One day you may feel ready for committed relationships. You want to plan the future together with a loved one, take care of them, and know that there is someone who will always be there for you. But how to build and how to stay committed in a relationship? How to understand that your couple is moving in the right direction? Let’s consider the committed relationship meaning and find out the signs she is committed to you!

what does it mean to be committed

What is a committed relationship?

A committed relationship is a relationship built on sympathetic understanding and the mutual desire of a couple to develop and continue relations. It sounds abstract because each person inserts own experience in determining a committed relationship. For some people in love, sex is already a sign of a serious relationship, while for others, intimacy is not an indicator of any commitment at all. But still, the most common signs of a committed relationship are the following.

  • Acquaintance with relatives and friends of each other;
  • A high level of trust, which is manifested in the discussion of important personal issues;
  • Confidence in a partner’s support during an illness or other difficult life situation;
  • The desire to sacrifice own time, strength, or means for the well-being of a couple;
  • Building joint plans;
  • The habit of reckoning with the opinion of a significant other;
  • Both partners do not have any “backup friends,” a guy does not chat with pretty single women for relationships, and a lady does not hang out with other men.

Uncommitted relationships, on the contrary, infuse insecurity and devastate partners. They have such signs:

  • Partners possess scanty knowledge about each other’s past and the personality of a loved one as a whole;
  • Partners turn for help primarily to friends or relatives, and not to each other;
  • In a relationship, there is embarrassment and fear of looking ridiculous;
  • There is a constant desire to ask someone for advice on how to behave with a partner.

What does it mean to be in a committed relationship?

Being in a committed relationship implies not just a movement of a man and a woman towards the family formation, marriage, and childbearing but also the creation of solid and essential foundations for all this. At the mundane level, the seriousness of relationships is usually associated with some long-term intentions, although it is not necessarily the case. To a greater extent, a committed relationship is about the high level of trust and confidence in a partner, the absence of understatement, and cheating. It is when you are ready to support a loved one and will always be there for them.

how to be committed in a relationship

In a committed relationship, you build common plans and dreams for the future and work hard together to achieve them. At the same time, you both are ready to invest not only efforts but also funding resources into your relations, and it does not matter whether these are means for common needs of just little useful things for self-care for men or women. You know for sure that you have already found the one and only person with whom you want to build a close-knit family and live in the course of a lifetime. And in general, it is important to remember that if having a romantic relationship with a representative of the opposite sex, you are not moving towards creating a family, be sure: you are definitely moving towards breaking up!

Commitment in a relationship: how long does it take to establish it?

American scientists once conducted a sociological study on how long it takes to establish a committed relationship. As it turned out, about 70% of people believe that there is no timeframe when speaking about how long a couple should date before establishing commitment in a relationship. At the same time, 16% of the surveyed people think that two years of dating are a perfect time to start a committed relationship, and those others consider that a period in a year of relations or even less is quite enough for establishing commitment.

However, in actual fact, it does not really matter how long it will take you to establish a committed relationship. For one loving couple, it may take years, while for others it, will be just several months. The main thing is to remember that you should not hurry to transfer a romantic relationship to a new level. It is better to leave the future to run its course. As the saying goes, the slower you go, the farther you get!

7 true signs she is committed

Often, one of the partners feels ready for a committed relationship, but there is no certainty that a loved one wants this too. When it comes to women, it is all the more difficult for men to understand the thread of thoughts of the opposite sex. So, we have prepared 7 true signs a girlfriend is committed to you.

1. She takes your opinion into account

When your girlfriend has certain problems, she asks for your opinion and listens to your advice. She always takes into account what you think and how you feel. A girl who wants to build a committed relationship really respects what you say and will never make important decisions without consulting with you.

2. Your happiness is her happiness

A sign that proves that a girl wants to be with you for a long time is when she does everything she can to make you happy. After all, your happiness will make her happy too. Such a girl pays attention to your wishes and needs and tries to make every effort to give you this. Although women keep it a secret, all that makes them happy in a relationship is pleased and cheerful men.

3. She admires you

A committed partner who loves you can spend hours talking to you. Thus, a girl wants to know everything about you, so she often asks a lot of questions. Moreover, she listens to you carefully and keeps in mind all the details of your stories. Such a girl is really interested in you and wants to know everything about your life. In addition, she supports you and admires all your achievements. You can always rely on her help and encouragement.

4. You have household compatibility

A healthy committed relationship is when you live under the same roof with a girlfriend and feel absolutely good about your relationship. You spend all time together without even having the need to rest from each other for several days. You have a common domestic life and cope with it perfectly. Moreover, your girlfriend reacts calmly to the request to iron your shirt, just like you can wash the dishes off or please your beloved girlfriend with a tasty dinner.

5. She has never cheated on you

how to stay committed in a relationship

Loyalty to the chosen one is one of the main signs she wants a committed relationship. Can you trust your girlfriend completely? Your beloved lady did not give you any reason for jealousy? The girl does not show any interest in the opposite sex at all? If your girlfriend is faithful to you, it means she wants to build strong and reliable relationships with you.

