Each guy can face a situation when a girl stops writing and calling, and it happens very often after the first date. Although the guy can take the initiative and call or text, the girl will either talk to him very nicely not intending to continue the communication or just straightforwardly ignore. And it seems that nothing terrible is happening, but there is still some tension because the psychology of ignoring by a woman is quite complicated.

girl ignoring my texts

Naturally, the first thought in the guy’s head, after he faces such a cold behavior is to start taking even more initiative. So, the guy begins to fuss and run around the girl to prevent her from leaving. And these actions cause even greater problems, which, ultimately, lead to separation. Because not all men know how to tell if the girl liked the first date, or there is no sense in trying to win her back. Fortunately, today we will try to shed light on how to react when she doesn't text back.

She Doesn't Text Back – a Common Situation After a Date

In fact, the statement that girls do not text first is stereotyped and too dramatic. But still, if we analyze situations from real experience, we can understand that girls really often do not take the initiative. There are even cases when they need something, but they still sit and wait until the guy writes to them first. If you suspect that this is the case and get tormented by the thought, "Should I call if she doesn't text back?" in this situation, then, of course, you should.

It often happens that you have been communicating with a girl for a long time, everything seems to be normal, but after the first date, everything went wrong. So, you drop out of communication for a week because you are terribly busy and start this "on and off" game. And in the end, even having been communicating closely before, you notice that as soon as you stop writing to the girl, she also stops writing, ignores you or blocks.

In general, it is not hard to understand why girls do not text back. They might want to communicate, it’s just that they have some kind of strange stereotyped thinking that, on a subconscious level, does not allow them to be the initiators, and this is very stupid. So take everything into your hands and write first, because if you do not write, then you can wait for a message for several years, especially in online dating.

Talking about the first date, this is great stress, so, the girl may be considering whether you liked her and want to continue communication. Give her time and then text first. In case she ignores, or her answers seem dry and short, torment neither yourself nor her. When girls don't text back, they do not want to talk to you, but cannot say it to your face.

Why Women Don't Text Back After a Date? Here Are Honest Reasons

The pressure of the society, upbringing, inability to adequately express her thought are among the factors that influence the girl's strange behavior after the date. There is one common feature for all of them – they make girls avoid texting you. Below we will consider what does it mean when she doesn't text back and what hides behind it.

They are afraid to hurt you. You have been reaching out to her for the last few days, but she never has time for you. As soon as you invite her to meet, you hear unconvincing excuses in response. Strange reasons she comes up only say that, in fact, she has no desire to meet with you but doesn’t want to say it straightforwardly. Try to step into her shoes. No matter how busy you are, if a cool young lady offers to meet you, you will find the time. Yes, she can meet you at her convenience. Or when she has nothing to do. But this only indicates that she uses you. What if she doesn't text back at all? Leave her alone and do not make her explain her obvious behavior because she is only trying to avoid doing it.

They want to be polite. All her answers mean "never." Believe us, after 15 minutes of communication on the first date, a woman knows whether she wants to see you again. If you have not seen each other, then she will understand everything after the first conversation. So, if she wants to see you, she will give a definite answer. If not, forget about her. The answer to the question, "Why is she ignoring my texts?" is that she doesn't want to reject you right away. So, she comes up with a million reasons why you cannot meet or date instead of telling one simple thing: she did not like you.

They don't know how to say 'no' because of their upbringing. You constantly call her with offers to go somewhere or spend a day off together. Of course, you can think that this is just a tactic or a game. That she’s just teasing you. Yes, this is possible. But only at the initial stage. Women really like to play, but the idea of the game lies in the fact that you should notice it and agree with her rules. But after a while, if the girl is interested in you, she will want to communicate and miss you. If there is no further initiative from her, then you are not attractive to the girl. Of course, she has time. But there is no desire. If you do not understand her at all, the reason is she is not pretending. Girls just are brought up in the way it is harder for them to reject, be rude and say straightforwardly what they want. As a result, misunderstanding in communication happen.

when girls dont text back

They really didn't like you. "She ignored my text, what should I do?" - this is a common question with an uncommon answer. You should recall how your date went, was everything ok or you seemed not to understand each other from time to time? Are you sure you are her type? Maybe she was talking to you about something you had diametrically the opposite opinions about? Those signs might be the reason for her ignoring you. And even if you have other thoughts concerning it, she has made her choice, and now the behavior speaks louder than words.

