Men do all sorts of things to attract the attention of women, they buy expensive cars, they get dressed, they do fancy haircuts, work out, but sometimes, a simple funny pick up line will be just enough to get a girl hooked and not let go of her attention. Before we go any further if you want to know where to meet woman, be sure to visit the flowing site to meet girls online.

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What Do Girls Like in Communicating with Guys?

Let’s now talk about some things that women like in men so that we will be able to use these things to our advantage.


Sincerity is at the heart of every relationship. If you lie to your partner – it means that you don’t trust them, and if you don’t trust your partner, then why are you even dating them in the first place? As for the first few weeks and months of communication, some sincerity in communication will go a long way. If a girl feels that you are open about your life and emotions – she will feel like you are honest and sincere.


Creativity is one of the most important talents to have. Women appreciate creativity, as it says a lot about a man. At least about the fact that he is not just a dumb brute that is completely emotionless and can’t do anything creative. The idea of creativity is very vague, and it is hard to define it, but it is certainly something that will help you out in dating.

Intellectual skills

Intelligence is yet another thing that is hard to define, but women are very emotional, and it takes some wits from time to time to grasp their intentions and understand what they want from either you or life in general. And intelligence is probably the most important talent one can have, and it is very important in human communication.

Sense of humor

And here’s the last but certainly not the least important one. Sense of humor can be your saving grace, even if you are not attractive, successful, or smart. Sense of humor can be the only good thing about you, and women will still find you quite appealing. We don’t know the secrets of this parameter and why is it so important, but one thing is for certain, women love guys with a sense of humor.

30 Funny Pickup Lines to Text a Girl

Here are some funny pickup lines for her you should check out.

  1. The day had seemed gray until I looked at your photos. Are you already dating someone? What do you mean “no”?
  2. Good afternoon, I have a great offer for you, how about a trip to the cinema? What about a restaurant? What do you think?
  3. I really like you, how about you waste some time on me?
  4. When I see you, I understand that I don’t want to be free, I want to be yours.
  5. In all the photos you look very stylish. Simple, yet impeccable taste. I just fell in love. How about we get to know each other?
  6. I think I don’t have a chance to get to know a girl, especially when it comes to such a beauty like you. Let me know if this is not the case.
  7. Your beauty struck me so hard that I forgot what I wanted to tell you. Let's be friends.
  8. Hey there! How are you? You’ve got a beautiful necklace (dress, shoes, sneakers).
  9. I couldn't get my eyes off from you! I am struck down, overwhelmed!
  10. Hello, how about spending some quality time together? I want to meet you; I want to invite you on a date!
  11. You are beautiful as if you have come from a fairy tale. Sorry, can I tweak your plans for the evening? Can we meet?
  12. It seems that I am not the only one who would like to meet you. But I am the best!
  13. You are a mystery to me. Will you allow me to try to guess all of your secrets?
  14. Hi, can I talk to you? I’m looking at you and I understand that we need to get acquainted!
hilarious pickup lines
  1. Have you been registered on this site for a long time? Do you like it? Would you like me to make your day a little brighter?
  2. Your profile says that you are jogging in the morning. What a coincidence, me too. Let's run together.
  3. Hi, I’ve read an interesting story this morning. The guy met a girl, and they are quite happy! Do you know how he met her? He said, “Hi, I’ve read an interesting story this morning!”
  4. You do not smoke? Wow! I have long dreamed of meeting a girl who values her health.
  5. I can’t take my eyes off your photos, from your eyes. I decided to text you, how about some chatting?
  6. Hello girl. What are you dreaming about? I suppose it’s not me, but everything is possible in this world.
  7. What a great thing, two attractive people just met each other. Hello!
  8. Today is a good day, can I cheer you up?
  9. Your beauty is just crazy. Can you smile for me? It will make my day a lot better.
  10. Hello! I want to interview you. Tell me, what is it like - to be the most beautiful girl?
  11. What qualities in guys do you value most, what do you consider to be the most important character trait that a guy should possess?
  12. Hello! You are beautiful on the Internet. Can I just make sure that you are this beautiful in real life?! I am a researcher, I have to know, it’s very complicated, but we need to go on a date.
  13. Do you happen to be looking for the perfect man?
  14. Hello! I sell happiness! Do you want to get some for free?
  15. Do you want to date a cool, single young guy? Here I am!
  16. You look beautiful, how about some nice breakfast together?

