Today we will talk about such a neat game as “would you rather.” We will list some interesting and cool would you rather questions for couples, some neat and fun relationship questions, but first, we will talk about the importance of would you rather questions for adults.

would you rather questions list

What Is a "Would You Rather" Game?

Before we show our “would you rather” questions list, let’s first find out what is the “would you rather questions” the game.

The answer is quite simple. This is a game in which you ask a person a question that has only two choices, and they must choose one or the other. No matter how awful the options can be, how disgusting, severe, or uncomfortable, one option must be chosen. At the same time, this game can be quite thought-provoking and engaging.

Main Reasons to Play Communication Games With Your Girlfriend

Here are just some of the reasons why you should try playing various communication games with your girlfriend.

Brief rules to get maximum fun from the question game

Such games are engaging and fun, they don’t require any physical energy, and everyone can play them without any money being spent on useless stuff. This game is fun, and if you plan to meet women online, this will be a great way to find a nice topic for a conversation.

You need to listen to your partner

Being able to listen to your partner is very important, being a great listener is a great skill as well, and communication games help you develop these skills, they are great tools of becoming closer to your partner.

Remember, this is not serious, and the answers are just a part of the game

Remember, this is just a game, and it should not end up developing into a heated argument about something uncomfortable for both of you.

If it's hard to answer, do not insist

If one of you feels any sort of discomfort when it comes to answering a given question – the other partner should never insist on answering the question, it’s a game, there should not be any pressure involved. Now that we are done with that let’s list some questions to ask in a relationship in the format of “would rather.” Romance in relationships is more important than any question or any game, so don’t put pressure on your partner and don’t make them feel uncomfortable.

50 Questions for a "Would You Rather" Game

questions to ask in a relationshipWould you rather questions can be flirty, dirty, weird, intriguing, and quite thought-provoking. Some would you rather questions naughty, some are funny. Some of these can even be attributed to relationship discussion questions.

  1. Here’s the first of questions to ask a partner. Would you prefer to always have fewer clothes on or, conversely, more? Do not forget that it is sometimes hot outside, and sometimes cold.
  2. Would you prefer to experience constant pain or unbearable itching?
  3. Would you prefer to have a time machine that travels only to the past or to have a time machine that travels exclusively to the future?
  4. What would you prefer to wear wet socks or wet clothes from a dryer all your life?
  5. What would you prefer, if no one came to your wedding or no one came to your funeral?
  6. Would you rather find corpses in the backyard or just murder weapons?
  7. Would you rather be a captive for 6 months and survive, or die instantly without physical suffering?
  8. Would you rather brutally kill your friend or be killed by them?
  9. Would you rather eat human skin or muscles?
  10. Would you rather have a bullet or rat poison in your stomach?
  11. Would you prefer to get turned on from the sight of blood or insects?
  12. Would you rather eat a dead mouse or a living spider?
  13. Would you rather be attacked by a clown or a doll?
  14. Would you rather date someone who killed people before, or be lonely for the rest of your life?
  15. Would you rather see a human head or hand in your kitchen?
  16. If you could live up to 90 years, but for the last 60 years of it to save either the body or the mind of a 30-year-old, what would you choose?
  17. What would you choose: your best friend moving to another country or moving in close but you stop communicating with them?
  18. Would you rather be able to speak all the languages of the world or be able to speak with animals?
  19. Would you rather have the ability to rewind life or pause it?
  20. Would you prefer the existence of mermaids or unicorns?
  21. Would you rather die, burned in a fire, or freeze to death?
  22. Would you rather have the ability to read other people's thoughts or fly?
  23. Would you rather be born with the trunk of an elephant or with a long neck of a giraffe?
  24. Would you rather be very hairy or completely bald?
  25. Would you give up cheese or chocolate?
  26. Would you rather lose all your old memories or the ability to create new ones?
  27. Would you prefer a phenomenal appearance or intelligence of a genius?
  28. Would you rather ride a bicycle or drive a car?
  29. What would you rather do the dishes, or mow the lawn?
  30. Would you prefer a vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, and why?
  31. Would you rather visit your relatives or watch movies?
  32. would you rather questions for couplesWhat would you choose? Drop a tray of food in the dining room in front of everyone or fart on a first date?
  33. What would you choose? Dismember an unfamiliar baby or eat your hand?
  34. What would you choose? To be burned? To be put on as stake?
  35. What would you choose? Earn $100k per month and be a free artist or earn $100k per month and work on a construction site?
  36. What would you choose? Live on the coast or live in the mountains?
  37. What would you choose, be a nympho but stupid, or smart but frigid?
  38. What would you choose, put your hand in the anthill or hornet's nest for five minutes?
  39. Who would you like to be? Luke Skywalker or Frodo Baggins?
  40. What would you choose? Eat exclusively raw fish or move only on foot?
  41. What would you choose? To be dystrophic and have a fat partner or to be fat and have a dystrophic partner?
  42. Two platforms hang over the lava. You are in one, while your best friend is on another one. To save a person from one platform, the other will have to be lowered into the lava. Who will you choose? Save yourself, but put your friend to death or sacrifice yourself, but save the person you love?
  43. What would you choose? Lifetime dandruff or never use a touch smartphone again?
  44. What would you choose? To live in North Korea or live in Somalia?
  45. What would you choose? To always radiate wireless Internet at a speed of 10 Mbps or never catch a cold in your life?
  46. What would you choose? To get a tattoo of a penis on the shoulder or a disgusting voice?
  47. What would you choose? Endless supply of grass, beer, and snacks or an endless supply of cocaine and champagne
  48. What would you choose? To engage in group sex with Adam Sandler or engage in group sex with Jason Statham?
  49. What would you choose? To get a job that brings a lot of money, but which you hate or a low-paid job that you love?
  50. Are you interested in “would you rather” questions dirty version? What would you choose? To never receive an orgasm again or never taste anything again?

Now that you know some good would you rather question for crush and questions to ask couples that are your friends or relatives, we hope that you will be able to lighten up any conversation with this truly intriguing game.

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