You may find numerous articles devoted to exploring a real Russian soul. This Slavic nation has much to offer to the rest of the world. It’s a well-acknowledged fact that Russian literature is one of the first that implemented psychoanalysis as a constituent of the text (you may find proper evidence in novels by Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy). It was a necessity because understanding what Russians think and feel is virtually impossible without exploring the deepest depths of their souls. And here we are trying to explain how to treat a Russian girl. It won’t be easy – but we will do our best to explain why some approaches work properly and others lead to the inevitable frustration.


Respect her culture and relatives

Let’s start with something that every Russian woman can relate to. Russians are a proud nation with an ancient history. It’s necessary for every representative of a certain nation to know his or her roots and respect them. This kind of behavior ensures long-lasting thriving state of the country and nation. Russian girls know exactly why everyone should respect their roots and see it as an undeniable requirement. No, it’s not chauvinistic! You need to learn more about this culture or ask your potential girlfriend to help you understand her culture better. It will ensure your emotional connection and, therefore, will make her more inclined to start a relationship with you. Another fact is that Russian women are genetically family-oriented. Even though the patriarchal traditions of Slavic nations are still applicable, Russian women are smart enough to rule families surreptitiously, giving their husbands opportunities to fully release their masculinity. Your aim is to make her believe that you respect her family and relatives. In fact, you need to actually respect them – but if you don’t want to get too intimate with your new family members, you can just pay a reserved amount of respect. A Russian girl would also love you to learn some Russian language, but it’s optional. The majority of girls that look for foreigners are keen enough on English to communicate properly.

Be a man – not a boy

Russian culture is likely to be called “traditionalistic”. Gender roles are precisely determined in their minds and they don’t see anything disrespectful about it (while the vast majority of Western girls fight for the equality, which means NO restrictions and laws related to the concept of a gender role). Simply put, in the minds of Russian women, men are men. It might sound a bit sexist but try to think of it in a positive way. Russian women believe that husbands are the leaders and the main providers of the family (while a family is an oiled mechanism, where every member helps others in order to achieve some kind of global prosperity). And while some of these ideas might sound overly archaic and corny, Russian families remain one of the strongest in the entire world. Your mature and mannish attitude is what will help you win a Russian girl’s heart – because she believes that only a true Man can direct her and become her partner for life. Masculinity includes decisiveness, readiness to assist, overall control of emotions (which is not the same as permanent emotionlessness!), career ambitions, and assertiveness. Russian girls also believe that real men are family-oriented, and if you look for a girl to start a family with – Russian woman is the right choice for you.

Attention and care

We listed our reasons to think that Russian women are special. And since we explored their peculiarities, let’s keep in mind that women of every nation are still women – thoughtful and loving creatures with their own unique needs and desires. Just as any woman in the world, Russian girl craves attention – probably, the most important “currency” in every relationship. Listen to her, talk with her, and spend with her as much time as you can. Girls don’t look for money and gifts (well, some of them do, but we hope you are able to identify a gold-digger in advance) – they need your kindness and care. Russian girls are truly sensitive; they can distinguish sincere emotions from acting. So be careful and if you don’t feel actual attraction – don’t try to make an impression that you do. Firstly, a Russian woman will understand it much quicker than you think; secondly, she will be life-long offended and will likely never give you another chance. However, while you surround your prospective girlfriend with care and attention, make sure that you don’t encage her inside of your feelings. Intrusive behavior creates unpleasant atmosphere for the development of your relationships. Everything should be easy and delightful – and she will give you her heart! These girls know that chivalry and romance are not dead. You can take advantage of it.

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