The first date always feels special and magnificent. It is normal to worry a little bit before your first date with this particular girl. Even if you have already had many “first” dates with other girls. Because this is the new beginning both for you and for her. Stakes are even higher if you are planning to date a younger girl. Usually, people believe that their life-experience will help them. They are right, but only partly. Because your experience will be very useful during your life together, of course, this is only possible if your first and other dates will be perfect.

Many things depend on how big the age difference between you is. Because if she is only a couple of years older than you, then you both still belong to the same generation. This means that your views and beliefs are going to be much more similar than if you had a bigger age difference. So, you will have more or fewer things to talk about on a first date accordingly. But don’t worry, there are still some general rules on how to behave and what to talk about on a first date with a girl younger than you.

what to talk about on a first date with a girl

How to Behave on a First Date with a Younger Girl

First thing first, many men have no idea how to behave on a date with a younger girl. Usually, they try to look younger and behave like a teenager, but this is their huge mistake. Firstly, you need to remember, you are not a teenager, and you can’t simply behave like her fellows. And secondly, if she agreed to go on a date with you, then it means that she is not interested in people of the same age. She wants her partner to be mature, strong, and confident. And by behaving like a teenager, you will only prove the opposite. We are going to give you general tips that will work with every girl. Don't be afraid to use them even if you are going to meet a girl now.

Be sincere

To be honest with your new partner is crucial. Don’t lie about your age, status, and wealth. Even if your lies will help you get her attention, and she will agree to date you, then in the future, she will easily find out that you were lying. To be honest from the beginning is a way better, so you won’t have to explain yourself in the future. Don’t hide your real emotions and feelings. Let her understand your personality, and you both will be able to accurately decide whether you want to be together or not.

Be confident but do not boast

There is huge confidence between self-confidence and boasting. People tend to boast because they want to show others how cool they are. But, remember, really self-confident people never boast because they simply don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Self-confidence is what turns a boy into a man. She expects that you will be calm and funny. If you are not self-confident enough, then you should work on your self-confidence before dating the younger. Although in some cases, you can honestly tell her that you are nervous about your date, for example, because you have never dated anyone who is so younger than you are. This approach may work just as fine too.

Don't talk too much and listen to her

Modern men prefer to date online, they use various single women websites, because this is literary the easiest and the most comfortable way to find a partner. But during your online texting, you both can tell and react to each other stories at the same time. It is not possible to have parallel discussions in reality. This explains why men want to show their girls how cool they are and tend to talk too much. Remember, she is a person too, and she also has many things to tell. The best approach to the conversation with any girl is to take turns and tell your stories one after another.

Don't pay attention to her age

I know that her age may bother you, or maybe something that makes you feel nice because a way younger girl agreed to date you and so on. But it is vital not to mention your age differences during your time with her. You must have a couple of good jokes, just in case if she decides to mention the age difference between you two. If you don’t know what to talk about on a first date, then this is not the best option. You can start a conversation with her by telling how hard, funny, etc. was your road to this restaurant.

topics to talk about with a girl

Remember to have fun

Your date is not your job, so don’t be too serious about it. After all, you both are going on this date because you want to have fun in one way or another. A date without fun is a very bad date. So, no matter what happens there, especially if you are very nervous, you should maintain a positive attitude and try to have fun. Jokes and funny moments of your life are among good things to talk about on a first date. Don’t be afraid to be funny and just a little bit ridiculous.

How to Keep a Conversation Going

Sometimes your conversation just stops, and you both don’t know what to do about it. To avoid this, you must have a list of topics to talk about with a girl. But even this approach is not always perfect. Pay close attention to your conversation. If you are the only one who begins discussions, and she just puts end to them, then this is a clear sign that she is not interested in you. But more often you both like each other, but don’t know what to talk about. This is a normal thing that can happen to everyone. We are going to share some ideas with you on what to talk about on a first date with a girl.

Ask the right questions

Questions are one way to continue your conversation. Especially if you are the one who talks a lot while the other one is mostly silent. There are some questions to ask a girl to get to know her. For example, you can ask her about parents and family. But nothing serious, jut in a couple of words. Then you can ask her about her last vacation and where she wants to go on the next one.

Share your own experience

No doubt you are a very experienced man. This gives you an upper hand in your conversations. Choose one topic and share a short story from your experience and then ask her opinion about it. This is the best way to show that you are not afraid of sharing and ready to listen to her. Talk sincerely about things you like the most There is no point in hiding things you like from the girl whom you have a date. If everything is ok between you two, then she will be the closest person in your life. She deserves to know what you like. Thus, she will know how to make you happy.

Things to Talk About on a First Date with a Younger Girl

If you don’t know what to talk about on your first date, then feel free to read our list of best simple things to talk about on a first date. You can discuss those things with almost any woman.

