The hardest task in your life is to find a nice wife. But if you manage to succeed in this mission, then the reward will make you happy until the end of your days. Because you can hardly find something more beneficial than a good wife. Before getting married, you should get experience in communication and relationships with various girls. After all, if you don’t have one, then you won’t understand which girl you need. What kind of character should she have, and what about a sense of humor or temperament in bed, etc? You learn all these things from your dating attempts. And don't listen to those people who talk about “fate” and that you need to marry the first girl you get. These people are the reason for sad statistics on divorces.

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There is no need to meet a random girl. Sometimes you may feel so lonely, so you are ready to marry almost anyone. But this is a huge mistake. You don’t need to hurry, or there will be consciences. And you don’t want to suffer from them. Just one wrong step, and instead of becoming the happiest person ever, you will become the unhappiest one. Remember, the girls see this world differently. None of them will like it if you offer her to marry you on your second date.

You can find a wife, in principle, in the same place where you usually meet girls. This is a street, common acquaintances, cultural and entertainment places in your city. And, of course, you can meet a girl online. You can use the ladies gallery to find a perfect girl. Don’t be too hurry, though. First, you need to get to know each other well and only then you can think about marrying her.

What to Look for When Looking for a Wife

So, you've decided that you want to search for a serious woman for marriage, but you have no idea where to start. Don’t worry because it is a common situation. Sometimes people marry the first “the most suitable” women, but in a couple of years, their marriage completely vanishes. Because this “the most suitable” woman was not suitable at all. To avoid this situation, first of all, you must clearly understand what your future wife should possess. So, before asking how to find the right woman for marriage, you need to ask yourself what my perfect woman should be?

Understanding and kindness

Every person has their habits and shortcomings. A woman must treat those habits tolerantly and fully accept you for who you are. We are all different people, but in a couple, we live together, and it is hard to maintain marriage if two people don’t understand each other. Understanding and tolerance are very close to each other, but it doesn’t mean that you can overuse these her qualities. Remember, you both must have all these qualities, or you may turn her life into a nightmare. In the modern world, kindness is not in fashion, and sometimes it is cynically ridiculed. If not, then usually it is considered as a manifestation of stupidity and naivety, or weakness and whimper. Maybe this approach has its place with other people, but not in your marriage, you must be kind to each other.


This is the first thing what to look for in a woman before marriage. Do you trust your woman? Does she trust you? If the answer to these two questions is positive, then this is the strongest sign that you can marry this girl. But if you don’t trust her, or she doesn’t trust you, then you may try to work on it. First of all, you should have a serious conversation about the reasons why there is a mistrust between you too. 

I need a woman for marriage

You must treat your marriage as your team. Because in the officially registered couple, people should work together to have a happy life. Of course, there are exceptions, but usually, those families are not happy. If you never lie to your girlfriend, then it will be much easier to solve every problem. Sometimes you may think that lies can protect your partner from some emotional stress, but you must know that all lies are sooner or later are uncovered, and then it will be way more stressful for her.

Patience and demeanor

Patience is another important trait to look for when a man seeking a woman for marriage. When we choose to connect our life with another human being, it is impossible to fully understand how your partner will change after changing his or her status. It is very important in a family to be patient with each other. The ability to smooth the angles is a basis for strong and stable relationships. But be careful because patience has its limits even in marriage. Don’t expect to find a woman who will always be patient with you. You simply won’t be happy with this woman. Her demeanor is another important thing here. Ask yourself how would you like her to behave? Her demeanor is a combination of her habits and views. Usually, if these two factors match with yours, then your demeanor will be almost the same. But in other cases, you need to pay close attention to her.


When seeking a woman for marriage, you must search for a compatible girl. Your compatibility consists of many different factors. For example, your interests. The fact that your interests match is the first sign that you are compatible with each other. Add there your habits, favorite places, and you will be able to find out if you are compatible with each other or not. The main idea here is very simple. You just need to analyze your and her life. The more matches you will find, the more compatible you are. This is not a 100% sign that your marriage will be successful. There are examples of happy families that don't look compatible at all at first glance, but yet they are successful in their marriages. It is more about chances to create a long-lasting relationship.


I don’t think that anyone can even think about creating a family with someone with whom he or she is not able to communicate at all. The communication between you is crucial for your future success. And here we are talking about the way how you communicate. Because every day you communicate with your boss about your work, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to marry him or her. So is it all about quality? Yes, but not only. You must have a high-quality communication, but don’t forget about quantity too. How much time do you spend with your potential wife during the week? This is important because you will have to live together after your marriage, and if you have never done that before, then you may face problems that can potentially destroy your marriage. If you search for a single woman for marriage, then you must understand that you will have to spend a lot of quality time with her.

