The first date has passed, now it is time for you to think about how to get a second date with her. In the beginning, dating takes more effort and energy than it returns. You had so many things to worry about when you were getting ready for the first date. And now you worry even more because you are thinking about ways how to get a second date. The second date is probably the most important phase at the beginning of any relationship because if a girl agreed to go on a second date with you, then she really likes you, and your relationship has potential. This is why we decided to write this article and add a small list of second date tips.

Men often believe that if they had the first date with this particular woman, then they will easily get the second one. But it is not always true. First of all, because a lot depends on how the first date went. For example, you are never getting a second date, if you have messed up your first one. But, don’t worry, if a girl still chats with you and answers your calls, then you still have chances to fix everything.

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The Time Between the First and Second Date: How to Keep a Perfect Balance?

Often people who search for some romantic tips for relationships don’t even think about getting a second date. Thus, when they finally find someone special, they have no idea how to invite him or her on a second date, they begin to search for some second date advice and completely forget that they actually don’t have enough time to understand all the information and create a full picture. Remember, before browsing any lists of single women, you should learn ways how to get a 2nd date, or all your dating attempts will inevitably fail.

The most important thing is not to waste time between the first and second dates. Many different articles on the web suggest to wait for a couple of days after the first date and only then text the girl. They say that by writing to her, you will show her that you are weak, have no one else, and all the other nonsense. In the real-life, it is very important to let a girl know that you like her. Of course, writing a poem for her, after your first date doesn’t sound like a very good idea, and this will unquestionably show a girl that you are over interesting. Thus, you will only scare her away.

How Long Between the First and Second Date?

Actually, this depends on many various factors. For example, if you were chatting with each other, telling about your daily chores, and this didn’t bother any of you, then you can have a second date even in a week. This is possible because you have already established an emotional contact and won’t feel abandoned. Plus, there is no reason to protract your second date, if you have time for it. According to all the above mentioned, if the emotional contact between you two is rather weak, then it is better to have a second date in two or three days. Don’t ask a girl to go on a second date with you immediately after the first one, and don’t ask her about this on the first date.

What Is the Ideal Recipe?

Let’s say that your first date ended up perfectly, so what should you do now? First of all, when you return home after your first date, text her, and tell her that you like it (if you really do, of course). You may even have a small conversation about something. But don’t ask her to go on a second date with you at once. The next day, you should avoid texting her until the evening. Don’t ignore her if she texts you during this “period of silence.” Don’t text too much, tell her that you are busy, but let her know that you can pay her some time. In the evening, feel free to text her absolutely normally. Ask her about her day, discuss your first date, and ask her for a second one. Ideally, you should ask her to go on a second day via the phone call, but text messages work just fine too.

Signs She Doesn't Want a Second Date with You

Unfortunately, men have a hard time understanding girls’ hints. This explains why we are much more worried about how to ask for a second date instead of learning how to understand those hints. However, understanding of girls’ hints is very important. First of all, if you are one of those men, then you need to know that the ability to understand girls’ hints is very helpful if your first date goes nice. Via the help of hints, a girl will be showing you that she likes you, and wants to have a relationship with you. In this case, your relationships will develop even if you don’t understand any of her hits. But in the case when your date goes terribly, she will show you with her hints that she doesn’t want to have a second. Without understanding it, you may have false expectations and moral suffering. To help you avoid this, we are going to show you a small list of signs that she doesn’t like you.

how to ask for a second dateShe was distracted on your first date Often, men don’t pay any attention to this fact. If a girl feels and behaves distracted during your first date, it means that she definitely doesn’t want to be with you and just wants to go. People don’t distract from things that they like and consider interesting.

She was a bad listener

If, during your date, she has always been interrupting, when you tried to tell stories, then it means that she is not interested in you. There can be many different reasons for this. For example, maybe she came to the date with you just because she didn’t want to stay at home.

You felt no connection or chemistry

Two people can’t have relationships if they don’t feel a connection or so-called chemistry between them. This doesn’t mean that someone is guilty or just bad. It only means that you two are too mismatched to be together. In this case, try to have a good time with her and never call her again after the first date.

She never texts first

The pure sign that she is interested in you is when she, sometimes, texts you first. In this case, you must forget about the old school stuff that girls should never make the first step. Online chatting is not about making steps. It is about showing whether you are interested in someone or not. If she never texts you first, then she is not interested in you.

She ignores your messages

This one is very connected to the previous sign. Often these two signs come together. The same principle applies here. People always find the time for things and people they like. If she regularly tells you that she didn’t see or didn’t have time to reply, then it only means that she is not interested in you but can’t openly tell you this.

