What is a Blind Date?

Usually, you know someone for a while, and when you get the feeling that you like that person, you ask him or her out on a date. Usually, you pick someone from your college or from your work. Sometimes it may be a friend of your friends whom you don't know that well. But that's what never happens on a blind date. Moreover, you would be surprised to learn that you engage in blind dating more frequently that you might have thought. So, let's figure out what a blind date is.

what is a blind date

So, what's a blind date? Initially, it was a date set by the mutual acquaintance of both parties. It can be your and your blind date mate's friend or your relative who happens to know your future date mate. Mainly your friends or relatives pick someone who corresponds, at least to their minds, to your ideas of a perfect partner. But that tradition started to fade around sixty years ago. Friends and relatives started to lose their influence over the dating market. And twenty years ago, this tradition died almost completely. Actually, it hasn't died of natural causes, but was killed off by the arrival of the Internet and the appearance of the online dating services.

Probably the thought that online dating services are basically blind date services never occurred to you. While you may think that online chatting helps you discover the person, it actually doesn't. Need a proof? Okay! Remember, even when you ask out a person whom you know from your work or from your college, you discover a lot of things about your crush that you've never imagined. That's why certain dates end up without any results. You have certain ideas about your crush, but you may discover something that would confuse you. There are thousands of blind date stories that end the same way. Your chat mate seems absolutely adequate while chatting. But as soon as you see this person face to face, it turns out that your online mate is way more demanding, hysterical, and stupid in real life than in virtual reality.

How to Set Up a Great Blind Date

Okay, we've mentioned the horrors of blind dates where your pen-crush turns out to be not as romantic and interesting as they seemed online, but that doesn't mean that only your online mate can screw your date. Quite often you may be the real reason why your blind date failed. You may turn out to be not as interesting as online, and you may crack some stupid jokes that may leave your date mate unimpressed. That's the reason why the Internet is full of articles on blind date advice. You never know what to expect going on a blind date, and while we cannot advise you anything for your date to have the desirable outcome, we can help you with how to not screw it up. So, let's dig in our blind date tips.

On the Web

Wait, what? Aren't we talking about how to make my blind date go smoothly? Yes, we are, and if you want your blind date to go perfectly, you need to mind a few things while signing your blind date app.

1. Don't Lie. There is one rule, which you should follow. You should never lie about yourself. If you suffer from the lack of confidence in real life, there is no need to show any bravado while you are chatting. Your pen-mate may be expecting someone cocky to appear on the blind date, and seeing a sissy boy would only disappoint her.

blind date service2. Don't Try to Be Someone Else. Don't try showing yourself as someone whom you are not. There is no need to pretend smarter than you are. Yep, Google may be a great help to pretend Mr. Know-It-All while chatting. But as soon as you are on your blind date, your Mr. Know-It-All persona comes crashing down. Needless to say that your date-mate will stay unimpressed and disappointed.

3. Use our Own Contemporary Photos. Yep, you are online, thus you can lie a bit about everything. And your appearance is no exception. Some people use photos of celebrities, while others use photos of their younger selves as their profile pictures. The truth will be revealed on the blind date, and your date mate won't be happy to learn that you are ten to twenty years older than your online persona.

Preparations for Your Blind Date

Now, after learning the rules to follow online, let's dig into preparation for your blind date.

1. Neutral Expectations. You need to set your expectation to neutral, as you are going to meet a person with whom you were chatting online and nothing more. There is no point in thinking that you are about to meet the love of your life if you want to avoid disappointments. Still, you should pay close attention to what your blind date-mate thinks about you. You may not end up together, but you are going to learn a thing or two about yourself that may help you on your next blind date.

2. Plan Your Date. When you are ready to ask your pen pal out, make sure that you have a clear plan of what you are going to do on your first date. Even if you first date involves just having a cup of coffee, you must have an idea about which cafe you are going to pick. If you say something like “we'll see”, it would only show that you are not that interested in a date. If you want to ask your Internet mate to the cinema, you need to ask what he or she would prefer to watch, otherwise, it would show that you are more interested in a movie rather than in your date-mate.

3. Dress in the Right Way. It doesn't mean that you must look like a fashion icon, but you need to dress to impress. You need to pick the outfit that would make you look stunning. But the outfit must be comfortable too, as it would help to keep your date-mate intrigued and thinking about the possibility of the second date. Mind that you need to leave an open question on whether you dressed that well to impress your date-mate or you wear something like that on a regular basis.

What to Do on a Blind Date

While the Internet is full of articles that can give you thousands of good blind date ideas we think that you can limit your variants to three.

1. Cafe or Restaurant. While it may seem quite a banal idea, cafe or restaurant is the perfect place for your blind date. You need to have a normal conversation to find out whether you are as charming as you seemed while chatting online. That's why you need to make sure that the cafe or restaurant that you pick is a quiet place, as loud music may distract both of you from your conversation. Thus, pick a cafe with a romantic atmosphere and not a loud club. A loud club may give your date-mate an impression that you are more interested in the place, rather than him or her.

2. Cinema. Cinema is generally considered to be a choice for cowards, as if you don't know what to talk about, you can always discuss a movie that you've just had watched. As we've mentioned above, you need to ask your pen-date what movie he or she would like to see. After the film, you can go for a walk or to a cafe or restaurant to discuss the movie.

3. Go for a Walk. Now, remember that we've told you about having a plan? That's why you need it. You may suggest your date to watch a movie, or to have a dinner at some cafe or go for a walk in the park, but you can have it all on your blind date. Everything depends on how interesting your date-mate turned out to be. The best variant is a movie – a cafe – a walk in the park. If your date-mate turned out to be uninteresting, you may just say goodbye after the movie. If you think that you might work out, take your prospective partner to a cafe or restaurant. And if everything goes fine on your dinner, you can have a walk in the park to sum up your date.

Questions to Ask on a Blind Date

going on a blind date Another relevant topic that you need to dig in before going on a blind date is questions to ask. Right questions may help you figuring out a lot of things about your date-mate and keep the conversations rolling, while wrong questions may kill off the mere possibility of your relationship's development. So, let's dig into the questions to ask on a blind date without further ado.

1. How Was Your Day? Wait, what? It's kinda stupid and banal… Yes, it is, but this question helps you figure out whether your date-mate has a positive or negative attitude. It is important, as, regarding whether you are better off with people with negative or positive attitude, you can decide to give this possible relationship a chance or not.

2. Do You Like Your Job? It also helps you figure out what kind of person you are on a date with. If your date-mate bursts out into complaining about the job that he or she is doing for five years, it's a sign that you are on a date with a person who simply doesn't know what he or she wants. On the other hand, if person embarks on a long story about how passionate he or she is about his or her work, you cannot help but wonder whether there will be a place for you in this person's life.

3. Tell Me About Your Friends. When you are entering a relationship with a person, you are also entering a relationship with their friends. You know, as a Mexican proverb goes “Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are”. Figuring out who your date-mate's friends are may help you measure your interest in your relationship with a person like that.

A Blind Conclusion

A blind date is always a risk of disappointment, as you never know the outcome. Still, following our tips can save you from making a fool of yourself on your first blind date. Of course, when you think about a date you are more into taking chances than following rules. So, the main rule you should follow is keeping your expectations neutral, as, nowadays, ending up the date without feeling completely disappointed is already a great achievement.

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