We often skip foreplay and often jump right into business. And we generally end up in shrink's cabinet complaining about how unsatisfied we feel sexually. Well, some people get really surprised when their shrink suggests that they start a sexual act with foreplay. It turns out that a lot of people don't even know what foreplay means.

sexual foreplay

What is Foreplay?

Yes, it may sound strange, but a lot of people don't know what foreplay is. Foreplay generally means all the sexual activities that precede intercourse. Foreplay includes kisses, caresses, touches, rubbing, spanking, licking, humping and so on. Sometimes, you can include oral sex there, but only if you see fellatio, cunnilingus and analingus as side dishes or starters. There are couples that prefer oral sex to intercourse, therefore you can't always call blowjob the foreplay. And before you go on saying that foreplay is something not for you, you need to think about your girlfriend. For her, foreplay can be the whole point of the sex. So, next time you should think whether you really want to skip nibbling earlobes, fingering her vagina, letting her finger your ass, stroking her clitoris or letting her stroke your penis, spanking her ass or letting her play with your testicles, just remember it may be "the whole point of sex" for her.

How Long Should Foreplay Last?

Now it's time to figure out how long the foreplay should last. Definitely shorter than the intercourse, you would think, but how long does your typical intercourse last? Romance books generally claim that good sex generally lasts for hours and hours, but it's time to face the truth, your intercourse is most likely to last around twenty minutes. On the average, intercourse lasts from 15 to 17 minutes. Which means that if you want to spend an hour on your sexual activity, you can devote up to 45 minutes to hot foreplay. What's the point, you may ask, well, there is one thing that you definitely need to learn.

The longer your passionate foreplay lasts the better your orgasm would be. Yes, it may sound strange, but the extended foreplay before actual sex helps achieving the intense full-body orgasm. So, rub her nipples, let her stroke you and lick your anus. Perform oral sex on each other, spank each other. Do it as long as you can before you move to intercourse. Let her play with your testicles. Stimulate her clitoris. Do anything to achieve the best foreplay. Talk dirty to each other if it helps. Make each other passionate erotic massage to turn each other on. And then you can move to intercourse that would lead to the extreme and unforgettable orgasm.

But if you are a lazy one and you still don't like the whole idea of the foreplay (why the hell you are still reading this article, then?) we have some advice for you. One of the best tips that you may get – for women, 15 minutes of rubbing her nipples can be just enough for the best foreplay.

Types of Foreplay

Well, after learning the importance of the foreplay, it's time to dive into the foreplay tips. While there are different types of foreplay, we've decided to focus on those that would definitely work. So, let's check out the best foreplay types without further ado.

passionate foreplay1. Kissing and Caressing

"Wait, what? I thought you would tell me about something that we don't usually do"... Now, wait a minute, okay? Just because you generally kiss and hug each other before sex that doesn't mean that you do it in a proper way. Mind that before kissing you should brush your teeth, because otherwise your kiss may lead to disgust. So, start with kissing and then caress her gently. Start with soft kisses, until you build up to the momentum – generally you can feel it – to start a real action with deep french kissing and strong hugging.

2. Breasts Action

We've already mentioned rubbing the nipples, but don't limit yourself to that. Kiss her breasts, touch them, lick them, suck them. Do whatever you want, her moaning will let you know whether you are doing it right or not. Mind that women breasts are very sensitive, so basically, you don't have to do much to turn her on. Sometimes, gentle touches are just enough.

3. Vaginal Stimulation

"So, won't you go down, where all life begins..." sang Madonna in one of the songs from her "Erotica" album. Women love when you go down there. There is one problem, though: men often like to do it rough, but you should start slowly. You can touch her crotch through clothes, at first. Then through her panties, and then, when you take them off, you can start fingering. Finger her vagina, lick it, stroke her clitoris, it would definitely turn her on.

4. Breakfast

"Wait, what? When did breakfast became sexual activi...", we will explain, just be patient. Not all types of foreplay are down to sexual activities. If you want to have morning sex, the best foreplay will be surprising her with cooking her breakfast and bringing it to bed. That would definitely turn her on and she would thank you with an unforgettable sex.

