Sagittarius women are difficult not to notice, they are bright, peculiar, and always attract the attention of others. They love abundance in everything, are not afraid to experiment, combine bold colors, but at the same time, they stay gracious and feminine. Representatives of this sign are characterized by fast, wide movements, so they love being in the public eye. That is not a surprise men fall for Sagittarius so often. If you are interested in the best match for Sagittarius woman or want to know how to conquer their heart, the advice given in this article will surely help you.

dating a Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius woman traits

Those who at least once met women of this sign of the zodiac know that these people are characterized by open-mindedness and straightforwardness. However, their sincerity often becomes a reason for other people with the idealist perception of the world to be offended at their views.

These girls and women cannot boast the stereotypical "female" character traits such as softness and diplomacy, as submission and shyness are not about Sagittarius women. Their freedom-loving attitude often prevents them from doing any boring activity. So, how to date a Sagittarius woman? You should stay interesting for them and come up with new activities and surprises.

The leadership of this zodiac sign helps them achieve significant success and professional growth. They are responsible and carry out their duties on the highest level. It does not matter what position the woman-Sagittarius occupies.

What is her type of job? Only the one that brings joy and feeling of pleasure, that is when a Sagittarius woman personality can open in the complete dedication. However, there is also the other side of the coin: if a Sagittarius employee suddenly loses interest in her work, she can quit it without completing it.

It is very important to have a flexible work schedule for representatives of this fire sign: so they can plan their time and not get tired of the task. One of the characteristic features of Sagittarius is their versatility combined with hard work. They can work in several directions simultaneously, combining different positions or even occupations.

Sagittarius woman in love

Sagittarius women are passionate and emotional. They have an inner feel of attraction about them and are able to take the communication with the opposite sex easy and naturally. However, such straightforwardness in behavior does not mean readiness for proximity. So, do not be too forceful with these women, otherwise, you will be quickly rejected. Because of her openness, such a girl can be the soul of a party, yet dating a Sagittarius woman is hard and tricky if you are not ready to put up with their spontaneous antics.

Nevertheless, these ladies will never let you get bored. How does a Sagittarius woman act when in love? Just as quickly as their interest in a person burns up wild, they can cool down in their feelings for a person even faster.

When at home, the representatives of this zodiac sign may seem a bit careless, since routine household duties make them tired and they are not likely to be interested in the commonplace work. Many Sagittarius feel comfortable without a partner. 

how to get a Sagittarius woman

They are in no hurry to get married. These ladies are self-confident and self-sufficient even more than the majority of men being interested in how to attract a Sagittarius woman. It will be very difficult to conquer the heart of such a woman, only she can decide whether to give it to you or not. When creating a family, this woman should know that she will not be restricted in her hobbies and that she will not have to leave her favorite job.

It is difficult for the Sagittarius to maintain a serious relationship for a long time, as evidenced by the fact that the level of divorce among them is higher than that of representatives of any other sign. For many Sagittarians, marriage, even outwardly happy, is hard work, because their independent nature resists any ties, and the desire for new experiences is poorly combined with loyalty and continuity.

In addition, the Sagittarius usually have their own system of values, which does not all coincide with that adopted in society; sometimes it is difficult for them to find a partner who would be ready to live "not like everyone else", and very soon a harmony struggles to defend their own ideals. How to get a Sagittarius woman? Let her choose you herself.

In order to ensure that romantic relationships are not left to them for later, the representatives of this sign must be very attentive to their true emotional needs. Sagittarius women are hard to mislead, but sometimes, being in love, they sacrifice their own desires and aspirations for those who they believe is that one chosen person. This is a direct path to internal disharmony, the consequence of which is either an open conflict or a cooling of relations leading to a split. The best advice for them would be to remember to look for a common language with a partner and not to accept compromises before they understand what is to be lost personally and whether there is something they are winning from.

It is also important to mention that Sagittarius women, as a rule, are endowed not only with sensuality and emotional openness but also with an extraordinary intelligence. So that the representatives of this sign will only win, provided they do not blindly trust their untrustworthy beloved ones - a little discretion and calmness will be useful to anyone who wants to avoid serious mistakes.

How to know if a Sagittarius woman loves you

A liberated, sometimes frivolous and funny Sagittarius, falling in love, becomes completely different. Some kind of harshness and a tendency to jealousy arises in her character, and, in general, her abilities to act decisively and not to be afraid go to the background. That is why it is not hard to know how to tell if a Sagittarius woman likes you.

They are endowed with strong characters and can keep their confidence in any situation, not being emotionally dependent on their partner. So, when a Sagittarius woman ignores you, chances she likes you still exist, do not take it too personally. For Sagittarius, the greatest advice would be not to lose your independence, keep your own interests; sometimes it is necessary to keep a "private territory" even in the most trusting and close relationships, because it is what your comfort depends on. The real threat to both love relationships and your personal development may be the loss of individuality. Remember that no matter how strongly you are attached to your chosen one, it is important to save your personality. We must admit that the Sagittarians rarely choose partner with despotic tendencies, it is easy for them to be intuitively guessing when there is a danger to their own liberty, so they are not likely to become a victim of a manipulator or a master of psychological traps and intrigues.

