There are different men from the Western world who would like to find Russian women for marriage. In contrast to stereotypes, online dating is not only for singles in their 20-30s. Men in their 40s (and older) are interested in young Russian girls too. Well, this is quite easy to explain. But is it actually possible for a westerner to become noticeable for younger ladies? Probably, yes. Let’s see what stands behind girls that like older men.

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Why do young girls like older men?

They long for stability. If you are interested in dating Russian women, bear in mind they want to build romantic relationships once and forever. They believe a true love is hard to meet and when it happens, one should do his best to make this connection last as long as possible. Modern humanity – its younger segment in particular – lives in crazy times, when the conception of love dramatically transforms. Stability becomes a pretty rare thing as many young guys are scared of commitment. In the view of most Russian ladies seeking strong partnership, older men are capable of providing them with safety.

They are willing to get experience. Russian ladies have one significant quality: their level of intellect is unusually high. They are open for new things and constantly look for an opportunity to enlarge their knowledgeability. Older men are great because they know what life is. As a partner of such a woman, you will be able to teach her many valuable things and help her become a better person. On the other hand, your younger lover from Russia can also share her mind and fill your life with new colours. As you can see, dating a younger lady brings lots of mutual benefits.

They need men’s guidance. Our life is full of different events; some of them are good and some are troublesome. In Russia, women aren’t still expected to perform the leading role in social processes so they actually need to be guided by men. Although feminism does exist in this country, most local women support the traditional division of gender roles. Yes, they have careers and they are highly into self-development. But the archetype of a woman caring for her husband and children for her whole life is extremely powerful there. A Russian girl would rather sacrifice her ambitions in the name of a healthy family.

They want to feel protected. Despite all the global inventions and accomplishments, contemporary humans do not feel completely safe. Women are more prone to fear and despair – in situations when a man is able to think clearly, ladies can’t hold their emotions back. Russian society has nothing against weak women. There is the conviction that the fairer sex should be under the protection of the stronger one. Age is, in fact, one of the safety markers: an older man likely knows how to properly behave in various problematic cases and how to find the solution.

Some of them miss the figure of the father in their lives. Girls who like older men struggle to get fatherly love – this is a well-known fact though quite any women do not realise it or refuse to agree this is what triggers them to search for older lovers. Foreign single men who dream to meet Russian girls for marriage should know that women in that country often have to live in incomplete families. The proportion of divorced couples is high there and according to the law, children typically stay with their mother. When such girls grow up, they continue longing for an older man’s support and advice.

Russian ladies want from relationships

Loyalty. As you might have already figured out that Russian brides look for faithful men. They want to create a family once in a life and maintain it for long years. This is not always possible, of course, but Russian people tend to hope for the better! If you aren’t sure you want to share your life with just one person, you’d better search for some other girls to date.

Attention. This is probably the core thing a woman wants to receive from her man. A Russian lady wants not only to build a strong relationship but to become the center of your world as well. Ideally, you should treat her like a gem. Do you think this is useless? Many rumors circulating throughout the Western world portray Russian brides as selfish and careless gold diggers. It’s true that not all Russian women are saints; however, most of them want to love and to be loved.

Commitment. We’ve already tackled the matter of fidelity above yet commitment is somewhat a broader concept. It encompasses many more things like the readiness to sacrifice your time, personal interests and space, and leisure in the name of your beloved one. Dating Russian girls is not as simple as it might seem at first sight. They are ready to worship their partners but they also expect equal treatment in return.

Opportunity to give love away. On online dating sites, there are myriads of hot Russian girls who appear to be windy. But don’t take this first impression wrong! When you get to know a Russian lady, you realize that her inner world is much more fascinating than her pictures in the gallery. She has a loving heart she wants to give to the man of her dream. As a consequence, Russian brides approach dating responsibly: they do not want to fall for the first available man. A regular girl from this land would rather spend more time on searches but choose a man who will be right for you.

Respect. This is one of the things that hold any relationship together. If you fail to pay the necessary respect to your woman, she will become unable to praise you as her only one. Listen to what your Russian match tells you about herself and keep this in mind to make her most secret wishes come true. I can assure you that she will do exactly the same in order to keep her man in high spirits. Remember that a romantic relationship between two compatible people requires a lot of daily working.

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