Dating a Russian girl is what more and more men from different countries make up their minds to. Yes, these women have a great sense of a family and are known for their inborn loyalty and compassion. However, there are numerous mentality gaps between Russian and Western civilisations, which makes intercultural communication rather tricky.

To successfully perform on the international dating arena, you should learn the traditions of the culture your prospective match originates from at least on a basic level. This helps you make great contacts all over the world. And, of course, knowledge of some Russian conversational principles is essential for making the lady of your dream fall for you. Here are some great conversation topics to keep in mind if you are going to talk to beautiful Russian girls.

How to Have a Great Conversation with a Russian Girl

Date conversation topics to discuss with Russian ladies

Hobbies. One of the reasons why men from all around the world search Russian girls for dating is their many-sidedness. A regular young lady who originates from Russia has a wide circle of interests and amazing hobbies. She can make a wonderful lifetime partner for any guy who’s chosen the active lifestyle. Likewise, this is a proper way to check your compatibility on the basic level.

Dreams. Everyone dreams about something. There are people whose sense of life is to realise a particular idea and they put all their strengths and capabilities to work. Russian women often do so – they know what means to be passionate about things. As a consequence, they love hearing about dreams of other people.

Plans for life. Well, this one might not belong to the safest first-date conversation topics but you should definitely try it later. Russian women have many traits; in particular, their life priorities are determined. They like planning in advance to make right decisions and build their happiness step by step. Hence, these ladies wish to be with men who have certain goals too.

Books. Reading is one of the favourite hobbies of Russian girls. They keep the tabs on modern literature and love sharing their thoughts about it. To impress a young woman from this country, I recommend you proving yourself as an intelligent guy. Show your erudition and the ability to discourse.

Culture. This is another topic that instantly triggers a Russian lady’s curiosity about you. Show your awareness of the latest events and give your opinion so she will eagerly respond. Don’t worry about the dissimilarity of your native cultures since Russians typically know the Western life quite well!

Family. You’ve probably heard there is the cult of it in Russia. Although not all local families live in prosperity due to economic instability, Russian women do their best to maintain their dearest ones and make them very happy. This is, by the way, what makes them thinking of finding husbands overseas.

Childhood memories. Indeed, most Russian girls adore children and they definitely want to become mothers in the future. No wonder they like sharing their good memories and telling fun stories! Of course, no one can call his/her child years 100% cloudless but that’s the law of life. Tell her about your early years and see how your connection gets stronger.

Travel experience. Not all Russians have the financial opportunity to travel around the world but most of them are into exploring new areas. To promote your first-date conversation, you may freely use this very topic. If your potential girlfriend has ever been aboard, she will be glad to tell you about her experience. Moreover, she will be willing to listen to you.

How to behave throughout the conversation with a Russian girl

Apart from knowing how to have a great conversation, it is important to remember a few essential rules – dating a Russian woman requires men to make certain efforts.

  • Work on your speech. Contemporary Russian brides normally have a good command of foreign languages including English. Do not hope she won’t detect some rude words or poor phrases if she is a non-native speaker. Even if you take the translation service, make your dialogue maximally nice.
  • Mind your manners. Chivalry is what Russian ladies long for in their daily life. Despite all the feminist propaganda, most girls would like to be wooed. Be a gentleman to fascinate a feminine Russian girl: demonstrate excellent table manners, make nice gestures, and surround her with your care.
  • Use polite phrases. Greet your woman and kiss her hand – shaking it will be too formal for a romantic meeting. Don’t forget about other words and gestures that express your affection. Russian girls are so concerned about their looks because they the like to be in the centre of men’s attention.
  • Compliment her. Surely, compliments are what you should use to conquer a Russian lady’s heart. One thing to consider: do not appeal to her exterior regardless of how magnificent it is. Prove your appreciation of her personal qualities, talents, and mind capabilities. This will make you stand out.
  • Don’t get too personal. Avoid tackling intimate subjects on the first date – leave too intimate topics for the future communication. In the beginning of your relationship, your task is to get the basic impression about each other and build the connection. Do not ask questions about her family problems, ex-boyfriends, sexual preferences etc.

What topics to avoid in a conversation with Russian girl

Family matters

Let's leave the stories about friends and relatives for later. Moreover, you shouldn’t share details of a terrible relationship your half-sister has with her boyfriend. This information is completely unnecessary.


Don't tell her how much you made last summer or how much your parents make. The golden rule of a successful date is that money isn’t a topic of discussion.

Your psychological problems

Naturally, you should never keep them to yourself. You have to work with your issues, but a date with a Russian girl is certainly not the best time for this.

Provocative topics

Politics, history, recent controversial events, and so on. Never talk about them on a date. First you need to get to know your companion better.

Your ex

That’s the worst thing to discuss. Even if you just went through a difficult breakup or today is the same day you broke up two years ago, your companion doesn’t need to know that. Your ex shouldn't be the third party on your date.

Let’s sum it up

If you are about to find Russian women for dating, benefit from the information above. You know, men typically lose their minds when they see gorgeous ladies from this distant country. Stay sober in order to not feel nervous because Slavic women appreciate confidence most of all. By staying calm and nice, you will make her understand you are a real man. Learn these simple tips by heart and use those to charm your match!

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22.07.2020 09:26
Nice article, pretty simple and concise. Would love to learn more about the language barrier though. What to do when a girl doesn’t understand your pickup lines, polite or not? Sure you can always find someone with better language skills, but what if you really like the girl?

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