Love is the most mysterious feeling that is peculiar to all of us. For centuries, people have been trying to understand the depths of the human soul and love impulses. Love has many kinds. For example, platonic love is qualitatively different from the romantic feeling that most people tend to. It excludes sexual relations.

You can experience a feeling of platonic love for single ladies online or your friend. Simple communication becomes a real pleasure. At the same time, platonic and romantic love are completely different concepts that have a fine line. Are platonic relationships healthy? Let’s figure everything out!

can platonic relationships work

Definition of a Platonic Relationship

What is the platonic relationships meaning? Look, the ordinary love of a man and a woman requires close contact between their bodies. People in love always coincide well with each other in their energy, and they form a harmonious monad of yin and yang. Of course, in this situation, lovers are very pleased with the direct energy exchange between their bodies. They are pleased to have children because their children will be born in an atmosphere of harmony. Folk wisdom says that children born in love are always very beautiful. But some lovers experience a completely different state. They don’t want physiological contact with loved ones. They need neither sex nor kisses. It is enough to see their partners, sometimes talk with them.

Platonic relationships are quite commonplace for adolescents. For teenagers, it is like a stage of psycho-emotional development. Each platonic relationship should eventually move to a new stage of development. In adolescents, this is a kind of preparation for adult relationships with the opposite sex.

Each relationship is special in its way, and it doesn’t matter if they are platonic or not. People must decide for themselves in what relationships they will be more comfortable (even if people visit women dating sites or young ladies look for old partners, it doesn’t matter). No need to ask relatives, friends or anyone else for advice – everyone feels differently. If a person decides to start a platonic relationship, then he or she doesn’t need to be afraid of other people’s opinions – this is a personal matter for everyone.

Origin of a Platonic Relationship

The name and platonic friendship definition come from the name of a philosopher from Ancient Greece Plato. In his literary work, he first raised the issue of harmonious relationships, the existence of which doesn’t require bodily interaction. This is immaculate love, based on a spiritual connection, not spoiled by sexual attraction. The philosopher was looking for a way of expressing love, subject only to people. He claimed that people take a step higher than the animal, whose main driving force was (and remains) instincts. People have the good fortune of using the highest good.

Not always people come to platonic love of their own free will. Some are prevented by a disease that limits the ability to lead a full-fledged lifestyle, religious beliefs, or feelings that appeared in old age. In other cases, platonic relationships are no more than the initial step on the path to gaining nobble affection.

are platonic relationships possibleCharacteristics of Platonic Love

Philosophers of the whole world thought about this great feeling at different times, and they all tended to the fact that there was no single form of love. We are used to thinking that romance is a perfect way to express love, which should be intended only for one person, and we consider everything else to be vicious. But platonic love is special and has 5 characteristics.

1. Respect for each other’s personal space

Although platonic male female relationships can have a free aspect (since people don’t attach to their friends as they do with loved ones), but this doesn’t mean that there are no limits. Such relationships require strong boundaries (especially at the beginning). Usually, people don’t discuss these limits, but they are understood by default.

2. Unity of souls

Such a relationship is often observed among people of old age. When the couple is living a happy long family life, then sexual intercourse fades into the background. People’s interests change, a strong spiritual connection develops, complete unity of kindred souls occurs. And age-related changes leave an imprint on health: sex drive is reduced, anatomical changes in the pelvic organs occur, which affects their functioning. As a result, sex life no longer brings the same pleasure.

3. Lack of anticipation

We can’t wait or demand from a person more than from ordinary friendship; we don’t think whether this is platonic friendship or something more. A part that distinguishes platonic love from romantic love is overstated expectations. We expect a lot from our loved ones, but we shouldn’t expect the same from a person with whom we have a platonic relationship.

4. Conscious refusal of sex

Can platonic relationships work? Some people consciously abstain from sexual contact. Some limit themselves from it for a certain period, while others suppress instincts for life. In most cases, this is due to religious considerations and self-control. Also, some religions promote purity, integrity, and rejection of sexual contact before marriage.

