Small gifts are an integral part of any romantic relationship. A present is a good way to express your affection and show a woman that you like her. In Russia, one needs some special occasion to present something to the other person. Usually, those occasions are different holidays, birthdays, or important milestones. Also, Russians bring presents when they visit their friends or come to one’s place for the first time. Yet, Russian women wouldn’t mind getting a nice gift without any occasion.

You should know that there are universal presents that will be appropriate virtually for any person and the items that can be given as a present only under certain circumstances. Also, there are gifts that Russian women wouldn’t like to receive from a man.

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What not to give

A statuette. Most Russian women consider a figurine or statuette to be a rather banal and impractical present. Don’t buy an extraordinary or weird statuette for a present unless you know your Russian lady is fond of such things.

A soft toy. Although the cuteness of teddy bears can’t be denied, this gift has its audience. While some Russian girls think that soft toys will only gather dust, others consider a big teddy bear a very romantic gift.

Something of home appliances. Russian women expect to get something meaningful from their men. If you are only at the beginning of your relationship, giving an iron or blender is not a good idea unless a woman has asked for a particular appliance.

A gadget. For most Russian women, gadgets or electronics are too practical and can’t be called romantic. However, a smartphone or any other modern gadget can be a great present if you know that your Russian lady has been dreaming about the one of a particular size and color.

What to give

Flowers. A bunch of red roses will always be a good gift for any occasion: from the first date to your lady’s birthday. Remember that according to Russian dating etiquette, a long-stemmed rose will be the most appropriate choice. But if you’ve been dating for a while, she may expect to receive a bouquet. Make sure that there is the odd number of flowers in a bouquet.

Chocolates. Sweets are another good small gift that Russian women would gladly accept. Usually, the first dates in Russia are associated with the smell of flowers and sweet taste of chocolate.

If you’re in a relationship, consider more gifts that can be given.

A romantic date. Gifts do not necessarily mean items. Those can be also impressions and emotions. Russian women would be pleased to have a date at some romantic place soaked with a romantic atmosphere. The perfect end of that date would be watching the sunset and then spending the night in a comfortable hotel suite.

A trip. Since most of the Russian girls dream about visiting foreign countries and you know that your sweetheart is one of them, make her dream come true by giving her a plane ticket to her favorite country or city.

Jewelry. They say that diamonds are girls’ best friends. All girls are secretly dreaming about a gold ring with a diamond. Russian women like jewelry, so giving your beloved one a necklace or earrings you’ll make a good present.

Gift-giving superstitions in Russia

Russians have a lot of superstitions and there are some connected with gifts. Sharp items such as knives or scissors are tabooed presents. If you still want to give such an item, you should take some kopecks to make believe it’s a purchase, not a gift. This way you’ll avoid possible troubles.

If you want to give a wallet as a present, make sure it contains some money.

There is a widely held belief that giving a watch to a woman symbolizes that the time of your relationship will run out soon.

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