We are prone to mistakenly think that men are the ones who get detached easily. Women are thought to be clingy, overly attached, and needy. But is it true? Why do we think that gentlemen always flee from the battle if there is no gain? Could it be true that girls can be equally cruel and cold?

I hope you don’t fall into the agenda of people who think that certain traits are exclusively for a certain gender. I have been dumped numerous times by women, and their verdict was as unexpected as you think a man would act. Specifically, a study of British sexual attitudes suggests that “Women are more than twice as likely as men to lack interest in sex when living with a partner.” So, I guess, there is quite a possibility she's not interested in you after a first date.

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Do Girls Often Lose Interest in Men?

Opposing people who think that women fall in love once in a lifetime, get tired of men too. Girls fall out of love just as quickly as you might expect it from the opposite sex, but the reasons are different.

Being emotional and ruled by maternal instincts, women stay with abusers and pathological liars for years, but it doesn’t mean they have any interest in these relationships.

When men are believed to be disappointed by sex or lack thereof, a partner in bad shape, or a capricious woman, ladies tend to lose interest for different reasons. So if you are dating a woman, and you notice signs she's not interested anymore, you might want to know why she acts funny during the last week.

Main Reasons She Is Losing Interest in You

Before lurking the signs she's not interested after first date, let’s understand why women get detached in the first place. What makes a cute girl go from mother mode to a furious angry villain? And, most importantly, why women dump us after months of dedication?

1. She is disappointed in you

It is the number one reason why your woman decides to break ties with you. See, women are patient creatures. They like to dwell on the idea of peoples’ miracle reborn. They always want you to change. They will always give you another chance. But if you cross that border for the thousandth time, she will understand you are simply not willing to change. You never know which one of your mess-ups will be the last.

2. She doesn't get enough attention

Women are beautiful flowers. And like all beautiful flowers, they hate being unattended. Once you give up on your relationship, a woman will feel that. If you were used to saying, “Good morning” each day every day, but now you call her only when something urgent happens, she will feel this neglect. If you neither know how to text a woman nor want to learn it nor want to buy gifts and remember her birthday, then expect her to find someone who likes doing it with no problems.

how to know she's not interested

3. She feels boredom

If the last time you went out was your first date, and you never react to her offers, no wonder she's not interested in you anymore. We are social creatures, so staying with you just because you exist would be a weird reason. If you don’t want to maintain a high standard, thinking you can roll with it, you are wrong. The same applies if you are stagnant, and she is learning skills faster than you.

4. Your personalities are very different

“It’s not you, it’s me” is a perfectly candid reason not to date, you know. Sometimes it happens that people are so different, there is no use in them staying together. Once she understands she might be missing out on the right person, your relationship may become funky. When a girl says she's not interested, it’s a direct sign, and there is no misinterpretation.

Main Signs She's Not Interested After a First Date

How to tell if she's playing hard to get or just not interested? It’s a tough question. All girls like to play a little cat-dog game after a first date. All in all, they don’t want to sell themselves short and become too available. But all girls who are interested in you will slip up, eventually. So if you notice signs she's not into you from this list, you might want to try a different strategy (or a different woman to talk to).

1. She doesn't text back

A girl who’s interested in you will always text back immediately. But if she’s playing games with you, this time might max up to two days to show you she’s cool and independent. But that is a morbid game, and a little bit toxic too, don’t you think? If a girl doesn’t text you back within a day, but she appears online, then start thinking she’s ghosting you and move on, it’s not worth it.

2. She is making excuses to avoid the second date

If a girl wants to see you, she would go out of her way to do so. But if you didn’t make her catch feelings, this might turn into a subtle reject. But before regretting even asking her, make sure you know she’s not genuinely busy. Also, a girl can ghost you for the opposite reason. If she has a serious crush on you, she might be unable to compose herself and tone down her anxiety. That is why she could postpone a meeting as well.

3. She offers to stay friends

This is a direct fact that you don’t need to read into for too long. She said what she said. Unfortunately, it’s not a part of her plan. Because otherwise, she would be too scared to lose you to play with your feelings like that. Don’t worry, this is just not your person.

Signs She's Not Interested in Relationships Anymore

How to tell if she's not interested in a relationship anymore? Sometimes women are hard to understand, especially for men who don’t get signs and hints. What are the main clues she's not interested in me?

1. She doesn’t want to see/hear you

When a woman avoids you, it is an indicator that something went seriously wrong, and she doesn’t want to address this issue, hoping you would understand that. Your girl might be mad at you and want you to approach her. Maybe you don’t pay too much attention, so she needs to go to these extremes just to get your attention. “If she doesn't text back, is she not interested in me anymore?” Chances are, she just wants to play games with you. But if it happens systematically and even after you make up, she might just detach from you.

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2. She doesn’t call you cute names

Women are big for cute nicknames and will invent the corniest stuff just to make you smile. And while you seem irritated, she expresses your love with that. But if your girl only calls you by your name while she is used to being all over you, this is indicative of a woman who gradually disowns you. Cute names are often a marker, an exclusive tag only she can give you. And when instead of that she talks cold and doesn’t use sweet words, you are losing her grip.

3. She refuses sex at all costs

Women are very picky when it is about who they sleep with. And if she was used to adoring sex, luring you into the bedroom, and inventing interesting role play games, but now she gets mysterious headaches and overall doesn’t tidy up for you, you just don’t arouse her like you used to.

4. She doesn’t check your phone/circle of friends anymore

I am not saying all women are paranoid. But if she was used to playing an international spy on you, and now she wouldn’t react even if you were invited for dinner by a sexy female co-worker, that is a very bad sign. Women are naturally curious and smell your lies from afar, but once she doesn’t care who you dress up for, that’s how to know she's not interested.

5. She is always hysterical and cynical

When two people start arguing every day, it’s a clear sign they are tired of each other. If she hates every habit you have, the way you talk, walk, or chew, your parents and friends, it’s a clear sign she’s not that interested in fixing the relationship. But it’s not a final stage yet. If she was used to quarreling about these things and now, she doesn’t care whether you continue doing that, it’s a bad sign. No, she didn’t become kind and considerate all of the sudden. She just ended up with the idea you cannot be changed and that means giving up hope.

What to Do If You Know She Is Not Interested

When you understand things aren’t going great in your relationships, the first thing you need to do is to have an honest talk with your girlfriend. Does she even see the future for your couple? Because if not, there is no point in asking yourself, “Is she interested in me?”

But if your significant other truly loves you and wants to change your relationship for better, it’s high time for you to work on it, fixing things you promised but never did, being more attentive and caring and so on. Is it always understandable a woman wants to stop talking? No, she could be playing with you or checking your boundaries. But the only way to know is to ask honestly, without mind games and mutual harm. Be the first one to ask and relieve yourself.

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