You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife. This is what the Tenth Commandment says. But what to do if you fell for a woman and only then noticed a ring on her finger? The answer is: go seduce her. Many men are scared of married women. They either don’t want to ruin someone’s family or think that flirting with a married woman is a real challenge. However, it turns out that 90% of married women cheat on their spouses. Of course, according to official statistics, the percentage will be much lower as most women prefer to conceal their affairs.

How do you seduce a married woman? It’s easier than you may think. You just need to pick the right strategy and be aware of certain rules.

how to seduce married women

Why married women don’t mind being seduced

Reasons are quite obvious. After 5 and more years of married life, women get tired of the routine. Things aggravate if this is not a happy marriage, if her spouse doesn’t show enough attention and interest in her life, if they communicate poorly, if she wants to be desired and experience vivid emotions. There are families in which husbands are often away from home. So women start looking for someone who’ll save them from loneliness. They want the man who’ll appreciate their beauty and sexuality, who’ll give them what they lack in their married life. That’s why your task as a seducer is to show that you can give her what her spouse can’t give her – passionate sex and romance.

Other factors that can induce a married woman to have an affair include:

A favorable occasion. Women rarely plan adultery. Usually, it happens accidentally. If a woman has this idea deep down, she’ll succumb to it when a man, different from her husband, appears in her life.

Parents’ example. According to psychologists and physiologists, there is a clear tendency towards ‘following into parents’ steps’ among the adult children. If a kid or teenager witnessed unfaithfulness in their family, they may conclude that it’s a normal behavior in family.

The woman initiates intimacy in a marriage. If a woman is a leader in bed, she is prone to cheating. Especially if she is over 40. Such women have a different idea of the initiative in sex than younger women who are ready to wait until the man makes the first move.

Her friend’s example. Girls share the facts of their sexual life with their friends. If a woman has some married female friends who cheated on their husbands, she’ll want to try it herself. Great sexual experience before marriage. The more sexual partners a woman had before she married one exclusive partner, the higher the possibility of adultery. However, if she had few partners or her husband is her only sexual partner, she may be also interested in getting experience on the side.

If you think of how to seduce a happily married woman, you should give up this thought, especially if it’s a young married couple. Shortly after the wedding, she is focused only on her hubby and doesn’t pay attention to other men. She gets what she wants from this relationship as passion and romance are still present in their life.

How to know if a married woman likes you

Girls know how to be very mysterious, and sometimes it’s pretty hard to tell what they really think about you. But when you’re dealing with a married woman, things get much more complicated. You can understand that she likes you if you look closely at her behavior:

  • If a married woman’s into you, she’ll always answer your messages immediately, even if she’s busy.
  • Stickers and emojis can also tell a lot. They may not mean much to you, but if a woman bombards you with stickers, this is a clear hint that she wants to get to know you better.
  • She often asks for help or advice she willingly listens to. This means that she subconsciously evaluates you as protector and partner.
  • She’s actively interested in your life, asking questions about your past, future, and views. She wants to know how your day went.

You may not always notice some of these signs due to the lack of personal communication or the peculiarities of the temperament of your married companion.

how do you seduce a married woman

Where to find married women?

Practically everywhere. The best places where you can meet married women are your office, bars, clubs, dating sites/apps.

If you’re in a bar, it’s quite easy to spot a married woman who came here to find someone for a fling. She’ll be sitting alone, looking around, trying to attract the attention of some man who could make her evening brighter. Usually, women in their 30s and 40s fall under this category. The thing is, women are at their sexual peak at this age, and if they are not satisfied in their marriage, they will look for satisfaction elsewhere. Such women are thirsty for love and men’s attention.

How to seduce a married woman at work

If you want to seduce your married coworker, you should learn more about her and her relationship with her husband. The best way to this is to be more observant and have good relations with those coworkers who can provide you some valuable information about her. You’ll have a general idea of her married life by overhearing snatches of her conversations with female colleagues as well as her phone calls. And if you have someone who interacts with her regularly, you can elicit some valuable facts from them.

You’ll need to create a fruitful ground for your seduction strategy. It’s already great that you are not total strangers. You work shoulder to shoulder and you see each other regularly. It creates favorable circumstances for your active actions. However, you shouldn’t rush things. If you ask her to go for a drink, she’ll see what you’re getting at. It’s a very overt hint. Even if she likes you, it’s important for her to justify herself in front of other colleagues and, primarily, in front of herself.

Pretend that you need her help. This is a good excuse to get closer. Discussing a new project, you can show your interest in her by praising her professional skills, making safe compliments, showing your respect. This will arouse certain emotions in her and make her look at you not as at just a coworker but an interesting man. When you feel that the connection is established, you can stop looking for excuses to be together with her. You can finally ask her out. You should be prepared for some obstacles: sex with another man is not an easy decision for a married woman. She can be attracted to you emotionally because she likes those conversations with you and the way you make her feel. But you constantly think how to seduce a married woman sexually. Give her time. She needs to get used to the idea of physical cheating.

