In our age of technical progress, when computer and Internet are almost in every house, virtual communication is increasingly replacing the real one. Dating sites provide ample opportunities to find a soul mate. Does online dating work for guys? How serious can this dating be? And how not to make a fatal mistake, agreeing to meet with a gentleman from the virtual world?

does online dating work

Dating sites have become real salvation for lonely people who want to find their love. On these platforms, each person can define their own criteria of preferences in order to find the perfect partner and save time. But do online dating sites really work and help find true love? Is it possible to meet someone on a dating site to create a serious and long-lasting relationship?

Does Online Dating Work?

Does online dating actually work? This question has only one answer. Yes, with the help of dating sites you can find a potential life partner. If in the past, people met each other at nightclubs or at work, today, the Internet has taken up this function. Anyone, regardless of age, nationality, and social status, can register on dating sites. It is online dating that can help a person find true love because there is a great number of advantages. Now we are going to tell you why you should not wonder, "Do online dating sites work?"

You can correspond on the dating site at any convenient time: without leaving home, during your free time, at work, in transport, and even on a walk. Thus, a large amount of time is saved on communication with potential partners. Just think, you can filter out a dozen interlocutors in one day, basing on the correspondence. In real life, it is impossible to meet so many people in such a short period of time. In addition, real dates with inappropriate people deplete a person morally.

Dating through social networks is a great option for those who are not very sociable, embarrassed to appear at noisy parties, experience self-doubt in large companies, and often stay away from the fun. In the Internet space, you can relax and start “live” communication with a person only when there is a sincere mutual interest.

How does online dating work?

Online dating usually begins with communication. Being alone with the monitor, we are talking to ourselves in a way, even though we send the messages to another person. Therefore, we can be sometimes more open-hearted in online correspondence than when we meet a stranger in real life. After all, it is always easier to communicate with a person, being on the other side of the screen. After all, each person can embellish their abilities in the virtual space. Also, you have time for analyzing the words of your interlocutor and answering questions, in contrast to meetings in real time, where communication takes place instantly. Most importantly, you have time to think of your words. It makes someone nervous, but for others, it becomes a kind of salvation as they can say exactly what they want and not think of the right words when the dialogue is already over.

The Internet allows you to know each other’s interests, understand whether your sense of humor is similar and if there are common interests and goals. It helps not waste time on unpromising meetings. After all, if a man has a “one-night-stand” goal, and you plan to start a family – it is obvious that you do not match each other.

They say that online communication can be a tool for control and manipulation. This is true up to a point. But one who does not mistake the wish for a certainty (as happens when we are too worried by our loneliness) can easily define such manipulation! Moreover, on many dating sites, there is the possibility of video communication. It gives more opportunities to those people who are rubbish at expressing emotions in writing but are able to express themselves well in video communication.

Why Online Dating Doesn't Work for You?

Today, online dating is the most popular and easiest method to find a loved one. People watch photos, get acquainted, chat, and meet each other. But why do some users have a dozen fans while others are on the site for months but cannot find love? What are the most common mistakes people make? Let's find out why online dating services sometimes do not help find true love and what to do when online dating doesn't to make online dating work

Facetious treatment of your image on the site

Profile information is important. That is what determines 80% of your success. An image matters everywhere, and it plays an essential role on a dating site. The image is a collection of your appearance, speech, status, and manners. If you want to know how to make online dating work and achieve success, you should spend your time and money on beautiful and presentable photos, prepare information about yourself, and devote enough time to correspondence.

  • Talking about work

Of course, a career is important. But it is unlikely that Cinderella on the first date with the prince provided him with an expert analysis of the advantages of a vacuum cleaner over a mop. Of course, now many people fulfill themselves in a much more interesting and intellectual activity. But still, we strive to recognize the interlocutor as a person but not as an employee of a successful company. Otherwise, the meeting would take place in another place, complying with the dress code.

  • Intimate photos

It is strange when a man mentions in the profile that he is interested in a serious relationship and then starts sending intimate photos. As a rule, these are people suffering from self-doubt. They seek to impress a broad-minded person while achieving the opposite effect. If sex is not your goal of dating, it is better not to rush into intimate topics of communication with an unfamiliar person, even if you really like them. Especially if you like them!

