The advantages of online dating are obvious. First of all, it saves our time. In addition, you can communicate without leaving your apartment. Secondly, this form of dating is great for shy guys who feel embarrassed when talking to female representatives. If a girl asks a tricky question, you will have enough time to come up with a good answer and even get some valuable advice from more experienced friends or Internet users. Thirdly, online dating can help find women from other cities and countries. But the most important thing is that an Internet conversation doesn’t oblige to anything and you can easily stop it without explaining anything.

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Many guys don’t get acquainted with girls on the Internet just because they don’t know what to talk about. Everything is not as difficult as it seems. There are a lot of topics for conversation. The main thing is to start dating. And we will try to help you.

Online conversations with girls: general advice

How to start an online dating conversation?

Create a profile

Before you start communication with a girl on the Internet, you need to create an attractive profile. Upload only good photos. Write there what you are interested in. This is very important for online dating.

Find common interests

Starting online conversations with a girl, look through her profile and photos. Thus, you can find out about her hobbies. It is always easier to start an online conversation if there are common activities and interests.

Don’t forget about the sense of humor

It is very important to have a good sense of humor in every situation. Funny online conversations are what you need. You can tell some funny jokes or stories from your life. It is the guarantee of a positive result. You can also start an acquaintance with a joke. But avoid vulgarity.

Mind your grammar

Don’t forget the spelling. Most girls will not communicate with an illiterate person. If you are not sure of the correct spelling of any word, then it is better to check it out.

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Conversations on the Internet are not so different from conversations in life. The most difficult moment is to write the first message. It should interest a girl. Therefore, don’t rush, think over it well, and write something unusual.

Write about everything

A competent and intelligent girl will be interested in any topic. You can talk with a girl about travel, music, about any of your common interests, etc.

Don’t lie

Girls don’t like liars and fantasists. All secrets become obvious sooner or later.

Make compliments

Any girl will be pleased to hear a compliment. Don’t forget about it. Praise and say pleasant words to a girl you like.

Be confident in yourself

It is important to be confident in oneself and own abilities. You will succeed in communication only being such a man.

Tips for online dating conversations

If you have no idea how to start a conversation with a girl online, then, first of all, remember what you know about her. Let’s say you are already familiar (have common friends). In this case, it will be much easier to conduct an online dialog. You just need to ask the right questions, which concern the changes that have occurred since the previous communication.

If you just want to communicate with a woman on some dating site, then carefully study her profile – her photos, personal description, and the video files. Such a “revision” will prompt the hobbies of a potential companion and help you choose really interesting topics for a conversation with a girl. If you notice something that unites you (acquaintances, study, hobby, etc.), then start talking on this topic. For example, if a young lady holds a cat in a photo, then find out its name; if she sits on the river bank, then ask if she can swim or when the picture was taken and so on. It is not so difficult to find the right questions. The main thing is to be attentive to small details. And you shouldn’t talk immediately about personal topics because it may reduce communication to nothing. Your task is to find suitable things to talk about with a girl. Girls are unlikely to be pleased with the hours-long talk about cars or near-football news.

What to discuss? The simplest solution is to find so-called common topics for dialogues. Look at our online dating conversation tips:

Relations. Ask what men a particular girl likes, what she expects from a relationship, and what kind of behavior of men she hates. Naturally, the discussion of this topic shouldn’t be insisted if a girl is not ready for excessive frankness.

Cinematography and music. It is possible to communicate on such harmless topics as films, musical works, television series or television shows. You can find out about a young lady’s favorite actor, film, musician. Then these questions should be smoothly turned into the opportunity to go to the cinema or a concert together.

Hobbies. Another common topic that can interest both you and a young lady is hobbies and sports. Ask what your interlocutor likes to do in free time, whether she is engaged in any kind of sports.

Reading. Now it is not so easy to find a girl who is interested in literature. But if your interlocutor is mad about books, then discuss what literary genres are close to her, what books of what writers she’s read lately.

Memorable or favorite places. How to have a conversation with a girl online? Well, you can discuss favorite places, find out where she prefers to eat or have a cup of coffee, etc. This information can be very useful in the future.

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Travel or rest. Chatting with your companion, you can also ask about her favorite countries, where she usually goes on weekends, and so on.

Study or work. Questions about study or work also relate to the classic topics of communication on the Internet. You can ask a girl how her day goes so that she can feel your care.