6. She cares about you

If something happens to you, for example, you catch a cold, a committed girl will definitely rush to you with a first-aid kit, make you warm tea, and surround you with care until she makes sure that everything is good with you. Women are always ready to move heaven and earth for the sake of people they love. Therefore, if your girlfriend surrounds you with care and attention, be sure she is committed to you!

7. She hints you at the wedding

Women are big lovers of gentle hints! If a girl wants to wake up with you in the same bed throughout her life, she will not miss the chance to hint you at it (speaking directly is not a women’s business at all). A committed lady will definitely tell you, for example, how she caught a bride’s bouquet at a friend’s wedding, or whether she will dreamily look at the windows of wedding salons while walking with you.

7 keys to a healthy committed relationship

Now, when you make sure that your girlfriend is committed, it is time to learn how to be committed in a relationship. Therefore, familiarize yourself with 7 keys to a healthy committed relationship!

1. Trust in each other

It is not just about the absence of lies and secrets in a couple but also about confidence in each other’s ability to take responsibility and make decisions. In case both lovers make the interests of the couple a priority, there is no doubt – whatever decision each of the partners makes, it will be advantageous for both of them. An elementary trust is also important for a romantic relationship – it is related to the keys to the apartment, access to computers, etc. Of course, it is not necessary to register one Facebook account for two or share passwords from social networks – in the end, everyone has the right to privacy. But still, in the atmosphere of trust, you can safely ask your partner to get something from your bag or do not hide the phone in the fear that your loved one will see an undesirable message.

2. Inequality of interests is not a great problem for you

There is no need to stay together twenty-four hours straight and dissolve in a loved one to create a healthy relationship. It is great when you have common hobbies and interests, but it is not the most important thing in romantic relations. Of course, to spend more time with a partner, you can try to fascinate your beloved with what is interesting to you – or, vice versa, try to get involved in the favorite activities of your loved one. However, this is absolutely okay if you like different kinds of music or TV shows, and when traveling, you prefer to hang out at the beach while your beloved one goes shopping or visits museums. It is much more important to match opinions on fundamental life issues.

3. You can spend time separately

In a healthy relationship, there is no jealousy or suspicion if occasionally, one of the partners spends time with friends, travels, or goes on business trips. It is one thing to miss a beloved and looking forward to seeing each other, but it is totally another to suffer from suspicions that a partner is cheating on you while being away.

Trust and timely communication are key factors for a committed relationship. A switched off phone can be explained by the dead battery, and the fact that a partner does not respond to your messages can be explained by the excited conversation with friends. In order not to worry in vain, it is worth agreeing that you will always warn each other about delays or changes in plans and not just disappear without a word.

4. You resolve conflicts by discussion

And again, communication is very important for a committed relationship. Not everything in the garden is rosy; a conflict can arise for various reasons, for example, due to the accumulated irritation over the little things. Committed relationships are not necessarily conflict-free – the point is that the problems are always discussed, and the conclusions drawn help the situation not to be repeated again. If both partners appreciate their relationships and want to continue and develop them, then they will perceive conflicts as an occasion for reflection, discussion, and learning lessons.

5. There is no abuse

signs she is committed to you

In a healthy committed relationship, you are always glad to see each other, can show emotions openly, and communication with a loved one brings only joy and pleasant feelings. Occasional irritation and fatigue are completely normal phenomena that do not poison a relationship globally. But when after work, you do not want to see a partner at all, and each step towards the home becomes slower – it is time to think over the problem. If you are constantly afraid to say something wrong to your beloved and are used to expect an inadequate reaction of the loved one, it is likely that you are experiencing emotional abuse.

6. You both are responsible for the happiness of your relationships

A toxic idea that a woman should provide an atmosphere of love and coziness in a relationship has already spoiled the life of a considerable number of people. Such misbeliefs lead to a situation where a man does not make any emotional effort and work on relationships, and a woman feels guilty for not coping with anything. Of course, this can also happen with reverse gender distribution. In a healthy committed relationship, everyone understands that a partner is not a source that guarantees happiness and well-being. People in love need each other to gain support and help, they both strive for mutual happiness and are ready to work on it.

7. You do not try to change each other

If a loved one wants to get rid of some habit or acquire a new one and needs help – most likely, the beloved will inform you about it. The attempts to change a partner who did not ask for it usually come to no good, and moreover, they even worsen romantic relationships. This is again related to the respect, trust, and communication in a couple: after all, a partner is not just “the other half” but an independent person who has the right to own interests, desires, and habits. Therefore, appreciate your loved one and do not try to change the chosen one. It is one of the surest keys to a healthy committed relationship!

Final Thoughts

To sum up, a committed relationship is about romantic relations between a man and a woman that are built on the mutual desire of a couple to create a reliable, strong, long-term, and happy relationship. What does it mean to be committed? Being committed implies having serious intentions towards each other and providing care, attention, and sincere love for a beloved person. Consider the signs of a committed relationship and use the above-mentioned tips to make your relations really strong and healthy!

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