These were the best funny pickup lines for guys one should remember to increase their chances at hooking up with a girl. Let’s now talk about some rules about funny pickup lines you should remember.

Rules for Texting Funny Pickup Lines

Now that we are done with funny and cute pickup lines you can use in your dating life, let’s talk about some rules of usage of these best funny pickup lines for her so that they be more impactful.

Find common interests with her. We can list funniest pickup lines all we want, but one of the most important things we should mention about pickup lines for flirting is that picking the right topic for conversation is crucial to your success with women. Depending on the type of girl, you can understand what she is interested in life. If she is focused on material things, then she will value partying, entertainment, delicious food, glamor, and something like that. If a girl is more complex than that, then you can talk with her about the weather, about your and her aspirations in life.

The topic for conversation. Knowing what your girlfriend is fond of, you can cling to a specific topic that should be developed, and which should lead a specific goal. What is your purpose? Probably to seduce a girl. You should be aware of this goal, and, to some extent, she should be aware of that as well. Don’t trick a girl into sleeping with you by telling her that you plan on having a long-term relationship if you don’t want to commit to something like that.

Take leadership in communication. A girl by nature will always avoid responsibility. Never ask her where she would like to go on a date, or what time it is convenient for her to meet. Don’t ask her for all of that information. In fact, if you are good at leading communication, the girl will be very pleased. She will think that you are a confident young man and love to take responsibility. And this is what they need.

Don't downplay your dignity. If you work in a small company, and you don’t get that big-time money, rent an apartment and drive a used BMW, it is not necessary to speak directly to boast to your girlfriend with your “wealth.” On the other hand, if you are a valuable employee in a promising company, you have your own housing and a classic BMW in perfect condition, and you've bought it because you wanted that particular model, then there is no point not to mention it. That is, according to the description, you see two completely different individuals. I think you get the point.

Do's and Don'ts of Flirting with Pickup Lines

Forget about being too nice

pick up lines for flirting

Have you ever noticed that really attractive women do not go for “nice” guys? Some of you may find it very weird that women like bad guys, those “scumbags” that always steal your girlfriends ... but, for some unknown reason, these girls have never been interested in you. Why is this happening? In fact, everything is simple ...

When choosing a partner, the girls are not guided by how “nice” the man is. Attraction to courageous guys arises on an instinctive level. If you are at least a hundred times nicer than your opponent, a woman simply will not feel attracted to you and, accordingly, will not choose you. I admit, this may sound pointless, but you just have to believe and accept my words. Unless you are ready to forget about any success with the opposite sex.

Do not try to make her sympathize with you

What do guys usually do when they meet the girl of their dreams ... and she doesn’t even look at them? Right! They try to “convince” the girl to feel differently. Try to remember. You can never change a girl’s feelings in terms of sympathy. Never. It is impossible to make a girl feel in a certain way neither by logic nor by rational reasoning. Think about it. If she simply does not feel anything for you, how are you going to convince her to think logically? However, everyone is trying to do so. We beg, pursue, try to influence the minds of girls. It will never work.

Realize that not relationships are possible and keep your dignity in check

In their attempt to make a girl feel better, men think that all women can be conquered, which is not true. Women don't like guys that are too nice, and those men that try to suck up to them! However, do not get me wrong. This is not a bad way to treat women. Constant insecurities and fears that do not allow men to make the first step and approach a woman or move a relationship forward are the reason why they are unsuccessful with women. It is especially awful when men keep asking a girl for permission to move on to the next step. Women are often annoyed by such behavior. Do you doubt it? Go ahead, ask any attractive girl about this.

Don’t try to buy her disposition

Remember how many times you were rejected, despite a candlelight dinner, expensive gifts, and flowers? I dare to suggest that it happened more than once. You know, it’s quite natural. That's right, you heard me right. It’s like you are letting the girl know, “I don’t think you like me the way I am, so I’ll try to buy your attention and sympathy.” Even your good intentions can turn against you - a woman will think that you are trying to manipulate her.

A man can come across lots of different tips and phrases on the Internet that will, in theory, increase his chances of attracting a girl. There are science pickup lines, hilarious pickup lines, etc. but one thing remains clear, no pickup line will come across in the right way if you are feeling comfortable with saying it. You should not feel awkward, you should not feel uncomfortable. If you feel like a phrase you plan on saying is bad, then don’t say it, there is no reason to lie to a girl and yourself for the sake of… what?

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