Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, men from western countries started fancying the idea of dating Russian girls. Some had charity reasoning for dating or marrying Russian girls, as economic state of all the post-Soviet countries left much to be desired. Others were seduced by the fact that Russian young pretty ladies were something exotic for western men. Another thing that drew the attention of western men was the fact that Russian women were totally different from their western counterparts. Unlike the vast majority of western women, Russian girls are family-oriented rather than obsessed with their careers.

Russian girls dating

Why there are no "unformalistic" relationships

In the world of human relations, there is a great mechanism of influence on each of us called "there is such an opinion." And this opinion asserts: any non-stereotypically built relationship is difficult, and therefore undesirable – "it will come to no good."

This is what it is, conventional wisdom. Or maybe there is a rational kernel in this, and there is nothing to worry about because of such assessments of "well-wishers"? One of such “non-format” people irritating public opinion in relations between a man and a woman is still the age difference. Nowadays, the age difference in three or four years usually does not bother anyone, but when “he is twenty-five years older than her” or vice versa – then there is fodder for conversation for relatives, friends, colleagues... Anyone who is in a similar situation knows very well what it is like to be convicted by strangers and read automatic assessment in their eyes, knows how it feels to constantly sense the soundless question "Why do you need this?" Let’s try to consider some conceptual options for such a non-standard relationship, slightly putting off the romantic component of these relations.

So, they met each other: two people from completely different worlds – representatives of different genders and generations. If such a union does not have the form of a frank all-cash deal, then the partners were attracted either by bodily "physics" or emotional "chemistry" and ideally, by both.

When a man is 10 years older than a Russian woman

Woman develops faster than men by nature. And it turns out that peers do not meet either the psychological or intellectual needs of girls. Therefore, Russian women are often attracted to much older men. Girls in their twenties are interested in thirty-year-old young men. They are drawn to them because of their life experience, intelligence, and maturity. 

Such a couple can hardly be called peers, but they are both representatives of the same generation. They share music, movies, and heroes. In this couple, a man is more experienced, he knows a lot and much better than a younger woman. Such relationships are not uncommon in modern society and no longer set at the gaze. In the tradition of the past, the age difference of 10 years was considered perfect.

When a man is 20 years older than a Russian woman

Such a man is often chosen by a woman who largely needs protection, support, and patronage. Definitely, this a woman-daughter who still feels like a weak and defenseless child in adult life. Perhaps the feeling of insecurity began in childhood, especially if there was no father in the family. Surreptitiously, the "little girl" looks for this strong image in a man – the image of a father. Therefore, a man 15, 20, or even 30 years older will attract her. 

Of course, Russian sexy young girls were the main target for western men. Dating a young girl from Russia became the main obsession for western men of all ages. Those who are young want someone of their age, while older men are after young girls. Although there are a lot of materials on how to date Russian women, western men make a lot of mistakes when dating girls in their 20s. So, without any further ado, we offer you to check out our ten tips for dating Russian ladies over 20.

ladies over 20

Understanding why young Russian girls fancy elder men

The first step to success in dating young girls is understanding why they are drawn to older men. This tip will save you from the paranoia that haunts the vast majority of men that date younger girls in their forties.

The common myth is that young girls don't love older men. The sole reason for the relationships between young girls and older men is said to be the financial wealth of the latter. But before succumbing to the paranoia, we offer you to think about real reasons why young girls prefer older men.

The very first reason why younger men prefer older men is the fact that men who are after forty are mature. In Russia, young women often can't find the maturity even in the men who are over 50. Because regimes and reality in Russia have changed so many times, older men prefer to be stuck in the reality that they knew in their youth, which is absolutely irrelevant nowadays. Young girls and older men in Russia just can't catch up with each other.

Russian girls find young guys both from Russia and abroad to be boring because they all lack maturity.

So, when you think that they are after your money, they are actually after your life experience. And if you plan to marry one, your experience is crucial. Although young Russian girls are much more flexible than older women, you won't be able to adapt them to the life in your homeland without a proper life experience.

