What makes a woman happy

The article is devoted to the topic of how to keep your woman happy.

A happy family is a family in which a woman plays the role of a mother and wife. A woman is made happy not by her husband or children, not by her husband’s salary or the success of children. These things, of course, bring her joy, but the happiness of a woman lies in herself. And that's how it turns out. Accept your feminine nature: the nature of a woman is to harmonize the world around her, if not everything, then at least family relationships. A woman should understand that the head of the family is a man, and in no case should she assume unusual duties. A woman is born to give love and accept love, to support and inspire her husband and children, to help with advice, showing respect. To be feminine, soft.To be a reliable friend for each family member.

Making a Woman Happy: a Guide for Men

To love not only with the heart but also with the mind: many women, falling in love with the wrong men, naively believe that they will change. Far from it. In most cases, women are frustrated, they bear their resentment and regret the wasted power, and men begin to see in women grouchy and arrogant witches. So love is destroyed. You should always look to the future: is this person suitable for the role of a husband, can you live with him all his life, without wanting to change his character, habits, etc. Love will leave sooner or later, what will remain then?..

To receive the goodness of this world: if a woman is a goddess, she must live like a goddess, but this should not be confused with arrogance, pathos and greed. The goddess is the one who lives following her true nature. Such a woman deserves goodness and respect and has a full right to receive gifts, respect, attention and everything that brings her happiness.

To be able to be happy regardless of the situation, a woman, and a man too, should be able to let go, forgive and not to be bent on bad things. The ability to enjoy little things and be happy here and now is the key to success, health and joy.

To be able to get rid of stress, resentment, anger, envy, hatred, aggressiveness, fear, jealousy, etc. They expose our physical and mental health to negative attacks, which, being accumulated, manifest themselves in the form of various diseases. Take care of yourself: be neat, clean and smell good.

Do not waste your money on trifles: do not change partners like gloves. Real men will never pay attention to easily accessible girls.

To approach the issue of marriage very seriously: the most important female task is to get married to the right person, because not only her happiness depends on this, but also the happiness of her husband and future children.

The desire to save the family: the woman is the heart of the family, it is very important to bring harmony to the house 100%, to be a domestic goddess.

To perform women's work: a woman should be able to cook, wash, sew, look after children, etc. Thus she creates the coziness in the house that men want to find. Getting rid of bad habits: a woman who drinks, smokes, swears, eats a lot, etc. not only ruins their physical health but also loses its natural attractiveness in the eyes of other people.

How to make a woman happy: most important tips

How to keep a woman happy in a relationship? This is a complicated task. But we will help you cope with such a difficulty.

1. Tell her about love

Many men are not inclined to be frank and very rarely talk about love, even if they madly love their partner. Remember that women need to hear this, and those words must be sincere. If you do not like banal confessions, you can come up with some funny expressions of your own that only you and your beloved will understand. It will cheer up both of you and add happy moments.

2. Prove your love.

Every woman will be happy to hear sincere words of love, but the confirmation of these words in actions will make her even happier. It сoncerns not just expensive gifts. Enough care and attention, help in some affairs, fulfillment of requests, cute souvenirs or flowers, any surprises will be pleasant to her. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. And do not try to show jealousy - this is not a proof of love but an indicator of selfishness and self-doubt.

3. Learn to listen to her

Many men ignore the words of women, only pretending to listen. Try to listen and understand your sweetheart. Even if you are not very interested in her problems, you should be controlled by the desire to help your loved one. Listen to her and let her speak out, try to help somehow. This will remove the nervous tension from your communication too. Understanding that you want to help her, a woman will feel more relaxed, because you are her reliable support in life.

4. Consider the psychological characteristics.

Most women need to know where their man is and with whom. This is a psychological feature that a woman can hardly control. At the same time, men often feel the need to be alone or in the company of other people. Therefore, a man needs only to discuss with his beloved when and how long he will be absent. This will help to avoid conflicts and reproaches. However, there are women who also need to be alone sometimes or chat with other people, so in this case a man should give her that opportunity. It is important that both partners understand each other’s needs.

5. Give her the opportunity to be independent.

Some men try to solve all the problems for a woman. You should not do that. Leave a woman at least sometimes the right to choose and the right to make decisions, or learn how to solve problems together. Especially it concerns the choice of occupation in life - for example, to go to work or remain a housewife. After all, all women are different, and their choice must be respected.

Making a Woman Happy: a Guide for Men

6. Give her confidence in the future.

This need is inherent in nature itself - a woman needs to feel that she is near a reliable man who will always take care of her and the children, a man who is ready to make joint plans and seek their fulfillment.

7. Allow her to be weak.

Even if your woman manifests herself in public as a strong personality, then at least at home try to make her feel like a weak woman. Surround her with care and tenderness, make it clear that you are her reliance and support. Strong women can solve any problem easily without men, but they can only relax in the presence of really close and beloved men.

8. Create confidence that she is the best for you.

Let her know that she is the most beautiful and the best for you. This will give her confidence, and a confident woman is always a plus for a man. Appreciate her uniqueness, because all women are different. Let her understand that for you, she is special and unique, never compare her with others. Of course, all women are different. But if you learn to understand your woman, this is the first step towards a perfect happy relationship. If you have problems with understanding, follow these tips. Even if you do not understand your woman completely, try to surround her with love and care, appreciate her beliefs and character, give her the assurance that she is the one and ideal for you. You will notice how she will change. She will shine with happiness and will respond to you the same.

If both partners strive to make each other happy, then harmony will certainly come into the relationship.

