Russian culture may seem cryptic and quite enigmatic to foreigners. There are a lot of legends and prejudices about Russians. Which of them are true? Which are false? Whom can we trust?


1. The truth behind Russian dating

The answer is easy: Russians are actually warm-hearted, though they might seem a little cold at first sight. There is a big chance of meeting a Russian, and he or she will come across as an unpleasant or gloomy person, but that’s only because of the fact that Slavic people hate hypocrisy of any sorts – either fake politeness or purposeless small talks. Once the ice is broken, you will encounter the birth of a practically new person. In fact, that refers to the dating culture too. So, what are the peculiarities of Russian dating? We will enlighten you on this topic right now!

2. Traditional dating particularities in Russia

First of all, it is only fair to speak on different possibilities of Russian dating “plot twists”:

1) Vulnerable

Dating Russian women can be a true jackpot as there are a lot of fragile girls that want men to be men. Sounds funky, but cold and assertive at first sight girls actually turn out to be very dependable, nice, and tender. It is the traditional trait of Russian women. Japanese and American men described Russian girls as the perfect combination of stainless steel skin (figuratively, of course) and warm vulnerable heart. Russian girls love looking at people with wet from sincerity eyes and half-opened mouth, as if they are trying to say the desired three words of love but can’t decide to do so. The most widespread model. Usually, when Russians break the ice, a couple does not hesitate to distribute the roles. Men get bread, and women are the strongest supporters, but those will never sit still. Men are romantics: kind, generous, adventurous, decisive, and women are their right hand. This distribution of roles was subliminally set up in Soviet Union and is still considered to be traditional in modern families. It would be wise to mention that Russian dating traditions are changing, and women are generally tired of being treated like a kitchen tool or vacuum cleaner.


2) Bossy

If your Russian woman is bossy, well, I have some bad news for you. The first reason is her specific trait of character. “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Being Mean.” Russian girls DO NOT want to overpower their men, but if these men are being ninnies, the plot will crucially and rapidly turn into another direction. Hey, there has to be at least one man in the family, and if you prefer wearing skirts, she’ll be wearing trousers. Despite of the myth that families in Russia are run by men and this is a men’s world, there are thousand cases where women are suppressive and their children are usually very obedient. The second reason is men’s weakness. Men in those families are catalysts of women empowerment. She is not weak; you just have to surpass this uncontrollable force in order to never know the heart of steel, only the heart of gold.

3) Equal

Thankfully, the most traditional particularity. People live in harmony, and the roles are distributed for both members equally. It’s a very charming duet, everyone here has benefits and power. Equality in dating is getting more and more traditional among young couples. They divide the list of chores, they support each other – the communicating vessels, so to speak.

Sure, there are a lot more than that, but I gave you the most faithful and general description. In order not to fall into two categories at once, I suggest you some useful information on what Russian girls prefer in dating.

3. Dating preferences

You wish I could be more specific in what Russian girls need in a man, but, unfortunately, I will be not the first person to reveal the truth: Russian women are women. What do I mean by saying that?

There is no definite answer. You do not have to obtain certain traits to make a person of this or that personality like you. Russian women do not desire only rich or only clever people. I can only help you with more or less specific information:

1) Be generous. Russia is called “a generous soul” because people tend to share everything with each other. Again, generous does not mean rich. Russian women just prefer those who can think about other people in the first place.

2) Be mature. Russian women are wise, intelligent, and powerful. Sure as hell they don’t want to see you playing Play Station all day long. It is just painful for them to watch when a beloved person manages to waste so much time.

3) Be adventurous. It is not a secret that Russian women prefer men who are not boring and plain. Spice up your relationships! Add a scoop of drama and a spoonful of healthy adventurism!

4) Be yourself. Quite an easy one, right?

Now you know practically everything about oh-so interesting Russians. You can go and build a fresh healthy attitude at Russian dating websites chatting with a new acquaintance or just get to know your lady better and I dare to see if my words were true. Good Luck! 

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