Making a girl fall for you is not that easy. Making a Russian girl fall for you is even harder. Not because she’s fussy or something but because of the cultural differences between you and her. It might sound strange (considering that so many Russian girls seek foreigners for marriage and dating) but these girls are hard to woo. You need to be both a delightful man in particular and an interesting individual in general. In this article, we are going to explain how to attract and hook up Russian girls. Keep on reading!


1. Make her smile

You probably know how much girls love to laugh. It comforts and amuses them. In this case, by “smile” we mean not only laughter but also relaxation and overly pleasant atmosphere of your communication. Often, when men are trying to attract girls, they are creating an image of an intelligent and impressive person with a huge bank account and incomparably fascinating life. You should forget about this image. Be yourself, your best self. Crack simple and kind jokes, speak ironically about your life, mention funny stories and moments of awkwardness etc. It will make you look like a simple yet authentic man – and that’s what they are looking for.

2. Call her by name

This trick works not only with Russian girls but also with any people in the world. When you repeatedly call your prospective girlfriend by name (but not too often, otherwise, it will distract and annoy her), you create perfect conditions for wooing her. You see, in our consciousness, a name is a somewhat magic formula. By saying it aloud, you demonstrate how much she means to you and how attractive she is, because in her mind – her name is she herself. You will be surprised how effective this trick can be!

3. Body language

Yet another underestimated concept, body language can help you both attract a girl and understand if your seduction technique actually works. Every nation has this distance of comfort – the space that should be between two people for them to feel comfortable and relaxed when they are communicating. In Russia, this distance varies from 60 to 80 centimeters, so stick to it. Depending on how close you are at the time, you can eventually touch her hand or cheek – she wouldn’t mind in most cases, but you should her body reactions patiently. If there’s something wrong, she may not indicate it verbally, but her body won’t lie.

4. Gifts and compliments

People on the Internet love to claim that Slavic girls are gold-diggers and frauds. Well, we cannot say for all of them but the girls on our site only look for love. Nonetheless, every girl in the world loves little gifts. It might be something little and meaningful like a notebook with her name on it, or cute and minimalistic accessories, or an interesting book you think she might like. Don’t forget about bouquets! Giving flowers in Russia is a popular tradition. They prefer roses, tulips, chrysanthemum, carnations, and many others. Talking about compliments, you should better focus your attention on her intelligence, posture, manners – something she is responsible for and not her genome.

5. Be initiative

Russian girls haven’t been that much affected by feministic movements and, therefore, they still believe that men should make the first move. Well, it might sound like an outdated gender stereotype. But if you want to woo a Russian girl – you should deal with it. Ask her out in a form of a statement instead of asking questions. It goes like this: “I would like to spend Friday’s evening with you” instead of “Would you like to go out with me?” Mannishness and assertiveness make Russian girls magically fall for men.

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