Many people wonder why looks matter. Well, for centuries, people believed that physical appearance influences a person’s character. For example, the ancient Greeks believed that if they are beautiful on the inside, then they will also be beautiful on the outside. But how important is appearance to a person now? It nowadays helps form ideas that later influence our actions in society. In other words, focusing on preferences in appearance, we choose single females online, friends, and colleagues.

To date, a lot of research has been done and a huge amount of indisputable evidence exists that, in fact, looks matter. Good looks are a huge advantage whether we like it or not. Studies show that men are interested in the physical attractiveness of their potential girlfriends. Women are more concerned with the financial and social status of their partners. People look for their soulmates, often based on their level of attractiveness. For example, if you want to be accompanied to a party by a hot girl, you should also look wonderful. If a woman tries to look pretty but doesn’t pay too much attention to her appearance, it might be hard enough for her to start a relationship with a guy who looks like a Hollywood star. He will expect from her a complete match of style, clothes, makeup, and accessories all the time. This makes sense: if you are attractive, then your partner should at least be just as good. So, do looks really matter? Let’s find it out!

looks do matter

Why we pay attention to looks and it’s normal

Do looks matter? Well, when being dateable and going out on the street or attending various events, we involuntarily evaluate people and their appearance. We pay attention to how people look, what they wear, and so on. We give an assessment. If a person looks pleasing to your eyes, neat, then you certainly want to know them better, what they are like inside. If people outwardly don’t cause any positive emotions in you, or, on the contrary, cause only dislike because they look somehow “wrong”, then, most likely, you will not want to continue interacting with them and getting to know them better. So, appearance is the first thing we judge people by. But recognizing the existence of these prejudices and stereotypes is an important step towards becoming better.

It seems to us that beautiful people have certain qualities that are desirable for us. We are convinced that beautiful people are happier, they are more talented, smarter, and more successful. In fact, a person’s appearance is not directly related to the degree of happiness. There is simply a stereotype of physical attractiveness when beautiful is equal to good. Many people believe that good looks open the door to success. There is some truth in this. But this is not a fundamental factor.

why looks matter

Regarding relationships, an ordinary appearance is more likely a plus since they will love you not only for your appearance. Sincerity, naturalness, and sexuality are important. What matters is how you feel in your “imperfect” body. There are many examples of successful people whose appearance is far from ideal. But they are confident in themselves and attract others with their charisma. So, maybe looks don’t matter as you get to know each other in relationships, appearance becomes less important, and human qualities come to the fore. This is an axiom. Therefore, it is important to refrain from discrimination and learn to distinguish the “shell” from the “content”.

Who pays more attention to looks: men or women?

For a woman, her appearance is of paramount importance because an impeccable appearance instills in her inner confidence. If she believes that her appearance is not good enough at the moment, this can slow her down in many actions and decisions, especially in the presence of a man to whom she is not indifferent.

For men, their looks do matter much less. So, they don’t attach so much importance to the appearance, especially in small details – men may not even notice them at all.

But do looks matter to guys when meeting women? For a long time now, no one has any doubts that a woman should always look good. “A man loves with his eyes” and this phrase says it all. In fact, a partner’s appearance is very important for both men and women. Men always pay attention to appearance – physique, face, smells, etc. It has long been known that beautiful women are especially popular with guys. They get used to increased attention, to their own appearance, and don’t often think about a serious relationship. For them, the choice is huge and they, alas, use it. But, on the other hand, gorgeous women are not always frivolous. Many of them are capable of serious relationships. They have high moral life principles since childhood.

And do looks matter to women in a relationship? Well, in this aspect, the appearance of a man is not so important for a woman. If the man is empty inside, then it is unlikely that a woman will choose him for a long relationship. Men also should have a beautiful soul, be interesting, and successful. It is the success and solvency of a man in work and in life that can conquer any woman. If the man doesn’t love himself, he might think that it’s all because of his appearance. He would be the most attractive if he was born in a different body, with different hair, with a different nose, etc. But this is completely wrong judgment.

