Nowadays, many people from all around the world don’t know when it's time to get married. In the past centuries, dating was a thing that helped to satisfy romantic needs. Because no matter who people wanted to date, they still had to marry according to their duty. In today’s life, we have no obligation to date anyone we don’t like because we don’t need to establish blood alliances. This is a good thing! But unfortunately, marriage is losing its social positions. If once it was obligatory to have a husband or a wife, then today many people refuse to get married at all.

when is the best time to get married

This creates a social trap because modern people have no answer to the question, "When is the best time to get married?" Some marry way too early, and then those marriages collapse, others start searching for girls very lately. The second type of people, of course, has the upper hand because there are many different ways to meet a girl online. Via the help of the Internet, they can search for a future wife in ladies' gallery. But still, how to know when it's the right time to get married?

Unfortunately, there is no strict answer to this question. All that we can do is to analyze the number of factors that reflect your subconscious willingness to get married. After all, you are not under any obligation to marry a girl, and this is why it is all up to you to decide when it's time to settle down. But there are some signs that you need a wife. Keep reading this article to know more.

Why Even Modern Men Actually Need to Get Married

As we have mentioned before, marriage loses its position in our social life. More and more frequently, we hear about people who call themselves “childfree.” Those people voluntary reject to have any children at all, and they believe that marriage is useless. According to statistics, more than 25% of women in the USA support this movement. Unfortunately, this may lead to serious consequences for our country in the future. People who have been living in unmarried couples for many years usually refuse to get married because they are afraid or don’t want to have additional social obligations. No matter what, no one has to be alone.

Apart from all the above-mentioned, marriage is a powerful source of energy. Your wife is the closest person to you. In marriage, you two turn into a team that works together to reach your common goals. Marriage is a very important step in any men’s life, it shows that you are an adult male and ready for responsibilities and happiness. Reject all prejudices concerning marriage and get ready to make this important step to your future.

Sure Signs You Need a Wife

Maybe even today you have decided to google this article because you feel that something is not good in your life. You may have lots of money, a beautiful girlfriend and many other important things. But for some reason, you still feel how this emptiness is rising inside you. Maybe sometimes you think, “What age is it time to find a wife?” try to google the answer and then compare it with your age. But here is the thing. It is time to find a wife when you feel that you need one. If you feel that this moral emptiness has appeared in you, then this is a perfect time to search for a wife.

We are going to provide you with the list of 10 sure signs that you need a wife, so you will be able to analyze your feelings and behavior to understand if you want to marry someone or just need some small changes.

when is it time to settle down1. You want to get married

Do you want to get married? Usually, people can’t give a clear answer if they are afraid or under the pressure. Are you afraid of getting married? If the answer is “Yes,” then ask yourself, “Why?” Direct questions that are followed by direct answers are the best way to learn the truth from anyone, especially from yourself. Try to ask and immediately answer those questions right now. This will help you know what you are dealing with. If you want to get married, then you know that you should find a proper girlfriend or if you already have one, just find a nice place and time to propose the girl. If someone puts pressure on you, then you can try to find ways to avoid this influence. And, finally, if you are somehow afraid of marriage, then it is better to pay a visit to a professional therapist.

2. You don’t want to change your partner

If you want to spend your whole life with your current partner, then this is exactly when you know it's time to get married. Because there should be nothing that can stop you from marrying the girl you love. Some people think that after marriage, they both will change. They want those changes to make their partners better, while others are afraid of them because they think that their partners will change for the worse. But they are all wrong here. Your marriage is not a game-changer. It is wrong to assume that you both will change after your marriage. You will be absolutely the same. But marriage will show her that you are very serious about staying with her forever. Don’t be afraid to make this important step. Your courage will pay off with your happiness

3. You are tired to be alone

At some point in our lives, we may feel that there is no one we need in this life, and we should be alone. We begin to skip parties with our friends and tend to stay at home more often. It is completely fine, but for a short period. It is a bad sign when loneliness turns into a habit. Since this time we stay alone not because we want to be alone, but because we don’t want to leave our comfort zone. If this happens to you, then subconsciously you will know that something is not ok. You will become more aggressive, and it will be easy to irritate you. This is how you understand that you are tired of being alone, and you need someone to love and who will love you back. This is a clear sign that you need to find a wife.