1. Vacation

Vacations are a very light and easy topic to discuss. But a very informative one. You can learn many things about her from the way how she likes to have rest. This is not the best conversation starter but works just perfect if your conversation seems to be stuck. Tell her where you have already been, share your emotions and feelings from those places. When she does the same, you can switch your conversation to the places that you would like to visit. Who knows, maybe they will match her dreams too, and in a month, you will find yourselves together on some resort in Italy.

2. Hobbies

Don’t know what to talk about on a date? Just share your hobbies with a girlfriend. Especially if it is something really funny and interesting. If your hobby is about laying on your sofa in front of the TV, then it is better not to mention it. Instead, you can ask her about her hobbies. Who knows, maybe she likes to do the same. Thus, you will become a perfect couple. But apart from all the jokes, this topic is very informative. For example, you will know what presents she likes.

3. Favorite food

You can ask her what kind of dishes she likes. Maybe she likes some special beverages or knows how to cook nice fresh cocktails. This information will help you learn more about the girl. Thus, you will know where to invite her on the second date. If you like cooking, then you unquestionably have to share it with her. Joint cooking is one way to invite her to your place. Women like men who know how to cook.

4. Jokes

You can exchange your favorite jokes with one another because this is a very nice way to relax and feel more confident. Show her that you are open and ready to have fun. Humor is always a good idea. Just make sure that you have a sense of it, and don’t use jokes with sexual content. This is inappropriate and will only scary the girl away.

5. Your favorite books

The question about favorite books is one of the first things to ask on a first date. Some say that young people don’t read books, but they are terribly wrong. Nowadays, young people read many books, but the genres of those books might be very surprising. Usually, they don’t read classic literature at all. They pay more attention to modern writers. It is important to have this conversation because her favorite books will tell you a lot about her.

6. Sports

If you like to watch some sports events or even participate in some sports activities, then you definitely should share this with your girlfriend. A healthy lifestyle is trending among young people and especially women. You may be very surprised to hear that she may also like football or basketball. Sports events are a very nice place to have your original date. Just make sure that you will continue afterward in some restaurants.

7. Your job and education

It is better to discuss this topic in the middle of your first date or not discuss it at all. Just tell her about your education and then more about your current or previous jobs. There is no need to transfer all the detail. It is enough to provide just general information and many funny situations from your current or ex-jobs. The main idea here is to show one another that you are normal people, who know what they want in life, and how to earn money.

8. Pets

Do you like pets? Would you like to have one? It is just a brilliant topic for your first date. Girls usually love talking about cats and dogs. Don’t expect that during your conversation about pets, she will reveal her secrets. It has to be just a cute little conversation about pets.

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What Not to Talk About on a First Date

Many men don’t know what not to talk about on a first date. Sometimes they say too much because they just ran out of first date questions and are just too nervous to think about something else. In any case, this should never happen to you. We are going to provide you with several topics which you should never discuss with your girlfriend. If fact, you should omit these topics not only on your first date but also when you talk to someone important for you.

Past relationships

The worst thing you can do is to start talking about your past relationships. Oh, no, wait, this is not the worst one. This is just the second worst thing. The first one is when you ask her about past relationships. This topic can easily ruin your and her mood because past relationships usually are highly connected with moral pain.


We live in a free country, where people can support any political force. The chances are high that your political views are going to be very different. It is very easy to start arguing about this topic. This is why it is not the best idea to discuss politics with your girlfriend.

Intimate experience

Of course, you can’t discuss your or her intimate experience on your first date. There will be time for those conversations in the future. But your first date should be as gentle and cute as it is only possible. By discussing your intimate experience, you will only show that you have a problem with sex.

Family issues

On your first date, you want to know your partner better. This doesn’t mean that it will be interesting for you to listen to his or her complainings about family issues. If you can leave your family issues behind while you go on the first date with a girl, then maybe it is better to resolve them before deciding to date someone new.


This is a free country, and everyone can believe what they want. You will go back to this topic in the future if you both like each other. But on the first date, it is better to discuss the weather, than to talk about religion.

As you can see, there are many problems with dating a younger girl. But no matter how hard it is, this process is very rewarding. If you are not a very experienced person, then it is better to create a list of questions that you will ask on a date. Thus, you will feel more confident because you will be able to continue your conversation if it gets stuck. Remember that dating questions can’t guarantee your success. Dating is a very complicated process, and many factors may influence your final result.

Don’t worry because there is no need to hurry. Take your time and learn all the necessary information to create an imaginary picture of your future girlfriend. The more you try, the more confident, and effective you will be. Thus, your chances to successfully date a younger girl will rise.

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