In this way, a girl "politely" tells a guy she is not interested in him. And the reason here is not some kind of your mistake or miscalculation, but a banal disagreement of interests and expectations. For example, a girl is looking for a mature guy of about 24 years old with a stable job and a car, and you are still a romantic 18-year-old student. Does this mean that you are bad? No, it's just a mismatch of expectations.

They want to forget an unpleasant experience. Communication helps the couple get to know each other better, and at some point, the lady may conclude not in favor of the guy. If a man at the dawn of the acquaintance pretends to be another person, over time, true qualities and character will certainly appear. Women can read the information at a non-verbal and emotional level, so they quickly recognize a lie and put the deceiver on the ignore list. Or if your behavior during the date left her embarrassed, you were swearing, burping, looked messy, etc. do not wonder then "Why is she not texting back?"

They just have problems with communication. She talks about the fact that she has a certain type. The list of requirements, qualities that her ideal man should have. And you are his exact opposite. The girl tells you about her dreams and fantasies. About how she will be happy when she meets such a man and other nonsense. Do not take this competition. Do not try to prove that you fit her description. The best thing you can do in this situation is to wish her good luck in finding the perfect man and say goodbye. If she straightforwardly imposes her requirements on you, she is not the one. So, the "girl ignoring my texts" may lie in what she simply doesn’t know how to communicate with the opposite sex.

How to Know Whether She Really Doesn't Want to Communicate

If a girl does not respond to a text, ignores or even blocks you, it is worth stopping and thinking something is wrong with you. If she is interested in you, she will write first. This is simple. If not, you will have to continue the assault on the fortress. Make a surprise, not necessarily expensive. It is important that it evokes her maximum positive emotions. Then, by her reaction, you and she will understand that there is a chance to establish contact, and it is really good.

But putting all tricks aside, there may be cases when the girl is not going to continue communication with you. No "what to say when she doesn't text back" tips or presents will help. In such a situation, just put up with the fact that you have no chances and here are the signs of it.

She doesn't read your texts. You think she’s busy. But we think that you are getting what she is trying to tell you. Maybe she didn't get your message. But maybe you still do not understand? If she did not receive your message, then who received it? If she didn’t even bother to write “Sorry, I'm busy now,” she absolutely doesn’t need you. We are millennials - we sleep with phones in our hands. So if she didn’t answer you for 2 hours because she was “busy,” know that she was busy ignoring you. In general, you understand what to do. How to make someone text you back? You can try to attract her attention by sending a catchy message, but you risk receiving monosyllabic answers. Women love to chat, so short texts are equal to ignoring. If she is not talking to you, then she is talking to someone else. Consider this red flag and do not continue trying.

The same applies to when she never writes you first. What to do when your girlfriend ignores you? You might think that she just plays and wants you to fight for her. But do not forget that relationships require joint efforts, yet we live in the 21st century. Besides, in the end, she doesn’t write you a paper letter sending it using the post-service, it takes 5 seconds to send a message. And you are not even worth 5 seconds of her time. And after that, do you still think that she any serious reasons to ignore you?

She feeds you with promises. Even when you manage to get an answer, she cancels dates, comes up with strange reasons and million other information just to distract you from the point. Suppose she agreed to meet again. But at the last moment, she had some "problems" and did not come. Believe us, this will happen every time. Better not waste your time because she is just lying. Like saying that she was at home busy doing household chores. Although her Instagram says the opposite. And the point is not even that she was doing something or not, but that she lied to you absolutely for no reason. She didn't even bother to think of something smarter. In general, she does not care about you. Accept it and live on it. Without her.