Things to say to your girlfriend to make her happy

As you have already heard somewhere - girls love with their ears. They like when guys make compliments. But it should be understood that compliments can be different. Some of them may not be appropriate in this or that situation. Therefore, when you want to tell a girl the words that will make her happy, try to speak from the heart and the way you want it. After all, every girl is unique.

Think carefully about what you like about it most, what makes your heart beat faster. Maybe it's some kind of her cute habit, style of speech, behavior, or just a feature in appearance. Highlight this, tell her, and show how this feature positively affects you. The more unexpected a compliment is, the more it will impress the girl. Remember that everything should be in moderation. You can tell a girl something very pleasant and unexpected.

All the phrases below really work. However, use them at the right time.

# 1 Communicating with you makes me think about the theory of kindred souls.

# 2 I cannot imagine my life without you.

# 3 How do you always manage to look so attractive?

# 4 I feel happy next to you.

# 5 You always know how to surprise me.

# 6 You're so cute when you smile.

# 7 I dreamed about you last night.

# 8 I'm crazy about your smell.

# 9 You're so cool when you dance!

# 10 When I see your smile, my mood rises to heaven.

Making a Woman Happy: a Guide for Men

# 11 And why did I meet you just now?

# 12 You are the most beautiful girl I've ever met.

# 13 Your eyes are so deep and expressive that I just drown in them.

# 14 Your love for me makes me move mountains every day.

# 15 You are very cute when you sleep.

Now you know how to make your girlfriend happy

How to make a woman happy in bed

Of course, all women have different sex habits, but there are a few points that almost every girl will approve.

1. Care and equal effort

A woman is not your hand or masturbator. You cannot use her body to meet your needs, and then roll over on the other side, assuming that she also had a great time.

2. Orgasm

Sex should not be limited to male orgasm. If you are not capable of anything after, take care of her pleasure before your finish. In the end, if you know for sure that you will get your satisfaction, don't you really want your partner to get hers too?

3. Contraception

We must understand that, sex involves the use of a condom. Do not look surprised when it comes to it, and do not try to get rid of it in the process. At such moments, the session of love simply ends.

4. Communication

Sometimes silent sex works. But most often, the words gives pleasure to a woman. This, in particular, concerns situations when a partner asks what she wants.

5. Clean bed

In fact, it is very difficult to relax and have fun when you are surrounded by shreds of wool, dirt and the smell of laundry.

6. Foreplay

Sex is not a sprint. The truth is you can have a great time studying each other and reaching mutual pleasure.

7. Realistic expectations

How many times have you been told that sex in life and sex in porn are two different realities? But still there are guys who are trying to repeat with an ordinary girl what they see on the screen (for example, to do spontaneous anal sex). Don't do that.

How to make a pregnant woman happy

Perhaps you have been waiting for this moment for a very long time and accepted the news about the pregnancy of your beloved gladly. In addition, a whole mountain of information that you cannot digest has fallen on your head, and the same mountain of complaints about the fact that you “don’t understand anything, you don’t like me, I’m fat.” So how do you make a pregnant woman happy?

- to begin with, you need to let her know that your child is wanted for both. Give it to her with words of gratitude for the wonderful news and she will melt. For a time, until the hormones start their revolution in her body.

- a good dad tries to be as close as possible to the future mom during all visits to the doctor. Naturally, some dads have busy schedules and a weekly visit to the women`s consultation clinic can hardly be squeezed into it.

- be involved in the pregnancy of your woman. Your mission did not end at the moment of conception. In addition, pregnant women often have a period of absent-mindedness, forgetfulness, and long-lasting stupidity. Do not be surprised. A placenta pulls the attention of the brain. Therefore, a pregnant wife can put the keys in the freezer, burn a hole in your shirt when ironing and forget about your own visit to the doctor. Therefore, watch over her and help if necessary;

- take care of yourself. Hormones are raging and her head is all messed up: the nest should be set up, work should be done, diapers should be bought, a doctor should be visited, a toilet every 20 minutes, etc. As you can see, her schedule is tight now, so don’t be an asshole and learn to take care of yourself — prepare or warm up the food yourself, finally find out where clean underpants are, learn how to wash and hang out the laundry. If you can wash the floor, you are the best husband in the world;

- since most women have nausea in the morning during the first trimester (and some at any time of the day all nine months), help her cope with this terrible condition. Believe me, this is really terrible - she is very hungry, but she is sick of the thought of food or any smell. Absolutely any. You can help her by making her ginger tea, water with lemon, or any other remedy recommended by the doctor;

- do not forget to be interested in what is happening with her body now. Read about the course of pregnancy, how the fetus develops every week, and what changes occur within the mother's body. You must be ready to recognize contractions and know when to take your wife to the hospital. Just do not forget to read a little or ask your "brothers" about the postpartum period and what will happen after your return from the hospital;

- let her sleep while she is pregnant. It is not easy for her to sleep with this huge belly and constant trips to the toilet. Therefore, if she falls asleep during a conversation or at dinner, just cover her rug and let her take a nap. Soon the dream will disappear from her life for a while;

- tell her how beautiful she is. Even if she has really gained a lot of weight in the last stages of pregnancy or looks at you with an angry look. She is a deity who will give you a son or daughter, and now she is going through a very difficult period both physically and emotionally. And it is hard for her to look at herself in the mirror – she misses normal clothes, shoes with heels and not swollen legs. Tell her that she is the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world – she will be pleased, even if she knows that you just want to please her;

- and remember, only a caring husband makes a good dad.

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