If you’re a novice at international online dating, you must be interested in certain rules that you should observe meeting Russian girls. Indeed, Russian dating culture is different from the Western one and you need to be aware of its ins and outs in order not to spoil things from the start or embarrass yourself. Flirting is the first step towards a romantic relationship and if you manage to do it right, very soon you’ll find yourself dating the woman you were not afraid to chat up. So, here are some pieces of advice that will help you devise your strategy of winning the hearts of Russian women.

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Start with a bit of humor. All women admire the men who can make them smile. If you don’t know how to start your online chat, tell her a joke. Seriously. Instead of writing common opening phrases such “Hi” and “What’s up”, which are often ignored by many Russian girls, be creative and send her a funny question or the beginning of a joke. Woman’s curiosity will make her read your message and somehow react to it. Any reaction can be regarded as a success.

Employ a compliment. You should be cautious while complimenting Russian girls. Although a compliment is a sign of your romantic intentions, you need to keep in mind that a beautiful girl receives dozens of messages from other men and all of them write how beautiful she is. So you need to stand out from the crowd and make your compliment sound unique and catchy. Avoid general phrases and try to compliment her on her specific feature, which can’t be spotted at once and requires your attention.

Mention her name. Learn from the mistakes of other guys and instead of using words “girl”, “woman” use her name when addressing or complimenting her. All people like to hear their names and for Russians, their names are especially important. That’s why it’s recommended to use a girl’s name every now and then while chatting with her. This way you’ll demonstrate you’re interested in her.

Mind the language barrier. Although many Russian girls registered on online dating sites can speak English, you should use simple language since some slang and colloquial words may be unknown to them. By keeping it simple you’ll avoid potential awkward moments and will be able to communicate effectively.

Learn some Russian. Russian girls find it very cute and flattering when foreigners try to speak Russian. So if you want to flirt with a Russian beauty, just greet her in Russian. Also, you can learn several everyday Russian phrases, use them in your speech and ask a girl to correct you if you pronounce them incorrectly. You’ll have a lot of fun.

As your dialog advances, you would like to know which topics are interesting to Russian women and what you should talk about to keep up your conversation. Good news for you is that most Russian girls are well-educated and they are excellent interlocutors. You can touch upon any topic but you should know which of them you should definitely avoid.

Ex-matters. Don’t ask your date about her exes and don’t tell her about your previous relationships. When you just start getting to know each other, such personal subjects should be avoided. You’ll have an opportunity to talk about your exes when the things get serious between you two.

Politics. There are a lot of different topics that a man and a woman can discuss at the early stages of their relationship and politics is not among them. Although Russians like to talk about politics, it’s better not to touch upon this topic because it usually results in different opinions and sometimes bitter disputes.

Sex. It’s not common for Slavic women to talk about such intimate things as sex openly. Although a new generation feels more relaxed about it, still this is a very embarrassing topic for many Russian girls. This is not a tabooed subject but people who hardly know each other don’t touch upon sex-related topics. Of course, everything depends on a particular person but most Russian women will not agree to have sex on a first date and if they hear such an offer from a man, he can forget about a second date.

If you’re interested in a particular Russian woman and want to win her heart, the first thing you should do is to get her interested in you. Let her know that you are genuinely interested in her personality by asking her about her hobbies, family, job, pets, etc. She needs to feel that her personality is important to you.

Also, Slavic girls are pretty conservative in their views on dating. You should court them and treat them like a real gentleman. When you finally meet in person, bring flowers (odd number) and look your best. Chivalry is not dead in Russia so you should be courteous and act gentlemanly. This means that you should offer your arm as you walk, help her take off her coat, let her enter the room first and do other things that you thought were a bit old-fashioned. They are not with Russian women.

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