We all have sad love story without a happy end after which you want to crouch in a corner and eat ice-cream straight out of the bucket. Later, when we are already in other relationships, we return to our ex-memories, thinking about how different our lives would be with them. And, perhaps, no matter how toxic or horrible the relationship was.

In reality, it is a blindfold not corresponding with reality. Of course, we part for some reason, and it is not worth missing somebody. However, people continue turning back in time. So, we bet you want to learn how to tell if your ex misses you and, most importantly, what to do then.

does my ex miss me

Why Do We Miss Our Exes?

When a man misses a woman or vice versa, it happens because we still cherish the emotions and past memories, very often it is not the person themselves that we experience the lack of. Why does happen exactly?

  1. Our memory is arranged in such a way that all bad memories are erased from it, only good ones remain and continue to pop up in our consciousness at certain periods.
  2. Sometimes the relationship fades away gradually, someone didn't call another one, meetings have become less frequent and finally, you make a decision to part away. And it seems that if “I did this and that” then everything would be different.
  3. We love ourselves very much, so after parting we want our partner to remain alone and suffer as long as possible. In fact, if a person who swore eternal love quickly finds a substitute for us, it hurts our self-esteem. And then we involuntarily think about them, especially if our personal life has been not as fast and successful as theirs.
  4. It happens that we do not see each other for a long time, stop stalking their social media. And then suddenly we meet our ex with a new partner or get that 3 am text in which the girl says she is missing you. And then the emotional roller coaster begins.

Obsessive thoughts about the ex mean we do not experience the feeling of completeness. And then we often choose completely unproductive strategies: we reassure ourselves by mentally living situations from the past, instead of facing reality and trying to let the past relationships go.

The solution is simple: you should meet and talk. Although, of course, it is easier said than done. It can be difficult and mentally tough, especially if your ex decides to hurt you, saying that your love affair was a mistake. But if you soberly asses the situation and talk as two mature people, it will get easier, we promise.

Signs Your Ex Misses You

By some absurd law of the universe, couples part first and then begin to miss each other. Perhaps your partner was the initiator of a breakup, but then she showed all the signs she misses you. And if you're wondering if she still has feelings for you, you just have to keep your eyes wide open and see whether you notice any of these 10 signs your ex girlfriend misses you. If you find any of these obvious signs your ex misses you in their behavior, then you will know how to act.

  • So far alone

How do you know if your ex misses you? If your ex still loves you, it is likely that they will avoid new acquaintances. At least for a while. And even if they went on dates with someone or had a short affair, they tried to hide it from you to not ruin your weak connection. One of the reasons why it’s important for them to mark their status as a “loner” is because they still hope to get you back.

  • Calls for no reason

One of the most obvious signs your ex misses you is that they call more often than usual. And a special reason for this is not needed: just to hear your voice or discuss some nonsense. At the same time, you can notice a hint of sadness in their voice during such conversations.

  • Pleasant memories

If your ex constantly finds a reason to mention those times that you were together, then they show one of the signs they miss you. Your first date, your favorite vacation spot, all these memories are dear to them. Therefore, they often talk about your past experience. What is more, they do it to cause such emotions in you.

  • They are aware of your affairs
how to know if an ex misses you

Next one among the signs your ex-girlfriend misses you, she will be interested in your life, even if you are far away. Moreover, thanks to social networks, it is not so difficult to do. Therefore, if you have not seen each other for a long time, and when meeting, it turns out that she knows everything about your affairs, do not be surprised. Better think about whether you want her back because she seems to be asking for it.

  • Repentance

Another sign of regret for parting is talking about the mistakes of the past that they made in your relationship. If your ex is trying to show pity or that they have changed for the better, it makes it pretty clear that they are waiting for a second chance. They will explain how much you mean for them and show a visible trace of remorse.

  • Request for help

Of course, there is a chance that you are just being used. But most often, it is a great way how to know if your ex misses you. When they are most likely looking for a reason to meet with you, they will ask you to do something that only you can help them with. Especially if in the search for an assistant they ignored the contacts of all the other specialists they knew.

  • Touchiness

When an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend still has feelings for you, they are most vulnerable to your actions. You are no longer together and any ambiguous word on your part can be interpreted in a negative way. It matters to them how you feel about their actions, and even your indifference can cause offense. This can also be attributed to their jealousy in relation to your new friends.

  • Drunk messages

Some perceive it as absurd, but in fact, drunk calls or messages to their ex are not as straightforward as they seem. Alcohol is an essence of courage and a way how to know if an ex misses you. Therefore, under its influence, many commit sincere actions, which are not solved by being sober. And if your ex-girlfriend suddenly calls you around midnight and through intermittent speech says that she is bored, loves or, on the contrary, reproaches that “you have spoiled everything,” then, most likely, she regrets about parting.

