The main advantage of youth is passion. At 18, you can spend all night in a nightclub. At 20, you can go on a hitch-hiking tour around the country. The older a person gets, the less space remains for pranks. However, there are less unpleasant surprises too.

Many single and beautiful girls wonder why men find mature women more attractive. Although people take a skeptical view of the unequal relationships, do not be surprised.  Mature Russian ladies know their strengths and besides that they are more experienced and feminine than young girls. Several centuries ago the relationship between a young man and a woman much older than him would be doomed to failure because of prejudice. Now, this issue is not so relevant. No one is surprised by the fact that a mature woman dates a young man.

Certainly, celebrities "opened" the door to such relations. Couples in which a woman is much older than a man have become the norm in many European countries. If you are over forty, you probably already have your own dwelling, a permanent job, and adult children who can already take care of themselves. Women at this age are irresistible! Just a dream for every man. Don’t you agree?

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Look at the advantages of mature Russian women


A mature Russian woman is more often a workaholic who works to build a solid foundation for herself. Being aware of her needs, she focuses on achieving results. This experience can be useful for young men. If a young man is moderately serious and hardworking, dating a Russian woman can be a godsend for him.

A clear understanding of true values allows a mature woman to appreciate the time spent with the partner. These women are unlikely to play with the feelings of a man just to amuse their self-esteem.

In addition, mature women are less dependent on the opinions of their friends and relatives and do not seek approval in order to stay with a man. They know how to avoid the "pitfalls" in a relationship, and if problems arise, they often compromise. Mature women do not have illusions and are ready to put up with the shortcomings of their partner, so it's easier to build a long-term relationship with them. Mature lady knows that the relationship should be based on the following important things: honesty and respect. She does not neglect these elements of any relationship (whether serious or temporary). But in return, she expects the same.


Mature women understand their aspirations and needs more clearly. Therefore, they bravely voice if they are interested in the man’s attention and are reluctant to play tedious games – first bringing the man closer, then keeping him from herself. Men really appreciate this openness and honesty, especially in women.

A Russian mature lady knows her own value very well. She has found out all her advantages and disadvantages and she looks at her own abilities quite realistically. It is unlikely that she will suffer from someone’s criticism. Her confidence is so strong that she will not worry about your affairs with her friends – they have been tested through years.


Excessive emotionality of young girls can be easily understood – they have so many things for the first time and they simply do not know how to react to this or that event. The first love, the first cheating, the first betrayal – their emotional outbursts and scandals are completely justified. Dating Russian women have learned to appreciate their nerves and do not make scenes because the man looked at an unfamiliar girl. A mature woman is more emotionally stable than a young girl.

A mature woman has had many trials, so she knows how to react in every situation in order to avoid scandal. She clearly understands how she would like to be treated as a partner. This factor is very important at the very beginning of the relationship. Both partners know what they can hope for and what role they play in the relationship. It is known that men cannot stand scandals and hysterics. They remain self-sufficient even in a critical situation, they are able to solve problems including problems in relations, and often do not moan about their troubles.


In any relationship, the ability to speak, give a piece of advice, and support a partner is very important. A Russian woman, having gained certain experience, knows what to say and in what situation it’s more appropriate to say. Men greatly appreciate the fact that the woman is not only good-looking but also smart.

The majority of men will agree: what could be worse than inviting a nice girl to a date and spending the whole evening in a company of a woman who talks only about some TV shows without ceasing to chew and not letting a man say a word. Meanwhile, an interesting conversation excites men not less than some parts of a female body. And women who are able to keep up a conversation are fewer than sexy beauties with model parameters. Unfortunately, young girls rarely have this talent, often due to the lack of experience and knowledge and not because of stupidity. In addition, most girls speak mostly about themselves and do not know how to listen to the partner.

Why are mature women the best companions? It is very simple – they are older, more experienced, and more knowledgeable. They can tell interesting stories from their own lives and help with advice. Do not underestimate the ability to be an interesting company – even when the initial passion disappears, conversations will help maintain a close relationship.

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Any relationship is built on the sexual attractiveness of the partners. A mature woman knows how to behave in bed in order to please both the partner and herself. When both people enjoy the proximity, their attraction becomes even greater. Mature Russian women don’t keep things to themselves any longer as they did during their youth, they are not afraid to say what exactly they expect from the men.