5. Stripper Moves

Another thing that can easily turn your girlfriend on is stripper moves. You don't have to be a professional stripper, but learning a few moves to impress her before bed can be quite a good idea. I guess, no one will get surprised upon learning that "Magic Mike" mainly attracted female audiences. So, start learning stripper moves. Aside from impressing your girlfriend, who knows, maybe you'll start a career in striptease.

Foreplay Techniques

Now, after learning the types of foreplay, you need to learn how to do it right. In order to help you, we've collected tips on the best foreplay techniques that will simply drive her mad and lead to an intense and terrific sexual experience for both of you. So, let's check them out without further ado.

1. Pleasure Is Never Enough

Women are different, sometimes it takes just a few minutes to make her cum, sometimes it takes light years to make her reach orgasm. And men try their best to find that spot or that right move to make her satisfied, which eventually leads them to commit the most common mistake with foreplay. Upon learning her soft spot men try their best to hit it harder and harder, more and more, and then they get surprised why sex doesn't go all that well. Well, she's already tired by that moment. Now, ask yourself what people want the most? Right, the things that they can't get. So, upon learning her favorite move in foreplay, use it not that often. Give her pleasure, but make sure that it is never enough of it. Only this will make her yearn for more, and make the intercourse better.

2. Physical Barriers

Now, we have to return to the question what people want the most. We want something that we can't get. And we hate things that are in the way of our cravings. Creating physical barriers can work as the best foreplay ever and make her want to jump your bones. The best way is to touch her through clothes. Licking and kissing her body through clothes. It would make her lose control completely and beg you for the intercourse. Try it when undressing before sex. Don't let her take her clothes off, while touching and kissing her. Believe it or not, most likely she's going to cum even before you've managed to touch her skin directly.

3. Teasing

If you're a man and not an industrial jackhammer that keeps on pounding as hard and as fast as it can, you should put more thought into things that lead to actual penetration. If you want an unforgettable sexual experience for you and your girlfriend, you should make her beg for your next move. Even if your foreplay made her cum, it doesn't mean that you should give up or get inside of her immediately. Put your penis between her vaginal lips and start moving it up and down, without entering her. It would make her anticipate your entrance. Then you can rub your penis against her clitoris, and continue doing that until she comes again or starts begging you to enter her. You can play with it a bit longer, like getting inside her and then taking out your penis the very next second. Give it enough time before starting the actual intercourse, she would love it. And you would love it as well.

different types of foreplayForeplay Ideas

After learning the types and techniques of foreplay, it is time to think about different foreplay ideas that would make your intercourse unforgettable. Now, here are some of the best foreplay ideas that really work for most of the couples. Mind that not all of them, again, are down to sexual activities.

1. Relive Your Best Moments

If you are together for quite a long time, visiting a place where you've met or where anything significant for you happened can work as a great foreplay. Maybe once you had a great sex in the toilet of the cafe which you both enjoyed? Then going to that cafe can easily work as the best foreplay for the things that you are about to do at night. Actually, who knows, maybe you'd like to try it in the toilet again? Anyway, reliving the best moments from your past is one of the best foreplay ideas.

2. Start Outside the Bedroom

Initiating foreplay in your kitchen or in the living room is a great idea. It makes your sex spontaneous. When you are together for quite a long time, everything becomes part of the routine. You go to the bedroom, and most likely you are going to have sex there. Kiss or caress your girlfriend in the kitchen or anywhere outside the bedroom, talk dirty to her, spank her. It would add certain level of excitement to your prospective intercourse.

3. Act Out a Fantasy

You both have certain sexual fantasies. Why not try to materialize them? Write your fantasies down and the one you pick is the one you have to act out for your partner. Yep, one of those foolish and kinda awkward foreplay games for couples do their work. Of course, you may feel like an idiot for the first few seconds, but then you'd get really into it.

Tip of the Iceberg

Of course, everything above-mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can learn about foreplay. Use our tips or dig some other articles on foreplay. Follow our instructions or create your own. You can act out your partner's fantasy or you can make the foreplay a whole-day event, sending your girlfriend suggestive text all day long. Do whatever you want but remember that foreplay is an important part of sexual activity, and sometimes it's the key element to a fantastic orgasm.

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