How to improve your looks without radical changes

How to stand out from the crowd of others and attract attention? If you want to be successful among girls, have a lot of friends, and do well in business, then start with your appearance. So, how can a man become more attractive and handsome?

1. Take courage to look your best

It seems that everything sounds simple, but many guys give up here because they understand well that everyone will pay attention to them and they prefer to stay in the shadows. They don’t want everyone to look at them. For many, it is unnatural to be in the spotlight, to be the kind of guy everyone looks at. But when you are confident in yourself, you want to be noticed. Many guys have thoughts right on the subconscious level: “I’m not good enough to be that kind of guy – a leader.” If this applies to you, then think about why you are holding yourself back, why you don’t take a step forward. And that will be the first thing to overcome yourself. You need to develop courage and confidence in order to become that guy.

2. Don’t be lazy

How much do looks matter? Well, sometimes it plays a key role. So, pay attention to the body! It is necessary to take care of it and attend the gym. All parts of the body are an integral part of the image, therefore, they require constant care. If you have dental problems, then don’t hesitate to visit the dentist as a beautiful smile is a powerful weapon. Pay attention to your nails, which should be neat and trimmed on your hands and feet. Monitor your face for acne. You must visit the hairdresser once a month and your hair must be kept clean.

3. Quit bad habits and have a diet

do looks really matter

You can look great at any age if you don’t have bad habits. Limit cigarettes and alcohol as much as possible or completely, and, as a result, the signs of aging will be less noticeable. This fact can be easily proved by comparing 2 men of the same age – the one who doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t smoke will look younger.

An important aspect is a balanced diet. For the sake of good appearance, don’t eat fatty foods. You can look great using cosmetic products created specifically for men. Anti-aging creams for face and skin, peels, and if desired, a visit to a beauty salon will make you attractive, regardless of age.

4. Develop your own style

These are clothes that say everything for you. First, you take the time to think things through. Your clothes will be individual because you live in a certain area, have a certain profession, needs, lifestyle, and tastes. All this should form your image, which you will show every day. The problem is that men don’t think about what they wear, choosing comfortable clothes, instead of using clothing as a tool that sends the necessary message through your image. The outfit should emphasize your inner characteristics.

5. Wear good shoes

Women always say the same phrase: “The first thing I pay attention to in a man is his shoes.” Good shoes can be invaluable. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this, the shoes just have to be clean, fit perfectly in size, and match the rest of the clothes. Classic black shoes, which are cleaned to a shine, are the choice of a respectable man who is not afraid to express his opinion, appreciates hard work and prosperity. Black shoes made of genuine leather are worn by successful and self-respecting men. Women like them, which they themselves have no doubt about.

Why you need to stop paying attention to your looks

We live in the age of beauty blogs and online fitness instructors – the world has never seen so many tips on how to look good. By the way, according to research, it has been proven that modern men pay a lot of attention to their appearance, no less than women. Also, men are used to being photographed often, and take twice as many photos as the female half of society. Why is this happening? Scientists have determined that this is just another form of male vanity. Most of the photos were taken to show off. Research has also shown that great photos are uploaded to social media almost immediately after they are taken. In addition to their appearance, men also try to show off their wealth, so places and luxury goods are captured in the photographs.

But do looks matter more than personality? It matters only for the first several minutes. Remember that nothing is perfect. Therefore, we must quickly learn to be happy without this unrealistic image of a “better” appearance and be content with what is given to us. After all, discontent doesn’t make us more beautiful; it only makes it worse.

What actually matters to women in relationships?

Well, do looks matter in a relationship with women? Not all men can adequately assess themselves in relation to women. Almost everyone thinks that it is enough to have confidence and good looks and everything will be fine. But in reality, it only seems so. Women look much deeper. Appearance doesn’t play a key role here. If you have nothing behind your back, then you can’t build any relationship with a woman. What do women really like about men? It is reliability, honesty, openness, the ability to take responsibility for their words, care, and responsibility.

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