Things Men Should Seriously Consider When Choosing a Girl for Marriage

First of all, you must think about your own experience. As you go through several relationships, you will understand what qualities you would like to see in your potential wife. And vice versa, something can annoy you very much, something that you didn't think of before. In short, gain experience. Only then you will know what girls the best for you are. To help you understand some things that you should seriously consider when choosing a girl for marriage, we've made a list of things you should avoid or search for in your future wife.

Ignore the career woman

Nowadays, more and more women tend to completely abandon their family life. They sacrifice happiness from raising children to get another promotion or improve their business. When dating such a woman, you must understand that you will always be in second place for her. Her professional occupation is the most important thing in her life. And there are even more horrible things. For example, she may not want to have children at all. Are you ready to hear from your wife something like, “My work is my child, and I don’t need anything else.” This is why women who pay too much attention to their careers are triple “NO.”

She must have a family background

Pay close attention to her family. Who are her father and mother? We are not talking here about how rich they are. It is more about the relations between them. What are their main family rules? Was your future wife happy in her childhood? These things are very important because she may directly reflect her parents' behavior in a family with you. The happiest her life with her parents was, the better it is for your own family with her. But first of all, you must pay attention to her because even though she may not have been happy in her childhood, but this is exactly why she knows what mistakes she must avoid when raising her children.

Choose a young lady

It sounds rather heartlessly, but you should search for a girl who will be younger than you are. First of all, this is because women tend to grow up faster than men. Secondly, because marriages in which men are a little bit older than women usually are stronger. But don’t search for a girl who is ten years younger than you are. There are examples of happy marriages with this big difference in age, but more often those marriages don’t hold longer than a decade. Ideally, she has to be a little younger than you are. It is also great for your children too because young girls can deal with pregnancies much easier.

She should be a virtuous woman

When you think something like, “I need a woman for marriage,” you usually don’t think about marrying a hooker, right? If you do, then this is a topic for another article. Let’s agree that you don’t. Don’t get me wrong here, nowadays searching for a 25 years old virgin is not the best idea either. She will be a nun or may have some issues in her head. Your future girlfriend should be quite a normal girl. It is not ok if she goes from one man to another, but it is also not okay if she doesn’t spend time with men at all.

Signs You’ve Found the Woman You Should Marry

Now, when you know how to choose a woman for marriage, you must also learn how to understand when you have found a perfect girl. This may sound easy, but in fact, it is rather tricky. People tend to doubt themselves and everything else in their lives. You may have already found a perfect woman for you, but you don’t know that yet because your doubts are tearing you apart. This may make you go for one woman to another in your search for a perfect one.

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Don’t wait for the utterly perfect woman. Because there is nothing perfect in this life. There will be no perfect moment to make a proposal, the same as there will be no perfect girl to marry. You are risking spending the whole life alone if you are going to be too picky. As we have said before it doesn’t mean that you should marry the first girl you meet. No, you need to choose wisely and carefully, but if it takes too much time, then maybe you have to reconsider your requirements for the perfect wife. Everyone deserves to be happy, and we are going to help you to understand that you have already found the perfect woman for marriage. Read our four main signs that the woman you are dating now is a perfect candidate for marriage.

She’s a good partner

Among all the other signs that a woman is ready for marriage, this one is the ideal indicator that she will be a good wife. If you have been living together for some time, and this cohabitation has been very pleasant and happy, then you know who you should marry. The happy marriage is all about success in partnership. In fact, it is a partnership. And if she was a good partner for you before marriage, then she is not going to spoil after it.

She makes you smile

When do we smile? We smile when we are happy. If your girlfriend can make you happy, then this is a clear sign that you should marry her as soon as possible. This works in both ways. Her ability to make you smile is one of the benefits of marriage for a woman. Girls like when their men positively react to their behavior, jokes, and witticisms. Just make sure that this smile is not caused by sarcasm. Sarcasm has its place in marriage, but very rarely. You simply can’t build a healthy family on it.

You think she’s hot and sexy

Sexual life is an important part of the family. If you do not want sex to end after two years of family life, pay attention to how compatible you are with a woman in sex. What things do you like in bed? If your wishes match and you can satisfy one another, then there can be no doubts that you should marry. Your wife should attract you both as a person and as a sexual object. Otherwise, your marriage won’t be happy. If during your working day you dream about how nicely you will spend time with her, then this is a clear reason to marry her.

She lets you have space

This may sound like a stupid idea. Why would you want a personal space apart from someone whom you love more than your own life? The answer here is very simple, no matter how strong your love is, you may get tired from one another. This doesn’t mean that you will have to break up. You just need to have some time alone, and your love will be stronger than ever. If your girlfriend allows you to have your personal space, then you definitely should marry her. Note, you should also let her have her space too.

Marriage is one of the most important decisions that a man can have in his life. We hope that this article will help you find a perfect girl with whom you will manage to create a strong and happy marriage. We wish you luck in your search. Remember, your successful marriage is the key to your happiness. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes on your way to it.

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