her bags. Since nature “gifted” girls with monthly discomfort, they might as well use it to their advantage. Wouldn’t YOU want to do the same if you had a chance?

Is manipulative behavior deliberate?

In most cases, manipulation stems from behavioral patterns in women. As with all intuitive human beings, women can easily snatch all the belongings and years of hard work from a clueless man’s hands because some kind of mental wit must compensate for a frail construction. Females are more compassionate and high-vibrational, so they are easier to understand what people need at the moment. 

Sure, there are manipulative people. They just do it out of spiteful intentions, not thinking about the consequences. Even the best site to meet women won’t guarantee you a transparent woman who won’t deceive you. The lies can be bigger or smaller, but humans lie in general. Some do it intentionally, and others don’t even pay attention to their own actions. 

Some people are just horrible manipulators. You don’t have to be a certain gender to be a bad person. Additionally, people with higher emotional intelligence can use their resourses more effectively, so it is a matter of IQ, whether a person can make two plus two. 

A highly intelligent woman would rather cheat a test and skip a few steps in your connection because she knows the shorter path to your heart. This is why females are better at crying during an argument and less likely to fight. They are good at killing with kindness. 

How to detect female manipulation tricks

It is not as easy to detect all female manipulation techniques as you would think. Females have a huge arsenal of tactics, and you might never know. Women are good at hexes, sorcery, which is essentially emotional manipulation. A higher-vibrational man (the one with higher emotional intelligence) is better at detecting female emotional manipulation. But if you still don’t get it, do not worry; we will provide you with the list of female manipulation tricks. 

female manipulation

1. The crying game

Did you think that women cry all the time because they are overly emotional? It might be so during certain days. But since men aren’t allowed to cry, it is a female prerogative to burst into tears in the middle of an argument. Why does she do it? The right answer is: either you are too annoying and blunt to understand the need for love and appreciation, or she is tired of bickering with you. Let’s skip to the face where you feel guilty and cheer her up, please. 

2. Emotional abandonment

Since most men have unresolved mommy issues, females perfectly know that. And since you’ve been a bad boy, mommy won’t go with you; she will go away and give you a way to the orphanage. It might be scary, but women feel subliminally that men are children who still want to be surrounded by mother’s love. And since it is weird to crave for that connection at the adult stage, women often play into that role, triggering your fear of abandonment sometimes. 

3. She has a headache

Yes, sex is the classic manipulation. And since women are believed to crave emotional connection, not physical copulation, they can live without sex for years and more. And since men are designed the opposite way, a smart (or heartless) woman can play into this difference. When she feels abandoned and not entertained, her diseases and emotional distress can end your sexual life in a heartbeat. How to cure a damsel in distress? Give her a gift and ask about her life TWICE (because the first time, she would lie to you anyway.)

4. The silent shaming

Women are brought up as “good girls.” And when men drink, party, and have sex on the side, women are easy to pinpoint that. Since purity is cherished among the gorgeous sex, you won’t get a positive reaction when going to a football game on your 30th day of meeting. Yes, she might make you seem dirty and abnormal, but that is the way to better in your eyes.

5. Depressive kitten

Since men are expected to be more action-oriented, they don’t have much time to catch the feelings. They would cry all day long if they would’ve been given permission to do so as a child. And women are great at curling up in your bed, whining about how tough life is, just to make you take her car to a carwash. 

6. Say hello to your momma

Women are sneaky when they meet your parents. In reality, it is easier to get in your mom’s good graces so that they can gang up on you when you stay up late. And if her word doesn’t mean anything to you, you sure wouldn’t reject your momma. Women do it willingly out of the selfish desire to control you because seeming worried together would gaslight you into the thought of being a bad son AND  a bad boyfriend. Not all women do that, of course!

7. Liking your friends too much

Females have a thing for flirting with your pals. And while men often do with their wife’s girlfriends out of pure sexual desire, females are more thought-through. By being close to your friends, she wants to show you how desirable she is, and how easy it would be to switch to another gentleman. And because many men have that bad flexible bone in their body, they play into this role, getting lead by your girlfriend and confirming her desirability. And boom, you turned into a jealous man in two years! 

how to not let a woman manipulate you

How to resist manipulative woman

Women are manipulative; that’s a fact. But is there a way to resist women tricks and detect that from the start? Here is what you want to do. 

1. Get away from the situation 

The easiest way to not fall for female tricks is to remove yourself from a toxic situation. It works well if she’s crying for no reason, flirting with your boss, or talking about your infidelity. If you know that you’re innocent, just politely leave the room for a few seconds, count to ten (well, maybe to a hundred,) and get back to a room with a clear mind. Some women are insecure, so they would be too scared to continue that theatrical act once they realize they could lose you for good. Again, think twice if you even need a toxic relationship where you need to leave too often. 

2. Ask the fellow female

Who knows best about a manipulative woman? Only her fellow manipulating women! But when you turn to your female friend for advice, be sure you don’t fall into the manipulation loop: if she likes you too much, she might falsely confirm the manipulation only to sabotage your relationship and lure you in. Did you think it would be easy? It is better to ask someone you’re related with by a family tree. 

3. Distance yourself and declare about her failed plans

Just say that you know she’s manipulating you and observe her reaction. Of course, she will not confirm the act of trickery and brain gaming, but at least you will keep your girl on her tiptoes because now she knows you’re not as blunt as you seem to be. Women are smart, but you can be smarter. Just pretend that you know how a female brain works, or wave a white flag, apologizing for God knows what. 

Women are not as bad as you might think! They are just different. Women are always pissed about a man’s lack of emotional intelligence and acumen, but this is what makes various species fascinating. Use that wisely! 

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