4. You pay too much attention to married couples

People tend to notice everything they lack. For example, if you want to build a new pc, then you will be noticing pc parts. The same happens when you want to be with someone or even get married. You begin to notice other people who are together. Depending on how lonely you are, you may even start to feel annoyed because of them. This all happens because our brain begins to turn on its defense mechanisms, thus protecting you from stress. In this case, it tries to persuade you that marriage is not important, and you don't need anyone. But this “defense” works against you. Because if you have some unrealized wishes, you must take action to make them real. But your brain tries to prevent you from acting. So your excessive interest and attention to married couples are one of the most precise signs you need to find a wife.

5. You have resolved your financial matters

If we imaginary divide this life into parts, then financial matters come exactly after education. Some people marry right in college, some exactly after. But you are not one of those people. Don’t worry because there is a huge amount of those who begin to think about having a family only after resolving all financial matters. This approach sounds very logical. Now, when you have obtained a profession and learned how to make money, it is the best period to find a wife and raise kids. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find that perfect woman who will become your wife. It is important not to wait for too long and avoid career women in your search. Because career women don’t care about kids and family. Their job is their kid and family at the same time. And don’t wait for too long because you may turn into a career man.

6. You want to have kids

This is another very clear sign that you need to get married. When people want kids, it means that they are ready for the whole new stage of life. This is a very serious step, and you can make it alone. If you already have someone you love, and you have started to dream about rising kids with her, then what are you waiting for? Don't wait for the perfect moment because it usually never comes. Lonely people often believe that they can raise children alone. But they are terribly wrong. Yes, you can raise a child alone, but you won’t be able to give him or her many things. So if you want to have kids, then you should find a good wife first and then together raise your kids.

7. You want to share your love

Everyone on this planet wants to love and to be loved. This is a very well-known fact. But to share the love you need to find someone first. You can have many cats or what is the lonely-man analog for cats? Dogs? Maybe you really can live with 10 dogs, who knows. But this is definitely not the best option ever. The best thing you can do is to share your love with a person! For example, someone who will always be there with you. Someone who will care about you, someone who will always support you, and will be on your side. Does this ring any bells for you? There is no better person with whom you can share your love than a wife! If you already have a girlfriend, then invite her home tonight, make a warm bath, hug her, and tell her how strong your love for her is.

when it's time to settle down8. You still live with your parents

Everyone knows that men are lazier than women! Men more often stop their progress as soon as they reach some comfortable stage of their life. If it is comfortable for you to live with your parents, then you need a woman who would be able to turn your life upside down. Some people with whom you will fall in love desperately and who will never agree to live with your parents. Thus, she will make you move forward. You know, there is always a strong woman behind every strong man. Men are very powerful, but they are usually too lazy to use their power for themselves. There is only one thing that can make men move and struggle for real success. Every man will happily use his power for his woman. Your wife will never let you stop moving forward in your life.

9. You began to believe that you were meant to be alone

These are very destructive thoughts! First of all, you must understand that everyone deserves to be happy. No one can be really happy if she or he is lonely. Humans need to have lovers, friends, and relatives with whom they can spend time and share the most important things. In fact, a wife is the only person with whom a man can share everything. If you began to believe that you were meant to be alone, then you unquestionably need to do something about your life. Your goal is to find wife, and on your way to this goal, you must set half-goals. Find the reason or reasons why you are still alone. Then start changing yourself. For example, you can start with your image and style. Change your hair, buy new clothes, and work on your bad habits. Positive changes will inspire you to continue your way of finding a beautiful wife.

10. All your friends are married

This is the most noticeable sign of how to know when it's time to get married. If you are the last person among all your friends who have never had a wife, then you are doing something wrong in your life. As we have mentioned above, marriage is the next step in any human’s life. You begin to look at things differently after it. This is why some of your friends started to spend less time with you. They are just on the next level. This is not good or bad. You just need to keep up with them. Maybe you have never paid any attention to marriage, or maybe you have never wanted to have a wife and kids. It all depends on the way how you see and feel this life. If you belong to that 25 % of Americans who don’t want to have kids or families at all, then you have nothing to worry about. Keep up the good work. But if you are among the other 75% of Americans, then this is high time for you to make changes.

As you can see, there are many signs you need to find a wife. But you must know that each of those signs alone can’t tell for sure. You can say that you need a wife only if you have a combination of those sings. In this case, you shouldn’t be afraid to take action if you want to change your life for the better.

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