5. Honesty and straightforwardness

Don’t be afraid of deception – this is one of the platonic friendship rules. Unlike a romantic relationship, people don’t fear that their soulmates may break up with them because they have never been with them primarily as partners. There is no such care or need to emotionally check another person. They can quarrel, keep silent for several days, and then change the situation, and everything will be normalized.

Is Platonic Love Possible Now?

Personal space no longer matters in the modern world. We hug at a meeting, kiss friends on the cheek, and so on. But as we know, platonic love is fraught with many limitations.

Platonic friendship or emotional affair – what is it? When love arises between friends who don’t have sex, they can be still jealous. And here men often don’t understand the reasons for the resentment of a girlfriend with whom they have platonic love. In their opinion, if there is no obligation, then there is no room for all the claims that accompany the relationship. Previously, couples who lived for decades never called each other by name but only respectfully. Even holding hands was considered vulgarity. And to be in a platonic relationship was easier because of the prohibitions of society. But today people don’t know the abstinence and attacks of society, so resisting the temptation is much more difficult. That is why platonic relationships don’t work!

Are platonic relationships possible? Most likely, they are not. Modern people often don’t know how to express their feelings otherwise than through kisses, hugs, and sex. One way or another, platonic love is associated with thoughts about intimacy today. Even friends think about the possibility of closer relations, although they don’t understand that they are already close enough. Sex has become the best way to get close. And when we are in a good and trusting relationship, it seems that sex will be wonderful.

Main Benefits of Platonic Love

There are different types of relationships – platonic, romantic, etc. But still, what are the benefits of platonic relationships? In modern society, such a relationship is rarely understood or treated with indulgence. Anyway, the advantages are quite significant.

platonic friendship problems1. Compliance with moral standards

If the couple has religious views that don’t allow them to do something obscene before the wedding or the girl is still a virgin, such relationships allow people to know each other, get used to the fact that they will be together for the rest of their lives. In this case, the relationship is originally built not on sex but mutual respect. It turns out that affection and love arise between people at first, and after the wedding, passion flares up, subject to sexual satisfaction. Such relationships can be very strong until very old age.

2. Testing the senses

Bad mood, fatigue, pregnancy are the most common situations because of which couples temporarily refuse sex. People can check each other arranging unusual sexual abstinence, and at the same time, see if they can come up with other ideas of what to do together. Sometimes the results are sad. The couple realizes that nothing but the bed units them. However, partners have a chance to solve this problem. Physical pleasure overshadows the mind, and there is no time left for getting to know a person. Platonic relationships allow you to look into the soul, not external beauty.

3. Emotional rapprochement

Sex is not the only part of the relationship, therefore, with its temporary exclusion, a strong couple will not break up. Quite the contrary: partners will begin to communicate more closely, get to know each other, come up with alternative joint activities, and develop the romantic part if a guy and a girl have such a desire, of course. At the same time, the rejection of intimacy will add sweet anticipation. When there is no intimacy, we want to give love to your partner in other different ways. Therefore, in a platonic union, there will be many flowers, gifts, and nice words.

4. Calmness

Platonic relationships are a good way to take a break from tantrums and claims. However, for such feelings, you still have to look for a person who will be ready to treat you with great patience. And it is not because this type of relationship is associated with full acceptance, adoration, tranquility, gentleness. Although it often happens that people for whom sex doesn’t play a special role devote a lot of time and effort to spiritual, personal growth. Therefore, they more effectively solve platonic friendship problems, better show understanding, and care.

5. Pure love

Of course, platonic relationships are a great way to experience pure love without having sex. The older people become, the more they begin to realize that the brain is the most erogenous zone. For example, if you have a friend and don’t have sex with this person, then this type of relationship is for you. But such platonic relationships may suddenly turn into a romantic one, and friends become lovers. Well, this is the nature of people, and it is impossible to be absolutely sure in the development of relationships (despite the platonic friendship origin)!

As you know, platonic relationships with a loved one contribute to the release of hormones, and this, in turn, affects good mood, actions, the desire to create and develop. So, if you have the opportunity to love and be loved without an intimate relationship, never refuse – you will like it!

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