Probably every guy is familiar with this sickening feeling of shyness and insecurity when talking to his crush. Where to start the conversation? What topics can be touched upon, and what is better not to even talk about? How to come up with cute text messages to send your crush to keep them interested? Let's look at the main mistakes guys make while sending the first messages to the girls they like and find ways to reduce the risk of failure.

what do u say to your crush

Remember these things when texting your crush.

The first impression is the brightest, and it is the most valuable thing in texting hot girls online. Your "Hello, let's talk?" will not surprise anyone. And the phrases like "Do you love spending time in the cafe we met?" "I'm stunned by your smile," "How was your dream today?" go to the same category. They do not give the impression that you are an extraordinary person.

The type of communication that is prevailing today happens in the form of "The world through my eyes" when you photograph what inspires you and share impressions. Just do not overdo it with selfies and photos in style: "What do I eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner." Awaken your creative personality, share something unusual. Read more, find out the latest news, and share them. If you have a catchy dating profile bio or an exciting social media profile, half of the job is done. How to reach out to the girl then and what to do if she doesn't text back?

You have her contact, but she is not your girlfriend yet. Everything should happen according to your script. You started, you finished, and you have the power to keep the girl attracted to you. But you cannot make her yours after a few texts. Until you are official, do not impose too many obligations on the girl. Do not ask her where she has been and why she didn't text you back. You should try to prevent her from reading the message and not replying, but this is the maximum you should allow yourself to do. Of course, you should end on a positive note, not when you have "exhausted" a topic and are silent for a long time. The right to end the dialogue should be left to you so that she remains interested after you say goodbye.

Do not bombard her with messages. Do not write a dozen messages after one response. It will not force her to write a message immediately. Intrusiveness and excessive pressure scare girls. A person may be busy or not know what to answer. If the girl doesn't text you back for more than two days — write first. But do it without reproach, say something direct or funny. If she is silent, then wait again for a couple of days. There is a rule of three active actions in the relationship between man and woman. It works in life and on the Internet. If, after three messages scattered over some time, the girl does not take the initiative as well, then the situation is hopeless. Look for another girl. That's why we recommended corresponding with several girls at once instead of only texting your crush.

Respect her time and boundaries. Correspondence with a girl can be natural and can be stressful. Try to keep the conversation open and balanced—more questions, but not stupid, closed, or general. The questions of whether she likes movies or loves dogs, or what she thinks about politics are not things to say to your crush. Friendly tease her and joke not to transform the conversation into the job interview about her life priorities and current things. Maintain a certain positive mood in an online conversation. Avoid any vulgarity and hints of sex. The girl will be offended, and the conversation may end very quickly. No explicit photos because this plainly violates her personal space.

What to text to your crush: topics for a great online discussion.

We have come to the most exciting thing — what to text to your crush. These topics can be discussed online or on live dates. They are versatile and guarantee that communication will be smooth and arousing mutual interest. These things to send to your crush are perfect for a casual private conversation, and a long romantic correspondence late into the night.


You probably have a favorite book, and the girl you're talking to has one. Dedicate part of the conversation to discussing literature and be sure to find out what genres your beautiful interlocutor likes. If the girl is especially keen on reading, you can bring the book she may like on your first date.


Another win-win topic, especially if you're communicating tete-a-tete for the first time. After learning which movies the girl likes the most, you will have a unique opportunity to invite her to the cinema or suggest watching a film in online movie services like Netflix cinema. In general, you will have something to discuss.


You should tell each other about your musical tastes at least because everyone listens to music and has their own preferences. However, you should be prepared for the fact that your musical tastes may differ. If this is so, try to invite the girl into the world of your musical must-haves and ask what top songs she would recommend. New musical releases are generally one of the most natural things to text your crush. Just share a new clip or send a few verses from the romantic song lyrics.


things to say to your crush

Share with each other the experience of traveling at home and abroad, tell about the brightest tourist impressions, show, if possible, photos from the most exciting trips and be sure to ask what country your interlocutor dreams of. Who knows, maybe your dream destinations coincide, and you will plan a spontaneous trip?