Animals. Representatives of the weaker sex usually love to talk about their pets and are interested in men who also share this interest. Find out if a girl has a kitten or a puppy. Maybe she even has some other animals.

Naturally, you don’t need to dwell on all these topics at once. Choose only those questions that are interesting to both of you.

Online dating conversation starters and how to use them in the best way

So, how to start a conversation with a girl online? As we mentioned above, if this girl is unfamiliar, then you have to carefully study her profile before writing a message. Having learned about her interests, you can find an excuse to start communication. Did you notice that a girl's page is full of photos of dogs? So, the topic is found! Now the main task is to correctly use the received information. So, what is the best way to start a conversation online?

  • Don’t write “What a cute dog”. Best line to start a conversation with a girl online is to write something like this: “I noticed that you have 3 Yorkshire terriers (Husky/Spitz/Labrador it doesn’t matter). I want the same dog, but I heard that it is very difficult to take care of it. Could you give me some advice?” Thus, you have a chance to attract her attention.
  • Did you see her pictures from a recent vacation? Ask what a wonderful hotel in her photos is because you also plan a trip to this city.
  • If you want to talk about some movie/book, don’t write something like this: “I see you like this movie/book. Me too!” Write why you like it (write emotionally, a girl has to believe that this is really your favorite one), ask what she thinks about any action of the protagonist, create your own variants of an alternative ending, and take an interest in her opinion.
  • Write her that you have noticed her sense of style. Ask her if she can help with the choice of a gift for your mother or sister.
  • You can also write such an intriguing message: “You are the second beauty in the world!” A girl may certainly want to know who the first is.
  • Write that you find an unusual feature in a girl that guys usually don’t see, but you like it. A girl, of course, will be interested in what kind of trait you are talking about.
  • Starting a conversation with a girl online, you can use the ready-made phrases. For example, “Could you help me? I'm writing a book about how to get acquainted with beautiful girls on the Internet!”, “Do you believe in love from the first letter? Or should I write the second one?”, and so on.

If you want to make a pleasant impression on a person you like, then you should know that the first phrases are always the most decisive. For example, if you see a girl online and write a banal “hello”, then, believe me, this word itself is not interesting and trivial. Words affect a person as a magnet. And don’t neglect such a special “weapon” that will help you find happiness in love. Open your true feelings to another person with tempting statements, and you will get exactly what you expect!

These best conversation starters for online dating are a prerequisite for longevity dating!

  • Good afternoon! I've been looking for you for a long time and here you are...
  • I always dreamed to get acquainted with such a beautiful person as you.
  • You are just unique!
  • Good morning. I want to get to know you better. Let’s watch a movie or have a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe. What do you think about it?
  • Hi! It seems to me that you are a famous movie star!
  • It's a beautiful day, isn’t it?
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  • You know, when I saw you, I immediately wanted to get married!
  • Hello! I saw you in my dream tonight!
  • If you want, I'll give you happiness!
  • Hey. My name is… and I really want to meet you! To be honest, I have never met such a person like you. I really liked your profile and your photos are so sweet. How do you like my idea of going somewhere and just talking? – This is definitely one of the best conversation starters for online dating.
  • Hi! You have such beautiful eyes (legs, hair, dress, etc.)!
  • Good afternoon. How is your mood?
  • I knew that the most beautiful girls are here!
  • Hey. You have such a pensive look (mysterious, enchanting, amazing, fascinating, sweet, gentle, wonderful, driving mad, unsurpassed, unpredictable, insanely beautiful, surprised, attractive, sunny, fabulous).
  • Hello! I really liked you. Let's get acquainted. Are you looking for your destiny here?
  • Good afternoon! If you are tired of the same type of days, then I suggest spending a wonderful day in a cafe, cinema or wherever you want! What do you think about it? When can we meet?
  • Hello, do you need a cheerful and witty boyfriend?
  • It is such a good day! What are you doing this evening?
  • Hello! I've been looking for you for years, days, hours, minutes, seconds! And I found! Let's meet right this evening?

Hope these good online dating conversation starters will help you. Don’t be shy, but don’t be too impudent as well. Use your strengths. Use more jokes, tell interesting facts, and intrigue your potential girlfriend. Be original when thinking about how to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet and what to write.

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