Also, most married women are not interested in serious relationships on the side. They prefer to have a fling and know that they can put an end to it whenever they want. That’s why they will test how strong you’re attached to this affair. The most popular test is to reject your offer to meet or to have sex and watch your reaction. If, despite her rejection, you keep being the same positive guy who gives her a palette of emotions, it will add you extra points. If you show that her rejection hurt you, you’ll only demonstrate you’re weak and needy.

Before you begin to take steps to seduce a married woman, you should make sure that the following two conditions are present:

  1. You like her.
  2. You feel she is ready to cheat on her husband because she doesn’t have strong feelings for him (this condition is necessary for those guys who are concerned about the moral side of seducing a married woman).

How to seduce a married woman with text messages

According to one of the how to seduce a married woman tips, you shouldn’t send messages to your coworker because you see each other every day so your gradual steps to seduction should start with live communication. Text messages are appropriate if you want to seduce the married lady you met, for instance, at the bar and took her phone number. Of course, real seduction is the one practiced face to face, but before you arrange your date, where you’ll be able to apply your art of seduction, you should keep the flame between your burning sending her text messages thus making her feel special and wanted.

The first one should be sent the same day you met. After you get home, text her something like: “Hey Gloria. It’s Ben. Talk to you soon.” This will be a proof that you didn’t get her number for fun but you really got interested in her.

Here is a more detailed instruction on how to seduce married women with text messages:

Send a blank SMS. On the next day, you can send her a blank message just to remind her of yourself. If she replies to it, she is in the game.

Keep her waiting. Don’t reply to her message straight away. Play sort of hard to get. If you immediately text back, it’s a sign for her that you’re desperate and she doesn’t want this kind of lover.

Use emojis. But use them moderately. They are great to show your playful mood and indicate the intonation.

Banter with her. Usually, women are very careful when texting. If you noticed an error, a typo, or autocorrect nonsense in her message, tease her with it. It’s a good flirting strategy.

Consider timing. Don’t bother her with your messages if you know she might be busy at this very time. Instead of seducing her, you’ll only annoy her.

Control your dirty talk. She is a married woman and you won’t impress her by sexting. Well, later, after you get horizontal, you’ll exchange hot messages, but it’s a bad idea before you even go on a first date.

Don’t be flirtatious all the time. Flirting and light chatting is important but you should also make some of your messages informative and meaningful to get to know your woman better.

how to seduce a married woman with touch

How to seduce a married woman with words

You seduce women with words, attitude, and body language. This whole range of seduction tools can be used during your meetings.

Speak in a low voice. Very often, what you say is not as important as how you say it. Women love it when men speak in a chest voice and don’t speak very loudly. It’s very seductive.

Flood her with compliments. The best words to seduce a married woman are compliments. Men start taking their spouses for granted after marriage and forget to say nice words to them. Do what her husband doesn’t do – make her bathe in your compliments. Praise her appearance, her character, her achievements.

Get her addicted to your company. Make her laugh, be cheerful, have fun wherever you go with her. She needs those emotions she receives during your meetings.

Be seductive. You ask yourself: “How do I seduce a married woman?” By being seductive! It means you should dress sharp, use pleasant cologne, wear a stylish watch, demonstrate good manners. You’ll become her dream man, especially if her husband lacks all these things.

Have meaningful conversations. Talk about her dreams, goals, learn what makes her happy/sad, what she likes/dislikes. If she tells you about her aspirations, express your admiration and encourage her.

Touch her. Touching is necessary to show your intimate intentions. But in the case of married women, you should be cautious and use gentle touches at first. She may be interested only in communication with you first and later get sexually attracted to you. How to seduce a married woman with touch? Hugging is what women need. Hugs are even more intimate than sex for them. They also like casual touches, such as you adjusting a lock of her hair or holding her by the hand.

If you managed to seduce a married woman, tips on how not to screw it up will help you secure success. You should remember about women’s tests. She’ll resort to them to make sure you don’t want anything serious. You should go on your seduction if you see that she is ready to cheat on her husband. If she is in doubts, don’t force her. Women always follow their inner voice. If she is ready for sex with you, she’ll give you a sign. It can happen suddenly, because women can’t plan anything. So be always ready!

Whey a happily married woman sometimes want to be seduced? 
1. She is bored and craves for new impressions.
2. She fantasies about new men.
3. She has an opportunity to cheat with no negative aftermath.
4. She is in an open relationship.
How to know if a married woman is attracted to you?
Universal advice - watch her behavior. If a married woman likes you, her body language won't lie. She will play with hair and accessories when talking to you, her posture will be seductive. Moreover, a bold flirt of a mature married woman is hard to mix up with something else.
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