Tips for Getting a Second Date

Most men and women have no idea what to do to get a second date. Many articles say that you should “act naturally,” but this is clearly not the best way to get a second date. No, you will have time to act naturally with your beloved girlfriend, in fact, the whole life, but the first date is surely not the best time for all this natural stuff. But what should you do to get a second date?

1. Listen, ask and listen

Girls love interesting stories from men, but even more, they like to talk. If you don't allow your girlfriend to talk during your first date, she will never go on a second one with you. Don’t worry, if you feel that on your first date, you didn’t allow her to talk much. If she answers your calls and texts you back, then there is still time for you to fix this. To do that, first of all, during your phone conversations, you should allow her to talk more. Listen to her attentively and ask questions on the topic you are talking about.

2. Be nice and kind

The easiest thing you can do to get a second date with a girl is to be polite with others and kind with her. There is a stereotype that girls like “bad boys,” of course they do at some certain period of their lives, but we strongly recommend you avoid dating 13 years old girls. Women like to know that the men they date are normal and decent people since no one likes to deal with problems that reckless behavior may cause. On your first date, show her that you are one of those decent people, and your chances will rise significantly.

3. Pick up the check

Actually, there are no hard-and-fast rules on who should pay on the first date, but today we are talking not about social rules but about getting a second date. By covering the bill, you show a girl that you are seriously interested in her. Don’t worry, if everything has worked out nice, soon you will feel that she is the closest person for you in this world. Often partners share one budget. Thus, you won’t have to always pay for your dates with her. But for now, picking up the bill is the best way to show a girl that she is special for you. Ask her to share a bill only if you didn’t like the date and don’t want to see her again.

4. Let it be an active date

If you have no idea what to do on a second date, and it seems that you have discussed everything and ran out of topics on the first date, then you should search for new emotions on your second one. The ideal recipe for an active second date is to split it into two parts. The first part should be very active. For example, you may go to the zoo, amusement park or other places that you both like. And the second part should be calm, for example, in some café or restaurant. Thus, you will have new emotions, and you will be able to discuss topics from the first part during the second one.

5. Don’t wait for too long to invite her

Often, men are so afraid to look intrusive, so they wait for too long to invite their girls on second dates. On the other hand, girls who have faced this kind of men believe that those men didn’t like them and search for other people. Of course, you should never ask a girl to go on a second date right after the end of your first one. But don’t wait for longer than two days if you haven’t established an emotional contact and don’t chat with each other. Sometimes you may be busy with work, in such cases, you must let the girl know that you are interested in her, but unfortunately, don’t have time due to some serious reasons.

The Main Advice for a Second Date with a Girl

what should happen on a second dateAs you can see, dating is a very complex process. In fact, there are no unimportant things concerning dating. But there are some special matters, by paying attention to which you will raise your chances to establish relationships with a girl.

1. Don’t worry

When people worry, they make very stupid mistakes, and those mistakes may lead to a total disaster at the end. Often people are worried that they will feel worried. Thus, they worry just because they worry, and this turns into a cycle. Don’t allow this to happen. This is your second date, and a girl has agreed to meet with you for the second time because she liked your first date. Thus, now it all will be easier.

2. Be confident

Above anything else in men, girls like their confidence. By being confident, you show to the girl that you control the situation. In this case, even small mistakes seem completely normal, and no one will pay any attention to them. The most important thing in being confident is not to turn confidence into arrogance. No one likes arrogant people.

3. Don’t pretend

You might guess that you are not perfect. Often people want to show how cool they are even if they are not, and they start pretending to be someone else. However, pretending doesn’t mean being. If you want to change something in your life, you should take small steps, and step by step, you will change everything. But for now, it is better just to be yourself, even if you are not fully satisfied with yourself.

What should happen on a second date?

Nowadays, men, especially young guys, have no idea what should happen on a second date. Partly this happens because there are too many stereotypes about dating. Some “alpha-males” like to share on the Internet how they drag every girl they meet into the bed right after the first date, or even instead of it. Thus, less confident men believe that there is something wrong with them because their dates usually don’t end up this way. As you may have guessed, their self-confidence becomes even lower. Only one piece of advice can be given in this situation: don’t pay attention to any comments on the Internet. Most of those “alphas” write there about their phantasies and not about things that truly happened to them.

In the real world, it is better not to end your first date in bed, because you still need to get to know each other. Remember, the most important thing for both of you is to establish emotional contact. If you manage to do that, you will be able to spend the whole life together. So, according to all above mentioned, your second date should be active and interesting, but still, there should be time for calm conversation. As a result of the second date, you should definitely know whether you want to date this particular person or not.

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