How to get a girl to kiss you on a date? Read this brief guide to Russian dating and advance your knowledge!

How to Kiss a Russian Girl

5 rules of Russian women dating

Gain from your creativity. If you are about to date a Russian girl, remember she needs to be treated like a gem by her man. To actually get a woman to kiss you, it is necessary to set a really great date to fascinate her.

Arrive in advance. This is one of the major dating rules in Russia. A girl may arrive 5-10 minutes later (or more depending on the circumstances). But a guy should always come 5-10 minutes ahead to meet his woman.

Bring some gift. Just an item to consider if you want to date a Russian woman. It is not obligatory to give gifts to your date but this is the way to show your care and affection. Do not pick something fancy for the beginning; a simple bunch of flowers will fit.

Court your lady. To kiss a Russian girl on a date, you need to prepare her for it. She won’t have an urge to kiss you if she feels no connection between you two. Demonstrate your excellent manners, erudition, and wits to make her fall for you.

Accompany her home. The best moment to kiss a Russian woman is probably the very last part of your joint evening when you go to her home together. Since most young Russian ladies do not have cars, a walk under the stars is about to take place!

How to kiss a girl on a date

Take care of your mouth. Oh yeah, this is exactly what you should do prior to kissing a Russian woman. You want to kiss a lady whose breath is fresh and mouth is tasty, right? And she wants pretty the same. Make sure there are no food particles between your teeth and your breath smells good. Don’t forget to use a dental floss or to chew a gum at least if you have a dinner date!

It is your job to make the first move. Another critical thing to know about Russian girl dating is that a man should take the initiative. It is not really good to ask a girl whether you may kiss her or not – just do it! Russian ladies want to date confident guys so this bold step makes you even more attractive in her view.

Use diverse techniques. According to certain stereotypes, girls from Russia are modest and know nothing about sex. In fact, they could teach you many things! The fact is that Russian ladies just don’t want to get physical until they make sure you are a decent guy with fair intentions. So study various kissing techniques (for example, how to give a French kiss and so on).

Watch her reactions out. You should not only know how to kiss but understand everyone has a unique vision of a perfect kiss. This is, strictly speaking, is another way to test your compatibility with a new woman: if you like similar things in sex, your connection may last as long as possible. Do not just perform and enjoy the process, keep the tabs on what she feels about it!

Do not be overly assertive. The last item to consider about the art of kissing a Russian girl: if she is not ready to go further yet, this is her legal right you should respect. Keep in mind these ladies get picky when it comes to choosing a romantic partner for a serious relationship. Let her get to know your soul first.

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