Many girls get into an intimate relationship rather early, but female sexuality blossoms only with age. And if you ask men what they like best in mature women, most will not hesitate to say – sexual freedom. Such women are confident in themselves, not embarrassed at their bodies and their desires, are open-minded and ready for experiments.

She knows what she wants

While young girls are trying to figure out their desires, inclinations, priorities, and what is most important for them in life, mature ladies already know this. They usually make decisions faster than younger women. They know exactly what they are looking for and what needs to be done to get it. A mature Russian woman has learned not to waste precious time. Facing difficulties, her fears, and insecurities, she copes with them, not waiting for a man to do it for her.

Financial stability

The older the woman, the higher the likelihood that has no problems with finances. She is already established in her career and relies less on male support. Her financial independence makes life easier. Some women believe that a young man shouldn’t depend on them financially. But there are ladies who are looking for a companion they can take care of and support. And if a young guy is satisfied with this, then why not?

What do mature women search for in men?

Surely, when you meet Russian women, you want to understand what they need in a relationship and what men seem attractive to them. Fortunately, the answer has been found.

Good looks are not required

It may sound strange, but good looks are not nearly as important in choosing a partner as you might think. In studies, mature Russian women tend to choose handsome guys for fun and enjoyment, rather than long-term relationships.

Good sense of humor

A man’s sense of humor is almost the main condition for being chosen by Russian ladies. Guys with a good sense of humor even look smarter. 


Russian women love men who are open and honest with them, whose words they can trust.


Everyone knows that Russian women love with their ears. But they still love to be listened to and heard. 


In addition to words, actions are also important. So, show your concern!

Positive attitude

“Everything is bad ... I’m worthless ...” Certainly mature Russian women don’t want to hear these words from men. And they want men to have a positive attitude to this life. 


Mature Russian women love it when a man is not afraid to show his vulnerability. It is so fascinating when a man can talk about his feelings and experiences.


Think about how you behave in sex. Mature Russian women want men to just kiss and hug them, not expecting it in return. 

Care and attention

A mature Russian woman will always appreciate it if you treat her with sensitivity and care.

Originality and creativity

What else do mature Russian women expect from men? This is, of course, originality. You should always strive to be original. 

Respectful attitude

Any mature woman will demand respect in a relationship. And in fact, it is not that difficult. Open the door for the lady, help her take off her coat, pull a chair, and consider her other needs and feelings. 

How to date a mature Russian lady

What to do if a woman is older than you expected. How to date such a lady?

  1. Consider your confident man image in advance. When you start dating one of the single Russian ladies, practice looking, smiling, gesturing, and walking. It will look constrained and unnatural at first, but then it will become a habit.
  2. Get her attention. Remember that you are not communicating with a young girl for whom everything is new. A mature Russian woman will not like your vulgarity and banality. She is not interested in how many girls you drove in a cool car and how much beer you can drink with friends. Try to take a keen interest in politics, world events, books, music, all those things that make you an interesting conversationalist.
  3. Don’t try to seem older than you are. It wasn’t your maturity that attracted her, so there is no need to pretend that your soul is older than this Universe. Behave naturally.
  4. But don’t act like a youngster, constantly informing her that she is older, wiser, and generally, has much more experience. Even from very young men, women expect them to be men, not little helpless boys who need to be led by the hand through life.
  5. Compliment her appearance more. Young girls are afraid that men see in them only a beautiful body and are not interested in their deep soul and powerful intellect. Mature ladies no longer want to be loved only for their brains and everyday experience. But they gratefully accept compliments about what beautiful eyes, waist, and legs they have.
  6. Let her guide you in bed. She already knows exactly what she wants, and under her direction, you will achieve harmony much faster. And you, too, are likely to learn something new.
  7. If your relationship develops into something more serious, be prepared for the fact that she will seem colder, more detached, and indifferent than your peers. With age, feelings begin to be treated much more carefully.

Impress her with a sense of purpose.

 Men who know how to make money are appreciated. Tell her about how you have fun, about your hobbies, about your favorite sport, about self-development.

What about some cons of older Russian women dating?

The downside is a health crisis problem of a more mature partner. Russian girls, dating younger partners, simply have to take care of their appearance and feel younger.

No matter how tolerant our society is, it often happens that the couple in which a woman are much older than a man, raise general silent disapproval.

Nevertheless, there are also many examples of happy couples where the wife is older than her husband, even among the celebrities. Just remember Salvador Dali and his wife and muse Gala or the strong family of Hugh Jackman and Deborah de Luis.

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