  • Excessive seriousness

Even if you honestly declared the seriousness of your goal on a dating site, do not rush to prepare a tuxedo for the first date. Communicate just for your pleasure. Excessive seriousness deters potential partners.

  • Unnaturalness and excess makeup

Excess makeup is not the best way to self-presentation. It rather demonstrates the rejection of one’s own appearance. A man may think: "Why does a girl try so hard to please someone?" Self-perfection and working on one's own shortcomings is an excellent stimulus for spiritual growth, not only for experiments with appearance. So, why not focus efforts on a peaceful and fruitful option?

  • False data

It is one of the most popular reasons why online dating doesn't work. Many people are embarrassed to talk about themselves and indicate personal information. However, someone else's name or photo and false information in the profile suggest that such a person has something to hide. In turn, this affects the degree of trust and ease of communication. The surest way to find your person is to be yourself and enjoy communication. After all, the purpose of dating sites and social networks is to give us the opportunity to share the joy and positive emotions with each other, regardless of time and distance.

  • Grammatical errors

Of course, a dating site is not a branch of the philological club, but grammar mistakes raise doubts about your education and mental outlook and scare potential partners away.

  • The desire to please everyone

This is the right way to the eternal neurosis. Even if you are the Mister Universe, there is no guarantee that everyone will like you. And if you perceive dating sites as another contest, then constant tension and sadness are guaranteed. Only a relaxed approach to the romantic search will allow you to succeed.

What to Do When Online Dating Doesn't Work?

For modern society, dating sites have long become good assistants in personal life. However, many people make serious mistakes that cause online dating not to work. Now we are going to tell 8 useful tips on how to make online communication with the opposite sex more successful and continue it in real life.

1. Post only real photos

People who are looking for their love on the Internet often come back from a date disappointed. All because potential partners post the old, excessively embellished in Photoshop photos, which sometimes are not their own. Of course, these methods help achieve more dates, but you are unlikely to build a relationship in such a way. If in real life you look completely different than in the photo, your deception will be revealed sooner or later, and the new acquaintance will feel deceived. So, the second date will not take place.

2. Fill in the profile information carefully

Take your time to fill in your profile information! That is why online dating doesn't work for guys. An interesting profile will help you draw attention to yourself and find a person with similar interests and life values. Having seen the originally filled profile page, your future partner will simply not be able to pass it by.

However, do not write whole novels about yourself. Be concise, respect the time of other people and do not write a lot of unnecessary information. Give basic information about yourself that will be interesting to the users of a dating site but leave some space for intrigue and mystery. You can tell about yourself in more detail when you meet in person.

3. Think over the first message

In the world of online dating, there is a rather intense competition. Therefore, do not even try to start communication with the question, “Hi, how are you?” It is unlikely that such an “original” message can surprise and attract attention. That is why sometimes online dating doesn't work for guys. Study the profile of your new acquaintance, find some interesting facts there, and ask a question about them. Also, address to a person you like by their name!

4. Be carefuldoes online dating work for guys

Read the profile pages of your potential partners very carefully. They can provide invaluable information that can help you decide whether you want to start communication with a person at all.

5. Be sincere

Do not try to look better than you really are. For example, if you mention running as a hobby, then you need to look at the photo accordingly. Do not take credit for non-existent achievements and successes. Build a new relationship based on sincerity and trust. Try to ensure that the interlocutor in a personal meeting does not have a dissonance between the person from the dating site and the real you. Be yourself!

6. Go out on dates

Be sure to go out on dates! After all, a personal meeting can change all ideas about the person with whom you have communicated on a dating site.

7. Do not expect instant success

Before you meet a truly “your” person, you may have to correspond with hundreds of interlocutors and even go out on more than a dozen unsuccessful dates. Take it with a bit of humor! And most importantly – arm yourself with patience and do not give up. Your love will definitely be there!

8. Do not be afraid to take the first step

There are special rules of conduct on dating sites. The initiative is welcome here! So do not be afraid to take the first step and write to the person you like. Even if you are shy.

P.S. Do not be afraid to get a refusal. Remember, he labors in vain who tries to please everybody!

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