If you wonder whether it is necessary to bring flowers on the first date with a Russian woman and what peculiarities can be hidden behind this tradition, let’s find it out. First of all, don’t compare Russian flower-giving culture with the western one, where flowers don’t play a very significant role. In Russia, flowers are presented on every important event, like birthday or a date, especially the first one. Girls like to receive flowers because men give them to show their attention and affection.


The Main Specificities of Giving Flowers in Russia

Only an odd number of flowers. If you buy flowers for a date or some other pleasant occasion, pay attention to the number of flowers. In Russia, only the odd number of flowers will be appropriate. Maybe in your country, it will be okay to buy a dozen, but In Russia, an even number is only for unhappy events such as funerals. It’s just one of the cultural differences. So, if you are going to date a Russian girl and bring her a bouquet of flowers, you can ask a flower girl to give you any odd number of flowers except 13 – like in many other countries, in Russia it is considered to be an unhappy one.

Only fresh flowers. Among Russian girls, there is a popular omen that if the bouquet withers in several days, it means that the boyfriend’s feelings are not strong, and their relations will end very soon. So, when you buy flowers, you should pay attention to the freshness of these flowers, check the edges of the petals and leaves. They should not be darkened or damaged. If you see something is wrong with them, you should better choose another place to buy. Only fresh cut flowers will last longer and please woman’s eye.

How to give flowers on a date? Of course, with a smile on your face. While presenting the bouquet, hold it in the left hand. The right hand, according to etiquette, should be free to greet. If the bouquet was wrapped into some cheap stuff for protection, you need to remove it before presenting.


If you cannot give the flowers personally for some reasons (if you’ve already had the first date and you look forward to your next rendezvous), you can use a delivery service – it will be a pleasant surprise for your woman.

What Flowers Are the Most Appropriate on a First Date?

The main pitfall of your first date is that you don’t have a clue about the girl’s tastes. Therefore, dating Russian women, it is very difficult to hit the nail on the head choosing a bouquet for your new date. And your beloved girl may be allergic to pollen, so, if it is possible, you should find out about it. If it is not in your rules to ask the girl about her floral preferences, then use the following recommendations.

If you date a Russian lady who is quite young, it is preferable to give a bouquet of white and tender pink colors. Pink flowers are a universal option suitable for girls and mature women. The older the lady is, the brighter the bouquet should be.

So, white roses symbolize purity and modesty, cream – elegance and perfection, and pink – tender love.

What Feelings Do You Want to Express?

Your bouquet will tell her a lot. For example, chamomiles symbolize excitement and admiration, roses and peonies – love and self-confidence, lilacs – romance, chrysanthemums – joy and openness, tulips – happiness and harmony. And keep in mind that carnations, gladioli, anthuriums are traditionally male flowers that are not given to women.

Flowers on the first date should be selected carefully and be given from the heart. If you date a Russian woman, remember that the main thing about a gift is sincerity and the desire to please.

What Can Be the Alternative to Plain Bouquets?

A potted houseplant is a wonderful alternative to a bunch of flowers. Such gift will be kept for years. If a woman is not indifferent to indoor plants, she will be very glad to receive this gift. The most popular plants for giving include blossoming azaleas, begonias, cyclamen, chrysanthemums, roses. Orchids and bromeliads have spectacular and unusual look. But there are also the opponents of the replacement of a traditional bouquet. So, when you brainstorm gift ideas for girls, you should make sure beforehand that your bouquet will bring them positive emotions.

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