Sagittarius woman in bed

Like in everything else, in sex, a woman-Sagittarius is active, temperamental, resourceful, emotional and open. All this makes representatives of the sign beautiful lovers. The situation turns complicated when their partner does not approve of their passion and desire to experiment. Because Sagittarius woman sexually are very active and confident.

Sagittarius women tend to reach the change in their sexual impressions by changing a partner rather than improving relationships with those who have already become the victim of their charm.

The number of sexual partners of such a woman is usually large, and the point here is that people easily fall for them. 

how to date a Sagittarius woman

Fear of boredom, so typical of the Sagittarius, also manifests itself in their sexual life. In this case, the Sagittarians rarely suggest making a change about something in a relationship themselves, but they take up the ideas of their partner with visible enthusiasm.

Sagittarius woman compatibility

The tendency to make important decisions without thinking much affects the family life of many Sagittarius: they marry very early without listening to any advice, and then, even frustrated, they do not dare to break the ties that they are bound with. The thing is that people of this sign are very proud and would rather torture themselves and others than admit a mistake.

While the question of how to date a Sagittarius can be somehow answered, when it comes to marriage, everything gets only worse. Women born under the Sagittarius sign do not seek marriage. Independence is the synonym of freedom for them, so their romantic partners should not try to take over them or dominate in any way. Women of this sign tend to value erudition rather than external attractiveness or passion in their beloved.

The family life with Sagittarius is very unstable: after the periods of romantic passion, there are scandals. At the same time, Sagittarians usually do not know how to correct their mistakes. The biggest thing they are capable of is to make a guilty face. Sagittarius do not mind playing games with their beloved ones, but they do not tolerate such an attitude for serious when it comes to themselves. Direct criticism offends them greatly, but if a Sagittarius is in a bad mood, she can make a problem out of nothing and threat you with the breakup.

The Sagittarius may seem unpredictable in marriage, but the point here is that they are rather used to hiding their deepest feelings and weak sides even from their beloved ones, and free out their feelings only when it is too late to correct the mistakes.

The most suitable for the Sagittarius girl are representatives of other fire signs, which are the Lion and the Aries. These people are as much independent, active, and self-confident. Men of these signs will perfectly understand and complement a Sagittarius woman without restraining her freedom. Their attitude towards family life and the upbringing of children will also coincide in most cases.

Taurus, Virgo and, Capricorns are unlikely to fit the Sagittarius wild character and requirements. Representatives of earthly signs, as a rule, are not sufficiently active for such a temperamental and restless personality, so they will just get tired and it is the matter of the time when they will run away from Sagittarius as fast as they can.

In general, Sagittarians are used to feeling liberated, so their husbands should be ready to give their beloved the initiative to make important decisions as often as they would do it themselves. In order to attract the attention of such a woman, you need to be an interesting, creative, and, at the same time, a patient person. If you put up with her unstable character, the Sagittarius woman will reward you with love as passionately as you could possibly imagine.


What are the best matches for Sagittarius woman?
 1. Lion and the Aries male partners are the best matches or a Sagittarius girl. Their active lifestyle and open mind comply with the best way for these women.
What are the key Sagittarius women's personality traits?
 The main thing to understand about Saggitarius women is their straightforwardness and independence. So, these ladies demand much attention and respect in relationships. Remember, they may be huge freedom-lovers, so when dating a Saggitarius woman you need to find a very special approach.
What are the worst matches for Sagittarius woman?
Despite the similarity in outlooks on life and the desire to experiment, a romantic relationship between a Sagittarius woman and a Gemini man ends quickly. It may seem to a lady that such a partner is not strong and responsible enough. And for him, the Sagittarius woman may seem too demanding. Also, a Sagittarius girl will never be in a relationship with a male Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus, since there is no place for a miracle in such relationships.
What does a Sagittarius woman love?
A Sagittarius woman loves noisy parties, walking with a loved one, and can spend many hours reading. Also, Sagittarius women love traveling so much that they can go to another country, taking only a toothbrush and a camera. Career is in the first place for them only if they do what they love. If this is not the case, then the Sagittarius woman tries to achieve success in another sphere of life (self-development, marriage, raising children).
What does a Sagittarius woman hate?
A Sagittarius woman hates when someone criticizes her actions and does not tolerate the suppression of her emotionality and restriction of freedom. If a partner tries to violate her personal space or destroy the existing system of her values (for example, when a man begins to demand a minute-by-minute report on how she spent time, with whom she communicated, on what things she spent money, etc), she will end this relationship without regret.
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