“What should I say to my crush?” Do not worry, culinary preferences are, in every sense, a tasty topic. You can start a conversation about food and your favorite cuisine, then share your secret cozy cafes, restaurants, or bars. Because what can be more emotional than a conversation over a delicious future dinner and a cup of something hot? This is also an excellent opportunity to plan a possible date.


If you start a conversation about childhood, it automatically means increasing the level of mutual trust, because people generally do not share childhood memories with every person. Fun stories, serious revelations, memories of school, funny children's antics, and teenage problems — these topics really bring together, and even if you do not have a romantic relationship, a girl can become a good friend with whom you can talk about personal and painful.

Talking about life

Why not touch on a serious and exciting topic such as the meaning of life, the search for a vocation, personal experience in relationships with different people? There are many options for questions for joint philosophizing. It is difficult to advise something specific. The main thing is, to be honest, switch topics if you notice boredom or drastic difference in opinions, and do not plunge into moralizing, few girls will like it.

Discussion of the avatar

A great way to break the ice and start a conversation with your crush is to notice an unusual detail about their profile photo. You can ask questions about the landscape in the background and ask where and when it was taken. Then you can stick to any of the details the girl mentions and arrange an interrogation with passion paying more attention to the external preferences of a young person. If you found more photos in the profile on the social network — express your opinion about them too. And do not forget about compliments.

Latest news

A topical issue that is hotly debated in a country or city is a risky but advantageous topic. What do they think about the latest events in your region, or will they support the upcoming changes? If your crush is a serious-minded person with a clear civil position, you should definitely discuss what is attractive to them. The girl will share her views and appreciate your interest in them.


The last thing you can talk about is your circles of communication. If you have mutual friends, ask the girl how they are doing, saying that you have not long met. What do u say to your crush if she mentions that she is going for a walk with friends? Of course, ask her about them. What kind of people are they? What does she appreciate them for? Girls love talking about their girlfriends and sharing personal memories concerning them.

Things to say to your crush while texting.

 Leave the common questions: "What do you do?" "Who do you work for?" "Where do you study?" for guys who have trouble with creativity. No more boring conversations about the routine. If the girl wants, she will tell you everything and ask you. As a last resort, annoying and awkward questions can be upgraded with a hint of humor "Let me guess who you work for. You decorate this world with your stunning smile, I guess?»

"I would like to meet you. You do not mind? " — here, the young man immediately declares his desires, but at the same time shows that he is ready for any answer.

"I saw you today. You looked stunning! " — this text to send your crush attracts the attention in two ways: showing interest and giving compliments.

"Beautiful photos. Where were they taken?" — one of the questions to ask your crush while texting with a positive assessment and open expression of interest.

"Just saw a star falling. It reminded me how I fall for you" — how to text your crush is you are shy? Of course, with a sense of humor. It helps you hide any insecurities.

"Do you believe in horoscopes? Because mine said I am about to meet the love of my life," — you can talk about something serious but still funny.

how to text your crush

"What country would you like to live in?" — talking about traveling and life plans. Who doesn’t like to fantasize about what country they would like to move to?

"Hi, I just wanted to say that I cannot stop thinking about you from the day we met. How about going out for a coffee?" — declaring your interest but still expressing respect for the feelings and personal boundaries of a girl.

"I saw you are going to the same concert/movie/party/festival. Can I accompany you?" — you show the girl that you would like to spend time with her. You can add that this is not because you go there alone; you just want to make sure she is safe.

"I have two questions: what flowers do you like and what is your address?" — if the girl refuses to share the last one, you can bring her flowers in real life to work, school, or university.

The last method of approaching the girl you like is by sending her a song with a mark of the lyrics you would like to share with her. Or send her a music clip with a time code where the performer declares the world of love. She will understand your hint, and then you will have just to wait.

Remember that no matter how cool your correspondence is, it will never replace quality live communication. If you know exactly what to text your crush and she has opened up to you, arrange an appointment to make this pleasant process continue. Just do not forget to show the same level of originality and sense of humor during the live date.

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