  • They are trying to make you jealous in a completely brazen manner

They mark themselves in photos with pretty girls or boys so that you can think that they do not lack the attention of the opposite sex. But it is so obvious!

  • They stand against any person who appears on your horizon

Your ex will, by all means, resist the fact that you have entered into a new romantic relationship, and a desire to get you back is a clear reason for it. Thanks to them, any new friend will feel uncomfortable next to you.

How to Make Them Think About You?

When you have already discovered how to know if your ex misses you, and it doesn’t seem to you that your ex does miss you, perhaps you will try to convince the ex to come back to you. Unfortunately, it is not easy. If you overdo it, they might think that you are desperate. On the other hand, one cannot be too passive. Therefore, the key to renewing relationships is to find a middle ground.

  • Talk less, work more

There is always a reason for a breakup. Perhaps something in them does not suit your personality. Therefore, you promise to change if they return. Most people do this to get started. Unfortunately, this does not work. This act causes distrust of you. Loud promises will only make your ex think that you will go to any lie just to get them back. If you want to get a second chance - show that you have already changed.

  • Try to understand how psychology works

If you want to increase the chances of the return of the former lover, learn more about their psychology in particular. Without knowing anything about how our emotions work, you can easily make the same old mistakes. But,

understanding how the person you loved thinks, you can easily analyze the reason for a split and your behavior. Don't you want your ex to think about you all the time? Well, there is something that will help you.

  • You must send them mixed signals of your intentions

For example, contacting them from time to time just to say hello. Do not communicate with them too often. Otherwise, your plan will become obvious. You do not need them to understand that you are in despair. Receiving mixed signals from you, they will regard the possibility of getting back together. If they still have some feelings for you, this is a good way to help them make a final decision.

  • Ignore them for a little bit

Why on earth would they miss you if you constantly stay near them? Show your ex what is life without you like. The best way is to not communicate with them for at least 30 days. It will arouse their curiosity - what happened to you. Your former partner will be surprised that you do not contact them. After 30 days you can contact them again and be surprised how friendly they are with you.

What to Do When You Miss Your Ex?

Let's clarify something at once: you cannot actually miss a person that left you or that you have left, you miss your common past. When you constantly think, "Does my ex miss me?" it does not mean specifically that you miss them, but you feel a longing for pleasant events.

does my ex miss me

And the trick is that there is no one new on the horizon. If there was another person in your life, there would be no problems. Since they do not appear, your brain is still focused on the ex, as the only accessible object of love. You need to do away with this urgently, otherwise, you risk wasting precious time on suffering over what is not worth it. What do you need to do for this?

  • Allow yourself to grieve

It is okay to feel pain and want your past love to come back, but this is an illusion, cry your heart out and then get yourself together.

  • Get rid of the memories

If you have their stuff, throw it away. It is a pity, yes, and the thought “what if one day they call and want to pick it up” gnaws, but the truth is that they will not call. Throw everything in the trash, get through these painful fifteen minutes, and life will become easier.

  • Remember why you broke up

If you think that you were stupid when you left them because they were not perfect, then do not worry – your ex definitely has flaws. In the first relationship, it is always the case because they rarely last longer than a month. You did everything right if at that time you thought it was right. The next time you'll want it back, remember why you've left your partner. Probably, these qualities were unacceptable to you, and this is normal.

  • Stop all communication

Stop waiting and remembering, cease going to places where they may appear, and stalk them on social networks. You do masochism and mentally scoff at yourself. As soon as you stop doing it, you will feel better.

  • Enjoy your life

Remember that the most important thing in your life is not some random ex, but you. Engage in self-development, for example, you can go to the cinema, exhibitions, attend bars and clubs, have fun, meet with friends, study what you have not studied yet. It really helps get distracted and recover.

Is it worth returning to your ex? 
To find the answer, ask yourself a few questions. Do you respect your partner despite the conflict? Do you respect their decision to break up? Are you able to honestly talk to them about the causes of your conflicts? Are you ready to change yourself? If so, then not all is lost. But if the thoughts like “You can't do this to me!”, “It serves you right”, “I will never forgive you” get stuck in your head, you are clearly not ready for a constructive dialogue.
Why do people try to get their ex back right after breaking up?
After being rejected, you do not stop loving a person. In fact, you may even love them more, as the area of ​​the brain associated with addiction is still active. At such moments, rejected lovers experience increased levels of dopamine and noradrenaline, which is explained by increased stress levels and a desire to call for help. It is believed that this is why, at a time of emotional stress, some rejected ones resort to dramatic gestures and actions – only to return the object of their love.
Should you be friends with your ex?
Sometimes ex-partners choose to keep their friendship after breaking up. Moreover, making such an offer to each other, they often understand that it will be an impossible task. The girl strives for reconciliation, and the behavior of the ex-boyfriend in such a situation is often reduced only to sex. There is no point in such a friendship. It usually does not develop in any way, and communication ends again.
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