Be mature

Our second tip on Russian girls dating goes as the logical continuation of the previous tip. If you want to date a young Russian girl, you need to be mature. Dating in your 40s is not the same as dating in your 20s. Although a lot of older men all of a sudden start feeling themselves twenty years younger when dating a young girl, you mustn't make a kid out of yourself. Remember the first tip – you need to be mature to attract twenty-year-old Russian girls.


Mind your appearance

This tip may go a little bit contrary to the previous one. If you're into dating a young Russian woman, forget about dressing too formally. Well, it doesn't mean that you should dress as bright as a peacock tail. Still, wearing suits may kill your relationships from the very start. Only university professors and politicians wear suits in Russia. University professors – boring. Politicians – sinister conspiracy theories. So, a nice shirt and jeans may save your date with a Russian girl.

Make an emotional connection

When it comes to dating young girls, telling her how foolish she or her problems are is the most typical mistake made by older men. When you're dating a girl in her twenties, you need to be there for her. If you want to be with someone who can tell serious problems from those of a foolish young girl, you should date someone of your age. When she comes with her troubles, comfort her. You have the life experience, so the best thing you can do is to devote her some time and help her with some good advice.

Conquer her

Dating Russian women requires good old 'conquer her', especially when you’re dating a girl in her twenties. So, get ready to show her your assertiveness. Of course, you're in your forties and wish things to be much easier, but you can always turn to women of your age. If you want to date a young girl, you need to be ready to be her superhero.

Make compliments

You think that she is beautiful? You think that she's gorgeous? You think that she has the most beautiful eyes that you've ever seen in your life? You think that she has the softest skin in the world? Don't forget to remind her about it from time to time. Appearance means a lot to Russian girls, and they highly appreciate when men compliment them.

Demonstrate your capabilities

This tip is not intended to wake up your paranoia. Besides, no one asks you to show her your balance sheet. But it would be nice if you could take her to some fancy restaurant or arrange a romantic date... why not on the air balloon?

Gifts and flowers

Giving her flowers and gifts can be the best way to demonstrate your admiration. The gift is the way to show how important your Russian girl is for you. Russian women also enjoy flowers, but there are certain rules you need to learn. Never present her with the even number of flowers, as the even number goes for funerals in Russian culture.

dating in your 20's

Be a gentleman

You need to be a gentleman. Don't forget to open the door before her and let her go in first. When in a cafe, don't forget to pull out the chair for her. And of course, you're paying for dinner.

Share your past

Last, but not the least, you need to share your past with her, as it is the best way to build trust in your relationships. Moreover, she fell for you because of your life experience, so you need to share it with her. This is the best way to have good and healthy relationships with a young Russian lady.

Celebrity couples with a huge age gap

"Tо love all ages yield surrender": these celebrity couples proved the truth of this statement.

Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell

Age difference - 37 years

Xavier from "X-Men" showed his superpowers when he managed to win over the heart of the 36-year-old jazz singer Sunny Ozell.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin

Age difference - 26 years

Baldwin married his 29-year-old yoga instructor in 2012, and now, the couple has three children.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Age difference - 24 years

The former President of the United States has never been deprived of female attention, and the marriage to the model Melania Knauss was already the third in a row for him. By that time, the businessman was already 58 years old, and his bride was 34 years old.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming

Age difference - 23 years

Bruce Willis married 35-year-old model Emma Heming in March 2009. The couple already has two daughters: born in 2012 and 2014. 

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Age difference - 22 years

By the time of the wedding in 2010, the couple had been together for 8 years. The actors met at the 2002 Golden Globe Awards. In 2009, on Valentine's Day, Ford finally proposed to Flockhart. Now, Ford and Flockhart raise their adopted son Liam.

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04.12.2020 06:22
There is an opinion that young girls from Russia (18-25 years old) choose older men just because of their money. Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, but I believe that the age difference is not an obstacle for a building strong and happy romantic relationship. And it's not about financial situation at all.
04.12.2020 06:23
In fact, it is not very difficult to spark the interest of a girl who is younger than you. Such ladies are looking for older men because they are mature enough (unlike peers who aren’t yet ready for a serious relationship). So don’t be childish and reckless and a young Russian lady will definitely like you.

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