Because she will find a million reasons not to come on dates. So, you agreed to have lunch together and, as far as you know, she did not cancel the date. You come to the cafe, order something for both yourself and her, assuming that she is just late. But half an hour passes, you do not even receive a message that she will be late. You text her, and there is no answer. You call her, and she does not pick up the phone. She just doesn't need you, and that's it. In general, it cannot be anything other than a hint.

She blocked you. Girls do this when you said about something that she doesn’t want to have in a relationship with you, and she is too lazy to conduct the whole “sorry, but you don’t suit me” dialogue and generally explain it. So, she blacklists you, and, as you know, if there is no person, then there is no problem. This is violent from the human point of view, but apparently convenient.

You could say anything at the same time, from just ignorant writing to all kinds of sexual issues. It’s not always possible to guess which of your phrases or views the lady considers stupid, the main thing is that they run contrary to her ideas about a “decent man.” How to make a girl answer your text if you have been blocked? You can create a fake account or ask a friend to reach out to her. But what for? This is not worth it.

What You Need to Do When Girls Don't Text Back

This is a serious problem that not everyone can handle. Many people just give up and go further, being disappointed. But if this is the girl with whom you want to connect your life for at least the next night? You have options.

First of all, understand that this happened because of your fault. Yes, this happens, especially for inexperienced guys. But you can correct the mistakes. Yes, and in your case, perhaps not everything is lost. And here is a couple of tips.

Determining the cause

why is she ignoring my texts

First, you determine the reason why the girl stopped writing to you. Could you upset her or say something stupid that made her question why she even talks to you? This step is the hardest because, in most cases, detecting the reason for the girl’s spoiled mood is practically impossible. Not because her actions are illogical, this is because men and women think differently, and what seems normal to you may be unacceptable for the girl. Try to look back and step into her shoes.

Consider the principle of the struggle for respect

It consists in the fact that you flexibly use pastime with a girl. In some situations, you give the girl all the attention, and in others, you completely stop texting the girl and switch to your affairs. Thus, you show the girl that she is not the most important thing in your life.

In a competent combination, these actions create an incredible sexual effect, and the girl begins to want you because you play with her as with a naughty girl and provoke her to an emotional reaction. She begins to write to you, call, and be interested in your life.

The correct use of this principle is to find the best balance

Especially if this is your girlfriend. For example, you push her a little away from you, then attract her, push her a little more, and still attract her. Therefore, you need to gradually increase your own time and independence from the girl (when you do not write to her and feel good). This will show the girl your strength, and she will begin to hold on to you. Already she will begin to bend under you.

The mistake of most guys is that they immediately turn on the "alfa-mode"

It offends the girl, and you begin to look stupid. Your task is to make such a transition from a dependent guy to an independent one very calmly and slowly so that the girl does not see your purposeful changes. Do not give yourself out because she will consider you a manipulator. In fact, you are not the one, all these things are just a part of flirting and building emotional attachment. We value things that weren’t easy to obtain more, so if you play such a game of instincts and emotions with a girl, she will be yours.

Consolidation of the result

When your girlfriend gets used to the fact that you respect your personal time, you will need to load her with tasks and assignments that will cause her affection for you. For instance, "Dear, call me tomorrow at 6 o’clock. I will go on an important appointment; I am afraid not to hear the alarm." "Well, tomorrow, when you come home, text me. I will want to have a small talk about something interesting to you."

And gradually the girl will get used to the fact that she is the first to write to you, and then you sort out questions with her advice. However, if you try to do so, bypassing the previous steps, nothing will work out.

Good Luck and Let the Girls Text You Every Day!

If you feel that your girlfriend is ignoring you, there must be some reason. Ask her what is the matter? If the girl refuses to answer you immediately after the first date, then you should either try to find out what you did wrong or step back, giving her personal space. Running after a girl or scandals is not an option. Let her decide what she wants and what really bothers her. If you are sure that there is no apparent fault in you, then there can be about manipulation from the girl's side. This is not good, and such behavior should be harshly suppressed

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